France’s Loire: Château Country

France’s Loire: Château Country

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  1. Hi I come from Loire valley, maybe you can have a look to my channel : "manuchaco chambord" I have a bunch of videos about castle (chambord, amboise the city of leonardo da vinci

  2. In queste cose I francesi sono 'maestri'….Atmosfere che non esistono più ma che ritrovi solo a casa 'loro' …..

  3. Ummm no Henry gave Catherine Chenonceau after she helped him get rid of the archduke's sister's dead body – whom he threw out a window – , clearly mister Rick Steves never watched Reign before ……..

  4. its nice and well done….but I really gotta say, it really sticks in my craw each time he says Palace….when taking about a Chateau. Chateau are Castles. Palaces are Palais. Some French are awesomely stubborn in wanting to label Palaces as Chateau and Castles as Palais. so, I can see where he gets confused.

  5. If anyone's interested, the beautiful small château at 9:06 is Azay-le-Rideau. During the war, the ballroom of Chenonceau (16:18) was used to smuggle people and goods across the river, which was effectively the border between the Nazi and Vichy regimes, without attracting the attention of German boat patrols. Comic fans, the château de Cheverny (19:09) was Hergé's inspiration for Moulinsart / Marlinspike in 'The Adventures of Tintin' series. Finally, if you go to Villandry (22:06) in the autumn, chances are you'll be able to pick up some vegetables, fresh from the garden, for a couple of euros.

  6. 😉🤗🍓🍫🍧🛍👝👗👝👜👛😚🍨🍦👒🎷🎺thank you🍾🍰☕🎷🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🎺

  7. Great video, Steve ! My family owns two chateaux in the Loire that have been in our family since the 15th century , actually both are from roughly the same century and going to visit the Loire, going back is always so relaxing; it's countryside, but it has a wonderful, peaceful feeling, almost country "county regal". To be very aware of the area's long history only makes it that much more enjoyable as a beautiful area, actually, in my opinion, , the most beautiful area that really represents the history of France. There is no other country whether in Europe or around the globe and has such a special and distinctive feel and charm , along with hundreds of kilometres of chateaux that are simply breathtaking ! I very much enjoy your travels around the world and being a small part of them , on the internet – thank you !

  8. alwasy loved Rick steves since I was young…..He actually does research on his trips ….and for the most part is very accurate.

  9. It's Diane DE no di, it's CHeverny, not GEverny… lol
    Plus duck isn't the "chicken of France", chicken is the chicken of France, and duck while mildly common, isn't on every menu. God the cultural inaccuracies…

  10. Did anyone notice that the camera lens was dirty in many of the shots. If you pay attention to the top right area, of the screen you'll notice it. I thought it was my screen at first…

  11. My family lives here and our lineage has been traced back to the 1600s all in Pays de la Loire. I have not met them because my great great grandfather moved to Texas and we've lived here since. I have many relatives in France that I would love to meet and I want to see where we come from and learn more about my heritage. Thank you for posting videos like this where we can see some of the same things that our ancestors did when they were still alive.

  12. If I visit france I know where to go now. Rather than taking the 233748923748923740928409238740924239874092th photo of the eiffel tower and returning back like everyone does. LOL

  13. Oh gosh I would love to explore this area of France someday it looks truly looks like a fairytale. I went to Paris a few months ago but didn't have enough time to see more of what France has to offer. Great vid Steve!

  14. i love that kind of place because it's give us satisfaction and, also meditated us. thanks a lot Mr. Rick Steve's.

  15. I'm not into French cheese, especially after a delicious French meal. The smell of them makes me feel like throwing up. Still, I'm only here because I may take my wife and kids to the Loire Valley this summer August 2018.

  16. I wonder what will happen to all these castles as the economy collapses. Soon this way of living won't be sustainable, and the very few families that still own a few of them will have to give them away. The ones who are old money are already having to open them to the public to be able to be able to maintain them. And even the 1% that doesn't struggle to keep one or a few, in any way, will soon be asked by the people to give it all up, as the situation all around the world deteriorates. And It will start soon I believe, and with the British royals. I don't think young prince George will be able to maintain hold of it all by the time he has to succeed. The people won't stand for it, and being a person of his generation he will know what to do. The times have simply changed, the world is overpopulated, and most of it is living under the poverty line, it is simply not sustainable for a family to take this much space and resources anymore. These places will continue to be preserved yes, but I believe that soon they will have to be made into accommodation for many, and not just for one family unit; and nor will they be able to be just museums. In the future, the truly evolved humans will ask themselves how is it that houses this big could be have been built for and inhabited by only one family for so many centuries, and why is it that the rest of the rest of the world accepted that. Of course that due to global warming we will all end up in Siberia eventually, but until then our social paradigm will have to go through many changes, and getting our sense of priority straight will be the reason.

  17. My wife and I with our ~4 yr old daughter and 14 month old son, took our two week trip of a lifetime in mid-May 1999. We spent 10 days in Paris and the rest in the Loire River Valley. We toured all the Chateau in this video except Cheverny. We also stayed in private Chateau's and castles (one with a real water filled and live ducks floating moat).
    I don't know how my wife managed it, but we stayed in several "royal" sized furnished bedrooms. In the morning we were having fine regional breakfasts over looking the river.
    We patronized several of the local winerys located in cool caves dug into the banks along the river. We were treated with an abundance of samples.
    Glorious weather the entire time.
    Rick Steves brings back so many wonderful memories.
    We researched our itinerary using Rick's travel videos and guides.
    So glad now that we went then rather than waited until the children were older!!!

  18. I wish I could go back in time to watch these getting built. I know they're building the one with medievil tech, but still. I'm amazed at how they built these huge masterpieces.

  19. The chateau at the very beginning of the video clip before the program starts looks like Captain Haddock’s Marlinspike Hall. Moulinsart. The last Chateau Villandry featured here is probably the inspiration for Marlinspike Hall…

  20. Man I love your videos. Rick is a sweet man and your video graphy is superb. I will like visiting all these places and really really thankful for taking me there. Keep on doing the great job Rick. You are great at it. Appreciate it sir!

  21. Oh know look 👀 at you you’re so good in History I really enjoyed learning and listening to your lovely sweet voice ,you moved my heart ❤️ ,I’m planning just now I want to spend my elderly what gorgeous and lovely 😊 ,garden foods ,and wine 🍷 I loved wine and afternoon ☕️ tea ,sir Rick Steves I loved all your gorgeous video ALLELUIA MERCY ,god bless and peace

  22. All country's in Europe are beautiful.
    Culture Art history Architecture.
    That goes back for thousands of years.
    Also I include Russia Stunning country.

  23. imagine if all the beautiful houses, monuments, buildings and that throughout the world had been respected and preserved. chances are we would all live in beautiful houses!

  24. Great Work by Rick Steves. Europe is full of Majestic Scenery and wonderful History. I love Europe. Especially France.

  25. We as a people, have really gone backwards; the architecture back in that day is glorious, no one ever continued building like this , I seriously doubt there's a man alive today that could match it- and without modern machines! Aloha

  26. These castles are all beautiful and majestic,but its indeed rather unfortunate that some of the vile traditions of old,like big game hunting etc are still being continued to this very day.Old habits die hard i suppose,particularly when they are really bad ones.

  27. Wondering why it is "Rick Steves'…" when Rick continually says "Chateauxs". One Chateau, several Chateaux. No difference in pronunciation. To say "Chateauxs" is to say "Rick Steves's". I just can't watch beyond the first minute. How many years have you been doing this, Steve, without being culturally aware??

  28. Rick Steves, your videos are getting better and better, the French got a great spark with "Food" and "Art" and you bring it to life," Live for Life"

  29. while the emphasis is on chateaux and history, the Loire Valley is also rich in local destinations of town markets, small villages with very distinctive character, fortified churches and so on. It would be a shame for any visitor to miss the latter at the expense of focus on chateaux

  30. 'murican hatred oozing out of the "welcoming" first few sentences …
    Every single line spoken in this full of threats and wink-wink-nudge-nudgeries.

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