Hiring Process – Applying for a Job with Sodexo is SO easy.

Hiring Process – Applying for a Job with Sodexo is SO easy.

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Hi, I’m Nadia. My friend Jason is looking for a new job at Sodexo. I told him how easy it was for me to find a rewarding career there. All I had to do was visit sodexo.jobs to get started. In only a few minutes I created a profile and submitted my resume to positions that matched my qualifications. I was happy to learn that Sodexo recruiters review every resume looking for the best qualified candidates for posted jobs. Next, a recruiter contacted me for a phone interview. I was considered a top candidate and interviewed with the hiring manager. Basically, I answered questions about how I handled certain situations at previous jobs. Turns out, I was the BEST candidate for the position and was offered a job! After providing additional information to an employment specialist, I was welcomed to the Sodexo team! Several people were involved in the process but trust me; it’s all to ensure that Sodexo finds the best match for the company and the candidate. Oh, and my friend Jason? Unfortunately he didn’t get the job. I know there were lots of great people competing for that position. But Jason still wants to work for Sodexo, so he created a Sodexo Job Agent. Now he gets e-mail updates about newly posted positions. Take the first step toward finding your new career. Visit sodexo.jobs

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