Expert Saber Sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden

Expert Saber Sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden

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[dramatic music] [audience laughs] Haha, yours! [laughter] Yours, tip. Nice! This is harder than it looks, people! It looks hard, actually. *deep sighs*
-It’s even harder. [laughter] Almost.
-Agh. Whew! Yes! [audience murmurs] Did you see how I blocked it ?
-Yeah. Oh, nice! Oh, nice!
-Ooo! Awesome!
[audience murmurs and applauds]

100 thoughts on “Expert Saber Sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden”

  1. What happened to my comment, dont tell me you deleted it Skallagrim. All i said is they dont lunge enough, which is true, I dont know who teaches you sabre skal. They Stay in measure way too long without recovering fast enough.

  2. Детский лепет! Все очень медленно, как будто на них на самом деле нет защиты, а шашки заточены как бритвы… Не умеешь не берись! А это смех да и только)

  3. Why does this guy think getting your wrist slashed at by a saber wouldn't be disabling, I forget human arms are made out of high strength carbon steel

  4. Me: im leaving to go hangout with my friends ill be back tomorrow
    My girl: hes probably cheating on me
    (What im actually doin)

  5. да у нас в России дети и то быстрее палками машут..профессионалы у вас никакие..


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  7. I did this once when I was ten but it was at the park but with sticks and blood involved I was second after defeating one and my enemy defeating one so it was just us but with a swift strike with his broom stick he hit me right in the ring finger and left his weapon in the ground and walked away leaving me in a puddle of blood

    Is this what pirates would’ve fought like with the cutlasses or where they less sophisticated? I assume they were experts with their weapons but does that boil down to this type of sword play or were they more barbaric?

  9. Can I ask, is the way you guys fight intentional, and would it be practical in a fight to the death? Either way, looks like a lot of fun

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