Hiring Salespeople for Coachability


So let’s talk about hiring. Hiring can be a major challenge. Hiring, even when you’ve achieve a great culture, is still very important. It can die easily! The key is to hire people who are coachable, and ensure that you are asking questions that uncover the coachability of the team member that you are hiring for, during that interview process. So some examples that you can implement are Listening skills and Flexibility: People who are coachable pick-up on the subtly conversation and recognize verbal queues. During and interview they can adjust when a topic moves in a new direction and they can be more flexible without having to be told! So ask some questions around that Also ask questions looking for humility. Humility requires an open heart! An acceptance that we can’t do everything on our own. So ask questions to test for that. Test also for self-awareness. Coachable people can look honestly at themselves, and see where they need to grow and improve. You can ask questions about their experiences in the professional and personal life, that will demonstrate self-awareness. You also want to ask questions to make sure they are Action Oriented. Ask and listen for examples of how interviewees have taken action when faced maybe with a challenge or opportunity. Building and supporting coachability throughout your organization will reap huge dividends for you, and your revenue. And it will be continuously delivering great customer experiences for the future, which your customers will love! delivering great customer experiences for the future.

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