Highlights Sajha Sawal Episode 429 Skill Development for Employment


Welcome to Sajha Sawal. I am Bidhya Chapagain. Today we are discussing on what kinds of skills should we need for employment? I am a student of Management faculty. There are many students like me who have completed their Bachelor’s degree and are doing Master’s degree… but when we apply for accountant jobs, we get asked how many years of working experience do we have? If we are not selected for a job anywhere, then how would we have experiences? Thank you. Our educational institutions are not in line or connected with needs in the labour market. As you just shared, the employing agencies asked for experiences. It’s a genuine thing. However, there are different methods in teaching [at universities] like ‘Internship’ or ‘On the job training’… If we had developed such system of skills development for students, along with their studies… such problems might not have occurred. So, this is due to not having an education system that connects school with the working environment. I have started my own motorcycle workshop. What sort of motorcycle training have you taken – to repair it or to drive? I can also drive and do the work of a mechanic. I have also opened a shop [vehicle accessories shop]. Since when? It’s been around four to five years. I earn around 4 – 500,000 Rupees. On early basis? – Yes Earlier I was a Kamlari (bonded labourer)… and I did not have enough to eat or proper clothes to wear. Once I got freed from being a Kamlari (bonded labourer), I got enrolled in school… now I’ve learnt this skill and am running my own workshop. Ms. Usha, so what sort of jobs or skilled human resources are in demand in the market? I want to place here the findings of a report… The demand is on automobiles sector; jobs related with vehicles. In addition, there are reports on demand for 600,000 workers in the hotel sector. Has the issue of post earthquake reconstruction also been raised? There’s a huge demand for masons; those having skills to build earthquake resistant houses. I have been working as an electrician for the past five years. For three years, I worked in the field. So you do electrical works, for new houses or…? Yes, I do electrical wiring in new houses and also electricity maintenance work in the old houses. There are different types of work than what is done normally by everyone. They are within our access too… but we tend to restrict ourselves saying this work is only done by a male and not by female. I think if we change this perception and move forward, then everyone will get a job. I have been working as a barber for the past 32 years. My Saloon is at Dillibazar, Kathmandu. In the past, there used to be four to five workers in one saloon, but it’s difficult to even find one these days. Why is it so? No one has learned the skill. The perception is that a barber’s job is done by members of the Madheshi Community. Go and see in the hills, we barely find a Tamang or a Thapa [hill community] engaged in this job. This [job] is perceived to be low and is looked down upon. This barber profession is a low profile profession. But I can proudly say that I am working as a barber for the past 32 years, I have sent one of my sons… to an engineering school and another son is preparing to go to Australia. I must say you have enlightened me as well. You are a great example of what kind of economic transformation one can go through by adopting this job. For others I want to say that… I am not saying we will not run any barber trainings… when various organisations announced such training, people didn’t appear to participate in the trainings. As you said, culturally we have a feeling that the jobs are divided according to the caste system. Everybody would be benefited if we could make you an ambassador and spread such message everywhere. You [brothers and sisters] shared that wherever you go to seek a job, the employer asks for experience… Experience also means that they are looking for your skills and training. Once you pass your BA (Bachelor’s in Arts), where will you work? There isn’t any designated jobs. Right from your school days, you should be able to choose between ‘studying’ or ‘learning’… And if we start learning from our school days we will be trained, and we can work and make money. But if we only concentrate on ‘studying’ then we will not find job in the market. That’s all for today. Namaskar.

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