Get On The Same Page (Relationship Advice) – Teal Swan-

Get On The Same Page (Relationship Advice) – Teal Swan-

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100 thoughts on “Get On The Same Page (Relationship Advice) – Teal Swan-”

  1. I love teal and all but I can't take this video
    she runs though men like no other. I read her ex husband statement and I don't think she's innocent either. it's annoying when spiritual teacher never admit their faults..

  2. this advice even works for your relationship with yourself. it sounds funny to say but sometimes you can "not be on the same page" with yourself. and when you resolve that, you end up feeling much better. the pain goes.

  3. Thanks Teal! Great video! Helpful with my teenage son.❤️ I'm so grateful to see your videos every week.

  4. Just listening to your voice makes me feel better. You're brilliant 💚💚💚💚💚💚😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. I think there are a lot of psychological issues plaguing relationships. I think Man is in a bad state, and woman is freaked out about it. But you can't say women are in a good place either. I feel like it's good to work on yourself if your relationship isn't working. Take energy you put into the relationship and direct it to yourself. Then also any healing you do for yourself you can do for your partner.

  6. When are you actually going to do a video on eating disorders, sexual abuse and daddy/ mommy issues???

  7. I am so glad I took the time to understand teal. I hope I get to meet her one day….she loves the why…. and I too. I wish to see her love the when. the what knows why so now she can rise from the ashes. fire eagle.. thunder bird….hot Scotch. teal you are respected loved and safe. it is OK to be your authentic self. Shadow respected . fire , project it.

  8. I am so glad I took the time to understand teal. I hope I get to meet her one day….she loves the why…. and I too. I wish to see her love the when. the what knows why so now she can rise from the ashes. fire eagle.. thunder bird….hot Scotch. teal you are respected loved and safe. it is OK to be your authentic self. Shadow respected . fire , project it.

  9. Thank you Teal. Good, very good. Newly is what I was needding. I see like you see the things, but do not have your hability of  put it in words like you have. Love for you and in you forever. You are my number one in this world. Thanks

  10. I view relationships as reflections. That why I think it is important getting to the core of why similar things might surface over and over again. Awareness and communication deepens any relationship. Great video Teal.

  11. Love yu Teal💚💜💙💛💖. So funny how people are so quick to judge without looking at themselves and seeing their faults, such cowards.

  12. When someone can't see how they are on a different page an constantly fails to communicate how they feel, things can get really frustrating. Every time you try to sit down an explain to them that we are going to drift apart they just say " I don't think so" it like ..PLEASE WAKE UP!!!. If it wasn't for me sharing my thoughts and views on life etc, I believe we would of already been apart. Its my patience that keeps me trying and trying. Sometimes i feel as though they don't really care anyway but they continue to be around. being "enlightened" around someone who "isn't" is difficult. When i ask them what something means to them they never seem to know or when i get an answer its just very bland. When i take on challenges in life they never want to ( i understand fear .. we talk about fears all the time) and they prefer to play things safe all the time. Its kind of sad but i think we are going to have to go our own way either way. (Now or later)

  13. Hi Teal can you please do a video about schools in genral? whats your opinion on them, are they actually useful for us and stuff? love your videos

  14. That's all fine and dandy but if the person is such that he doesn't even want to look for a third option then what the hell am I supposed to do? I can force the third option on him by using some kind of leverage. Is that okay? It seems fine to me! I just literally had a problem with friend just before watching this and it pissed me off.

  15. Yeah, the different perspectives change people but not everybody is so open minded to understand this and therefore there is no point in trying to explain or argue or try something new, different or actually helpful so the only thing you can do is to give them something negative. Yes it will make both people feel resentful but negative thing is also positive thing.

  16. When I walk in the room the ladies run and hide. I need your advise, so thank you for it. You are so beautiful, I love your hair!

  17. i love your videos! ive been watching for a few years now. can you do one on empaths though? especially clairsentient empaths and intuitive empaths? and how to shield of course

  18. PAUSE !! Before I saw this on the feed.
    This is what I was trying to do with my girlfriend , she's the type to completely shut down for any given reason and get quiet witch drives ME UP THE WALL. |> play…

  19. Incredible!  Inspiring me to be a counselor.  I hope I can find a program that works this deeply and authentically.

  20. Its true if two people in a intimate relationship have different vibrations it is very difficult to make it work especially when it comes to spiritual/ religious beliefs. Some times you just can't get on the same page regarding this. .your vibrations simply wont align. My ex fiance and I chose to break it off because of this reason. No hard feelings. It wasn't easy but we both know that it won't work in the long run and resentment will build. Very good advice though Teal. It makes perfect sense.

  21. Is someone else having trouble to send questions to Teal's e-mail? Every time I try to send a e-mail to her it fails to deliver.

  22. Teal, thing is, when you are very long very sick and someone goes on his page, without you…because you can do nothing, till now, I don't understand.

  23. Pls Help Me Teal . Have Been Living A Disastrous Life Since Past 11yrs, No Matter How Much I Try Things R Not Getting Better & I Dont Want To End My Life This Way…..Pls Teal Pls Help Me. I Live In (Pune City)INDIA, Looking At Your Videos I Find A Ray Of Hope. For The First Time I Feel Like Sharing And Discussing My Entire Life Only With You…Pls Help Me.

  24. Yes Teal, you always explain thing so well. The truth can often be both depending on what perspective we chose to se thing from or what kind of experiences we have. Some people seem to take it personal if we present a different point of wiew or think we do it to go agains them or to it to be cruel. Unfurtunately some people do, but most people don`t. I try to keep an open mind. But also learn from my experiences.

  25. Hi Teal, I would like to request for you to make a video on Psycopaths and what causes people to be born psycopaths. For example kids that have a normal upbringing with loving parents and are born with this condition or somehow develop that later on in life. Thanks much love to you xx

  26. As you said "Catch Up Effect" I had such a strong feeling of resonancy that I had to stop the video. Actually I find that really the only reason why it can sometimes be so hard to remain calm or even meditate for a longer period of time is that your perception gets constantly refilled with energy which goes beyond your very own frequency and the thing is that you will never be able to find inner peace if you can't allow yourself to let go, let go of the mirror I should say.

  27. She has clarity, whether or not she has achieved the wisdom she offers is irrelevant, she has admitted this herself. She's human, therefore fallible. Teal has been pretty open and humble about this. She doesn't claim to be God. She gives you something clear, opens a door- for you- for free- towards clarity. Take what resonates with you. She is more clear than the guy you share cigarettes with next door, or your mothers wisdom, or your grandmothers advice…. if it were otherwise you wouldn't have watched Teals video. She's not God, but she has more clarity than a lot of us do, otherwise we wouldn't be listening. You wouldnt be here if you weren't looking for some clarity.

  28. i feel like me and my partner have never been on the same wavelength. this is something i am not sure can be corrected.

  29. i would like to ask a question. its about your recent video but the comments have been disabled about the inner voice. My question is, if i speak my own truth and its yelling at me and as i express it, other people family tell me its wrong and i shouldnt be thinking this way so when they make me feel my inner voice doesnt matter what should i do? Should i become louder because they dont agree with my truth and view points because i know quitening my inner voice i know leads to anger and aggression. What do i do when they all share simular view points and im the only one out and they are the ones making my view points small so much i feels like they dont matter? What do i do then? The more i get fight back to express my inner voice they dont like it and say hurtful comments but then its dishonest and a betrayal to myself if i dont speak up for what matters to me and i want to know what advice you can give. Many thanks xx

  30. So what if i really feel really happy being with my partner, but he is alot younger then me and eventually i want to living together, having a child and maybe emigrate somewhere warmer. but he is 21 now, 7 years younger then me, so even if i wait few years, there is no garanty he want it too?

  31. I had a bad day today and was lead to this video. You explain everything i went thru today. Ive been awake since 2008. Me and my GF have been together for 11 years now. Shes awake to point but has never really cared or done any sort of research. Ive become vegetarian live off the grid and have manifested mostly everything i thought i wanted (also Just watched your (Frak the Law of Attraction video) which was a mind Blower). But since 2014 i have a dream of wanting to sail the world, meet knew people and spread my truths along the way. Im getting closer to that goal but my GF doesn't want to go and so Its really starting to mess with our relationship. And what you talked about is exactly whats happening so thanks for the advice we are going to watch this later and see what happens.

  32. Relationships are like masked appearances, they are ever changing and ever forming, to knew changes in ourselves and others. They can help us in many a ways, or can stilt our growth in other ways. A meeting of the minds is super important in so many senses. When we evolve, we bring others in our direction, and that means hyper evolving with each other. And that helps with what everyone is dealing with, and what is generally happening. To be strident in an approach to well being, is as simple as hearing what everyone has to say. Whether you agree with them or not, is superfluous; what counts, is the instantaneous feeling you are able to derive from the experience. If you have one, be grateful and gracious that you are experiencing a move of spirit in your life and in your mind's eye.

  33. Annette, here. Much love and appreciation for someone like you to exist on this planet in my lifetime. Need, and so click with and get your insight. Can't get enough of you. Shout out to Infinite Waters, my catalyst to your videos. Please, please don't even feel bad about haters. Here's a tip. Get your assistant to delete all negative comments – since they don't belong in your space. P E A C E (forever, Teal). Love, again. Annette. You're helping me beyond your capacity to know.

  34. Thank You Teal and others for the advice. We all are on our Journeys here in the universe. I can either live by my Ego and Judge/Hate or Live in Love and Forgive/Accept. Relationships are hard cause dveryone gets into a tug o war over any disagreement. When you dont pick up the rope.. the game ends. Relationships take work and effort. And growth is optional. Some people dont likechange therefor wont make any effort at all. Good luck everyone. Love and Peace to all who read. AHo. all my relations!

  35. Teal, your work is priceless, and your intro is fascinating. I could watch it all day! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion.

  36. In order to get on the same page, my partner and I found Nonviolent Communication to be one of the most effective tools ever. So far, most of the videos on our Youtube channel Honeyboom are about finding ways to reach this effective communication pathway, because we found that nothing else can exist without it. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to ever get "on the same page"—I found it interesting that Teal mentioned open and exclusive relationships as this was one of our first biggest disagreements, which we later on balanced and agreed on. So far, we have always found a way to get on the same page. I really believe that we are vibrationally compatible, and meant to share our lives with each other.

  37. I am thinking then (dangerous, ha ha!).  What does my page consist of?  What is its size and shape?  Are my boundaries (if I have any, metaphorically) distinctly defined (thick or thin) or are they fuzzy so that there is an area that I don’t know whether or not I am in or out of my page?  What I am getting at here is, how much new life experience would I allow myself to invite onto my page?  How flexible and mouldable is my page?  How tolerant is my page?  How accommodating is my page?  How much would I be willing to share of my page.  Would I fear any loss of my page or do I think it doesn’t matter much as I don’t worry about those things?  These things are matters I would need to address for myself in preparation for whatever comes in my future.  If my page was very distinct and immovable (!), I would not allow my page to be adaptable to any relationship that could naturally be a little ‘off kilter’, and potentially kill of any growth I would otherwise have.  I think that, if I am right, I could well be compromising myself ‘the other way’.  If, on the other hand, my page was so mouldable that I would lose the fundamental parts of my page, then I suppose the same goes there too.  I think it’s a question of getting that happy medium so that my page can be more accommodating and adaptable to romantic relationships (singular one hopes!) without the fear.

  38. Teal always helps in more ways then one, shame IT'S ALL ON RELATIONSHIPS there's more to life, but intimidation & jerk off's stop her. who needs the hassles in your life.

  39. what the fuck. there's no one even to talk to. no money no friends no nothing just this pile of shit mundane nothingness and no psychobabble crap solves any of it

  40. When I try even a little to do this with my friends, I am met with a whole lot of denial, deflection and trivialization.

  41. Hi everyone,
    Anyone available to put up subtitle ?
    I wanted to show it to my boyfriend, to get one the same page.
    It would be nice if someone could review the english one, so they could be available.

  42. The videos she mentions are:
    – Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness (How to Develop Healthy Boundaries)
    – I Can Have Me and I Can Have You Too
    – The Catch Up Effect (Why We Really Fear Change)
    – ENDURISM (The Flip Side of Escapism)
    – How To Resolve Conflict

  43. What if she isn't communicating with me because she gets depressed and then is unable to respond because she just can't grasp her thoughts?

  44. Thank you Teal Swan you have healed and fixed me well man I send you my blessing and healing and I'd like to share another video with you …

    Hope you enjoy watching this video and I'd love to hear your point of view and advice for us all us to hear thank you love you peace 🙏

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