Fox News: Technically, Trump Wasn’t Impeached

Fox News: Technically, Trump Wasn’t Impeached

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>>Of course on Wednesday, everyone knows
that President Donald Trump was impeached by the house. But if you watch Fox News, you may get a different
idea, so this latest attempt to coddle Donald Trump’s ego to make sure he isn’t, you know,
too freaked out by the whole process. It all was born of Bloomberg op ed, by Harvard
law professor Noah Feldman. A part of that whole thing, one of the things
he said was, impeachment as contemplated by the Constitution. Does not consist merely of the vote by the
House, but of the process of sending the articles to the Senate for trial, which we all know. He goes on to say, if the House does not communicate
its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump
could legitimately say he wasn’t truly impeached at all. So, he is getting this because, of course,
let’s go to the video of Nancy Pelosi, the night of right after impeachment articles
were passed, both were passed, and she had this to say.>>We have legislation approved by the Rules
committee that will enable us to decide how we will send over the articles of Impeachment. We cannot claim managers until we see what
the process is on the Senate side. And I would hope that that will be soon as
we did, was there legislation or resolution 660 to describe what the process would be. So far we haven’t seen anything that looks
fair to us to hopefully it will be fair.>>So because of her delay in wanting to make
sure things were gonna be going a certain way, based of what a majority leader Mitch
McConnell had to say. This up, it was written by Noah Feldman, and
Fox News jumped right on it as their latest approach to try and figure out a way to discredit
this entire process, let’s go to Laura Ingraham and see what she had to say.>>I think one can make a fairly decent argument
that the president wasn’t really even impeached, at least not yet, now why am I saying that? Because Nancy and the gang ran out of town
without even naming impeachment managers and without sending the articles to the Senate,
you know who else is saying this? The Democrats on lawyer, again I repeat, this
is from their lawyer, last night the Angle explained. That Pelosi’s stall was just the latest sign
that the democrats were never really serious about any of this, in the end, it was a pretend
impeachment.>>A pretend impeachment, that was Thursday
nights, of course this morning Fox and Friends has their opportunity to see what they had
to say might be a surprise.>>There you’ve got the word from a constitutional
scholar who appeared on behalf of the democrats. And he says, the Democrats did what they did,
but until they hit send, he’s not impeached.>>Well, that’s true until you send your term
paper and you haven’t sent it into the professor. I mean, so the banner right here should read
Trump actually not impeached.>>Actually not, so everyone’s been who’s
been saying there’s an asterisk next to his presidency been celebrating his impeachment,
including Nancy Pelosi. Noah Feldman is a professor at Harvard University.>>A Democrat.>>Democrat, he is the expert, he was calling
for impeachment years before the Ukraine call and here we are now with him saying that Democrats
have skipped town.>>The president has not been impeached, interesting,
maybe Nancy has some buyer’s remorse, maybe>>Or maybe they don’t know what they’re doing.>>So one more part so I read the entire op
ed from North Feldman. And from how they took it from here, there’s
one more part that they neglected to look at. Noah Feldman goes on to say, the Constitution
does not say how fast the articles must go to the Senate. Crazy, it’s been like two days, some modest
delay is not inconsistent with the constitution, or how both chambers usually work, men they
didn’t say that part, I don’t know why.>>Yeah I hear you and so, I wanna give you
that contexts of new ones first and then say that it don’t really matter cuz Pelosi’s 100%
bungling this.>>And I think it’s a wrong strategy and its
leading to this and it’s confusing the hell out of people. So on the technicalities, the House, Noah
Feldman explains, the House has voted to impeach in his opinion. He isn’t impeached, that’s the past tense
onto the articles go to the Senate. But so they have already voted to impeach
but he has not been impeached, because that’s the senate. But that’s his theory, now he’s a scholar
and it’s a good and interesting theory, I don’t necessarily even disagree. But it is a unique theory, I don’t mean unique
that nobody else holds it, I mean that it’s creative, let’s put it that way. Because that’s not what the Constitution says,
the Constitution does not say you must send it over to the Senate, otherwise you are not
impeached, it just says the House impeaches and the Senate convicts, that’s it. And the House has the whole authority to impeach,
which could actually be literally interpreted as, he’s already impeached cuz. The House has sole authority on that and the
Senate has sole authority on conviction, so you know what? As I said it out loud, I don’t agree with
Noah Feldman, yes, he’s a bigger scholar than I am on it. But the fact that we’re even having this conversation
shows you part of the reason why Pelosi is wrong on her political strategy I’ll get back
to that.>>I disagree, I think her strategy is great
because I know exactly when she’s going to deliver those articles of impeachment. Christmas morning, come on, that is such a
good move, if come on Pelosi Nancy, I know you watch TYT.>>Christmas morning,baby, you might after
morning mass, you send them over, open it up, that’s beautiful. I think that’s great, but I do, this is leading
me to be like wait what, I think it is leading to a little bit more confusion than it needs
to. Especially when we know what most likely will
happen even if the Senate has already made up its mind. But I do think though that like Noah Feldman
and Fox and Friends and Laura are picking up on this technicality that is also ridiculous. It’s like when you win, like when you have
one more card in Uno, and you’re about to say Uno, but you don’t say it yet, that’s
what’s going on, they’re about to say, Uno.>>Yeah, that’s such a great analogy.>>They’re just like, what-
>>Does anyone?>>No, you didn’t say it, okay, pick up a
card, pick up another impeachment.>>Yeah, how long is that delay supposed to
be? So I guess the question comes, does anyone
believe that she’s not going to at all. I don’t think there’s indefinitely, and then
what would reason would that be especially since this has become a needling process. Where Mitch McConnell would say something
that’s senseless and say this is what we’re gonna do because I said so and then, no matter
how blatantly against Normalcy it is. He’ll do it anyway cuz he wants to either
needle someone or change the narrative. She’s attempting to flip it back on its head,
the problem with that is and I’m seeing what you’re saying a little bit, Jake. The problem with that is, is the most people
watching it as close as those of us are. So when they hear that she’s delaying it,
they’ll go,well, I thought she liked it, and that’s where Republicans compounds in and
say crazy things, let’s see what Trump had to say about it.>>Tell us what does it feel like to be the
third president in US history to be impeached?>>Well, I don’t feel like I’m being impeached
because it’s a hoax, it’s a setup, it’s a horrible thing they did. They happen to have a small majority and they
took that small majority and they forced people. And, they said, I watched Pelosi out there
saying, no, we don’t wanna talk to anybody. They put the arm on everybody, they tried
to get them to do what they had to do. Many of those people were like Jeff, where
they didn’t want to vote that way, but to me it doesn’t feel like impeachment. Last night I said it and I’ll tell you, I
was up there and I was thinking about, I actually said it, it doesn’t feel like impeachment.>>It doesn’t feel like impeachment, so the
White House overall took this narrative. And well, also as part of another Bloomberg
article, we’ll point out the approach now the White House is taking, maybe they listened
to Laura Ingraham’s show. Maybe they watch Fox and Friends this morning
but they have a different approach now. Lawyers close to the president are exploring
whether the House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision. To temporarily withhold articles of impeachment
from the Senate could mean that the president hasn’t actually been impeached where did they
get the idea from? The argument as part of an effort by the White
House and Senate Republicans to maximize their leverage. As lawmakers debate when and how to conduct
a trial on charges that the president abuses power to solicit an investigation. And we know the rest of that that happened
to Joe Biden, so it’s become a political game of which way you can get the public. To view what’s happening, Nancy Pelosi is
betting that they’re going to go her way. And the president in the White House, I’m
betting that it will go their way, as usual, so it’s a matter of. Who can get this to not seem as confusing
to people who are paying attention a 100 percent of the time.>>No, I know, but that’s totally the democrats
fault, because, look the guy committed five different crimes. But instead of charging him with crimes, which
is in the constitution, high crimes and misdemeanors, including one of the worst he committed, bribery. It’s actually, it’s one of the very few crimes
listed in the Constitution, you could say bribery for the quid pro quo. You could say campaign finance violations
for asking a foreign government for assistance for the hush money payments. And I can go on and I have, but instead of
doing that, they made it vague and abuse of power. And now I see all over reaction online including
from independence going, I guess he didn’t commit a crime.>>Mm- hm.>>Damn it, God, they’re so bad at this, the
Democrats, say that’s giant problem number one, giant problem number two is when they
don’t send it, it sends the optics of of, or their case must be weak. They’re so worried about their case, they’re
not even sending it to the senate, no, send it, hashtag send it, so now the third problem,
for what? What’s the play here? And this is what I said on day one, and now
it’s playing out, Schumer and Pelosi are trying to negotiate with Mitch McConnell. On witnesses and he say, well I want some
witnesses and etc, and of course the Republicans then turn around. And go wait a minute, you had new control
of the house, you had all this time to call any witness, you’re like, why didn’t you call
them? So because now the democrats are trying to
get Bolton and Mulvaney and they didn’t call them. And they’re trying to get them called in the
Senate and the republicans are, why would we do that, you didn’t even call them, now
I know why don’t get me wrong, that’s stuck in the courts. But they’re not going to win that argument
and it makes them look more weak, more ineffectual. Which then leads to Mitch Mcconnell saying
this I quote, I admit, I’m not sure what leverage there is in refraining from sending us something
we do not want. Last, if they can figure that out, they can
explain and it pains me deeply to say this, McConnell is right about that. What leverage do you have? So you don’t wanna impeach the president? Great, deal, we don’t impeach him.

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  8. Lol. He was impeached. Tjat is the action of being charged. The House impeaches.

    The Senate holds a trial and removes.

    The action and vote occurred. Trump was impeached.

    He just has not had his trial yet.

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  10. I am not confused guys, look she could wait a year to send the articles over for all I care. He's impeached. I think it's worse that the Senate is blatantly stating that they're just going to be partial to the president and not willing to hear the evidence or witnesses testimony against or for the president. I think it's stupid that Trump wants to be exonerated but not willing to put that supposed evidence out there AND you have Lindsey Graham saying that that's executive privilege. WOW! How convenient! Listen, I don't think delaying the articles seems weak on Pelosi's side at all and I don't think that they're trying to pull some kind of leverage over the Senate. However, what else are Republicans and Fox and Friends going to say when it's their guy in the electric chair? Even though Feldman holds credentials and I do give him props, I have to disagree with his interpretation. The house holds the sole POWER of impeachment not just the vote of impeachment. Trump is impeached! The Senate has the sole POWER to try the charges of impeachment. Which means that they convict or hold accountable but it doesn't state that they need the latter in order to decide the prior. I think the language is vague because what if we did run into exactly our situation where we have a blatant Senate who won't hold a sitting president accountable? Then you would have to give the House the power of impeachment without a trial in the Senate. The framers weren't stupid. And we aren't in this position because of Nancy Pelosi. The House is in this position because of the GOP, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham

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    Then go on vacation for the second time in a month ?
    Let me repeat that !
    We are under attack by a national security threat and the congressperson YOU voted for goes on vacation for the second time in a month !
    How does that make sense again ? Explain it to me like I'm a third grader please !

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    I know TYT Turds skip steps ! You know like due process ? It's a loophole. No matter what you wish for the president isn't impeached until the paperwork is handed over ! Bottom line !
    It's kind of like putting someone in prison before the jury reaches a verdict ! I know you think that is normal but, this is still America. No matter how bad The TYT Turds want it not to be !
    Ps !!!!! Take the Phillies hat off ! You're embarrassing MY city !

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  31. Interesting how everybody THINKS they know how impeachment works. Look, the articles are passed. That’s a done deal. Now it’s in a phase where the mechanism of handing this over to a HOSTILE senate is in process. Maybe Nancy needs certain things to happen to make sure that Mitch doesn’t just file the articles in the waste basket. Jeez, everybody needs to chill and wait for the process to work through, and maybe, just maybe, Nancy knows what she’s doing.

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    I wish it wasn't so predictable.
    In 2016 I hated Trump & loved TYT. Now I love Trump & hate TYT. Did I become a "radical alt-right Trumptard"? Or are you blinded by your hatred for someone? Idk…I find it hard to believe that I hated this idiot a mere 2 year ago, and now I'm a "right wing extremist"? Along with god knows how many other millions of Americans?
    If we can learn anything from TYT, I think it'll be that you won't last long when you're blinded by your own arrogance. They traded news for propaganda. Facts for emotions. You went from problem solvers to part of the problem…

  36. Pelosi strategy is correct because she knows how obstructive Mitch McConnell is and who has already voiced his declaration he wants a quick and dirty trial over as soon and not even willing to call Witnesses. So it is right for her to be cautious and be sure that she does know and the house knows the Senate's plan before she sends the Articles over. It's important for her to have leverage to be sure the process is going to be fair and she is just using good contingency management principles. And in view of now more evidence with this Mike Duffy die from OMB who has clearly been discovered to have said and who was the one who was told to carry out the order to delay and withhold the transference of the actual money to Ukraine, it is now known that a law was in fact broken passing 1974 from the Nixon impeachment time regarding doing this very thing.

  37. Work with me here. My theory is that those people from Fox are actually baiting the subject, because they actually want the impeachment to go through, A.S.A.P. It feels like they are attempting to use reverse psychology to get Nancy to hurry up and get those papers in.

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