HH TNX 1581 Professional Compact Loudspeaker from Studiospares

HH TNX 1581 Professional Compact Loudspeaker from Studiospares

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You may remember HH from the 1960s.
Well, HH are back with a brand new design philosophy, and a new range of products. Here we have the HH TNX 1581 which is a 3-way active enclosure, which features a 15″ woofer, 8″ mid driver and 1.4″ compression driver. The 15 inch
woofer and 1.4″ compression driver are custom Celestion designed components. The TNX 1581 features 2600 watts of power output, 134 DBS max SPL, an
asymmetric buy amplifier and also a 12 band auto-ranging feedback suppressor.
The advantage of having the 12 band auto-ranging feedback suppressor on
board is that it can eliminate 12 different frequencies of feedback simultaneously.
The TNX 1581 is the ideal product for venue install, portable PA, band PA and DJ. The onboard DSP also features four EQ presets, flat, bass boost, monitor and
vocal, in addition to that there is also a low frequency trim and high frequency
trim controls to fine-tune the output of the speaker. The input channel features
two channels each with individual gain controls, along with quarter inch an XLR
combo inputs. There is also a link output section that can send just channel one
or both channel 1 and channel 2 at once. This allows you to send to either a
second speaker and mixing console, recording desk or monitor system. The
cabinet is a solid plywood enclosure featuring 7 M10 fly points, making it the
ideal product for installation. It also features a solid steel grill with foam
back, switchable on or off LED logo, and also a 35mm top hat ideal for mounting
on a tripod stand. Unlike many other brands HH comes with a full five-year UK warranty for parts and labor. For more
information visit studiospares.com

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  1. HH 🙂 Remember our first PA was an HH MA 100 – in the late Seventies – brilliant amp and it was a whole 100 Watts!!! New products look excellent – sadly my heavy lifting days are long gone 🙁

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