Get Promoted at Work by Tracking this Information

Get Promoted at Work by Tracking this Information

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7 thoughts on “Get Promoted at Work by Tracking this Information”

  1. I hope you enjoy this video folks! It's vital you are capturing this information to put into the internal corporate database AND document it for your promotion discussions. It will also come in SUPER handy when you need to update your resume and also discuss this information in future job interviews! Enjoy and please make sure to SUBSCRIBE for new videos weekly plus my TWO live shows!

  2. Andrew LaCivita's Career Achievements Journal (the topic of this video) was THE #1 ITEM that rocked my interviewing process. It took me a few days to write everything down (in ink so that I would have better recall) for the series of projects I had worked on over the past two decades, but this paid off huge in my interviews. Quite literally, when I was asked a question, I was able to reach back to the CAJ in my mind and answer from those pages!
    Describe a time I failed? I've got that, AND I have what I learned from the experience!
    Tell you about a time I had to move an important deadline? No problem… I've got that, AND I can tell you what it cost and what the tangible benefit was to whom!
    When did I have to work within budget constraints? CHECK
    How long would it take me to replicate that same work in a new environment? Yep
    Biggest win in dollars? Won resistant people over? Had to give negative feedback? Received negative feedback?? Done!!

    And… now that I am 4 months in at my new employer, I am keeping the same documentation as I go. I was literally just adding a new project (BI Vendor Selection) to my CAJ when I got the email notification of this video!! Don't miss this.

    Subscribe to Andy, look up Milewalk Academy, join the Bootcamp, Andy knows his stuff!

  3. Hi from Switzerland!
    I do appreciate your videos and English language, but I reduced the speed to quarter to following in details.

  4. Your videos are very helpful i just stumbled upon them, but can you please give advice to fresh graduates that doesn’t necessarily have much work or job history or experience, how can they write their resume and such things?

  5. Journaling your accomplishments is VERY helpful. Beyond just some on a resume. Great video Andrew, sub and liked.

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