Hotel Management   CV Ivon Christy Hiandaka 許愛芬   1106200510

Hotel Management CV Ivon Christy Hiandaka 許愛芬 1106200510

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Hi, my name is Ivon Christy Hiandaka and I want to apply for a job in this hotel as a human resource development And my objective is I am seeking a challenging carrier where I can maximize my potential as a productive and active individual and develop my working experience, personality skills, and professional growth And here are my strengths the first one leadership skill I have been the leader of some soft-skill programs back in my university The second one is work-ethics I know that if I apply to the hotel industry that means it is a service industry and sometimes I have to work harder with longer time in order to satisfy the customers. I am aware of it and I will always do my best even though I have to give more time and energy and The third one is honesty. For me, honestly is my principle in my life; it is the foundation for me to do anything I’m a curious person. I like to learn new things. If there is something that I don’t know yet, I will find the answer. Even if I need to learn from people younger than me. I am also a cheerful person from my experiences, I was able to turn around and negative working environment and developed a very supportive team First one, I have become the leader of a seminar about how to lead the discussion Second, I have become a secretary of soft-skill enrichment program. The third one, I have become a volunteer that lead discussion about ethics to freshman year in their first semester for three batches Even though I’m still a fresh graduate, but I believe that I’m a good candidate to be in Human resource development team in your hotel Thank you for your attention, I’m looking for a good news from you.

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