Fluent in German with Duolingo

Fluent in German with Duolingo

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  1. Some people are upset I didn't speak any German in this English video to show my ability. Well, I did upload a video 100% in German in October so you be the judge 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eABPDYb1NA0&t=2s

  2. Je ne parle pas allemande (French for "I do not speak German") xD I wish I did though. I got a lot of German heritage in me. My grandmother from my mom's side was a German-born citizen during WWII who's family permanently moved to the U.S. shortly after the war. I still have a lot of German family members that still live in Germany (mostly cousins). I was fortunate enough to visit them last summer 😀

  3. So I know English, Romanian, Russian, and I’m learning Spanish (Spanish 1). I have high interest in languages, and I’m thinking of starting another one. What should I pick: German, Swedish, or Italian?

  4. Ive been studying German since November (it's August now) and I sadly don't have a computer (and can't buy one) so I only have the mobile app

  5. Eins

  6. here is what fluent means dipshit: (of a person) able to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately.

  7. Okay. English is not my first language and I can finally think I'm kind of fluent after watching this video and understanding at least 87% of what you were saying. Jeez, YOU SPEAK SO FAST. WOW.
    By the way, I loved the video and the way you learnt on Duolingo is the same one I've been using. It's a great platform!

  8. Ich mag Duolingo wirklich. Allerdings kann man auf Deutsch nur Englisch, Französisch und Spanisch lernen. Hab mich für Spanisch entschieden, da wir immer dorthin in den Urlaub fahren. Ich lerne es seit einem Jahr und kann mich mittlerweile unterhalten. Allerdings sind manche Sätze schon komisch. Laut Duolingo lesen Löwen die Zeitung…

  9. i imagine german really hard to learn because as a native german speaker, i really have no idea about our grammar. like i dont know why i have to use a certain article and so on … you just kinda know. and i imagine that to be really difficult if you dont grow up speaking that language

  10. Yo so one time I commented on one of your vids "I want to learn german so bad!" And you replied "do it" so then I downloaded duolingo and now im pretty good at german! Thanks?

  11. I'm fluent in Russian and I noticed Duolingo makes a lot of mistakes with it
    I don't trust it with other languages since

  12. All the time I watched your video I kept checking whether I sped up the video to 1.25x 😂

    I'm on my 113 days streak on Russian course and am not gonna break it by any means

  13. About the German subtitles:

    Subtitles in German are often the more or less direct translation of the English original version.
    When it's dubbed they change the German sentences so that the said kinda matches the movements of the mouth.

  14. Really wished duolingo empathized pronunciations better, and sounded better through headphones. I also wish there was the ability to see it pronounced better… I don’t quite know how to pronounce words especially in French or German, and occasionally Spanish. Spanish is the easiest.

    French and German are so different to me…

  15. If you're a native english speaker, so it was a little more easy for you, cause english and german come from the same family, the germanics languages.
    It is the same that a portuguese native speaker learn italian or french even romanian :v cause they come from the same family, the latin languages :v
    But I dare you to dare a russian native speaker to learn german with duolingo cause russian and german are not from the same language family. 😀

  16. American: I learned an actual language that is not my mother tongue, how amazing!

    European: *cries in 5 high school taught languages

  17. I've been begging Duolingo to add Tagalog for at least two years. Ignored. Downvoted. Cursed at by the community. Shadowbanned.

    Shit website. Truly.

  18. Gute Deutsche Filme, die auch nicht allzu schwer sein sollten, sind Kokowääh 1-2, Honig im Kopf, Das Wunder von Bern, Keinohrhasen / Zweiohrküken

  19. You, Sir, are a MASOCHIST. I am learning German, but they are my neighbours and I would like to know my neighbour's language. BTW it's also useful in Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy 😛

  20. Buy a book you like. Yeah! I like Terry Pratchet. I bought a Terry Pratchet book, and I gave up. It's a very difficult English. 🙁

  21. Guess I need to switch to desktop. I've almost completed my Japanese tree, I'm on the last leg now, but I've been learning a lot about the grammar from YouTube videos and natives.

  22. Thank you for resisting merch promotion at the beginning of the video. You seem like an interesting fellow, I will stay a while.

    Also learning German. It's good to see people like you very excited about language and culture!

  23. 3 weeks into Arabic on Duolingo everyday but also using other sources. It does work, I can speak for Arabic only because now I can actually read and write the Arabic characters. I can listen to an conversation in Arabic and understand at least some of it now and that's impressive IMO for only 3 weeks in. I am looking forward to this growing to the point that I can hold a conversation in Arabic. The main reason I chose Arabic is a friend is a native speaker. Also, because I really love Arabic culture and the more I learn the more I want to learn.

  24. Well, this confirmed most of my problems with Duolingo and similar apps. Yes, if you use these apps daily and diligently, you will eventually know how to start a conversation in that language. That doesn't mean you understand the grammar from that language. And native speakers will understand you, but other student or foreigners will not and it doesn't mean you will understand native spearkers. Especially if we are talking about German. There are so many differences in pronunciation between the different Bundesländer. And you don't really realised, but there is so many wrong things with your pronunciation. And you were lucky enough to be fluent in English, a language that has many similarities to German since they are both germanic languages. Yet you fail to recognise sounds that you have on your own language. Dude, you have the schwa-laut in English. It's the sound in the word "bird". Yet you don't use it in German. All of your e's sound the same. German has 5 different E sounds. Now imagine if your mothertongue didn't have this sounds. It would be almost impossible for you to even recognise them. You didn't do it and you have them. This is why, if you want to learn a language, go to a course. If you don't have one, get a really good self-studying book with audio, learn how the IPA works (believe me, it's your best friend) and if you want to use Duolingo, use it for vocabulary and some daily practice. Duolingo alone (or any other app, for all that matters) won't take you anywhere.

  25. The best reason for learning a foreign language is to make your native language more powerful. Because that's the only way it gets foreign words incorporated.

  26. I don't know what he was saying between his first and last word, but because of the numbers of thumbs up, I would say worth it.

  27. I'm learning German to ultimately live there for a bit or even permanently. It's really fun, but challenging. Just as was learning English growing up. Every language is difficult so if you're struggling then just keep your goal in mind and have patience. You won't be fluent in a few weeks, months or even a year, maybe not even two and that's okay. Even if your goal isn't to move to Germany or even visit and it's more your fascination with languages and cultures, just keep in mind how cool it will be when you can fully understand a language someone else can't, haha.

  28. As someone who’s learning Japanese and watches anime, you need to find the RIGHT shows to help learn your language. I cannot watch anime to help teach me Japanese. I watch Japanese reality TV to help me learn because it’s actual sentences real people say, and the topics aren’t unrealistic.

  29. This is cool, since I'm trying to improve my German and get started with some more languages with Duolingo and people are like, ah that's just a game.

    It's not, if taken seriously enough.

  30. I actually went to the video settings to check if I played with the video speed. Are you on ecstasy?! JK. Cool video. I subscribed!

  31. I speak 3 languages (I am currently learning french in hs and in Duolingo) the only reason it's hard for me is because my relatives know the 3 languages that I know now and no one knows french, so i have to teach it to myself, but i am used to having to practice with my dad or mom so this is all new to me

  32. Ich verstehe, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, eine Sprache zu lernen, aber für mich benutze ich einfach einen Übersetzer, wie jetzt.

  33. I've kinda been planning on getting back into duolingo because I like german in general as a language.
    For years I just did it casually because I thought it was fun, but now i have a boyfriend who's german so I'm doing it for him 🙂

  34. “Fluent in German”

    – i didn’t speak german in this video but here is a video where I did
    – can’t pronounce own name in said video

  35. Since I don’t have the desktop version do you think I would be able to lean the language I want on the mobile version?

  36. i literally like got back into rammstein, then found dark on netflix, and now im on some weird german binge LOL

  37. I'm asian and my mom keeps asking me why I want to learn German lol
    English is my first language, French from school, Vietnamese from home and German from Duolingo. I want to learn Russian as well as German but I started German first bc it used Latin characters. Now I WANt to learn it but I keep procrastinating lol
    LVL 10 German btw

  38. I too am learning german. shits hard. I chose it because its germanic and no one in florida speaks it so its easy to talk shit in front of people. its also helpful to have a native speaker to let you know when youre being fucking stupid

  39. Duolingo only helps with spelling the word correctly but the pronunciation and vocab is more important. That's the one flaw about the app, it doesn't teach it with native speaker pronunciation. Even Polyglots won't recommend using Duolingo due to various reasons such as these.

    If you're serious about learning a language then chances are you will have to spend some money. I recommend Pimselur for beginners since it teaches you pronunciation using a sample conversation with native speakers. With each lesson you do per day, they make you review the words and sentences you learned yesterday.

    Such as, "How do you say 'I don't know, but I'd like something to eat..' in _____.."

    Before someone comments saying I'm against Duolingo, I'm honestly not. I want to make it clear that this app isn't best for everyone. But I believe that anyone can learn if they do it the correct way if that makes sense. I don't want you to get the wrong signal from what I'm trying to say so I added this note to make sure.

  40. Yup, I'm learning German in Duolingo, I finished Dark on Netflix, I listen to German bands, I can understand well but I can't speak. I also watch other German series on Netflix like Perfume and Criminal Germany.

  41. Ich hat deutsch gelernt in meine Schule fur vier jahre, aber mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut.(Can any German speaking people tell me how bad my German is?)

  42. You're right about not using English subtitles. I heard a study showed people learning a new language using subtitles in their native language had a 0% improvement in their understanding of the language, while those that listened to a show without the subtitles in their native language improved their comprehension of the new language by around 12%.

  43. After >100h doulingo, a few videos here and there… I'm watching Let's play in Spanish. WTF?
    Good thing is that I boosted my crappy school English to a level where I no longer spotted as a German^^
    It can work… yes. For me its the very first time in my life having fun with… learning. O___o

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