Expectations Cannot Be Met All The Time | Why Most Relationships Fail | Part 4

Expectations Cannot Be Met All The Time | Why Most Relationships Fail | Part 4

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the expectations can never be met all the time they may be met today tomorrow they will not if this was your theory then the relationship will go on the rocks today or tomorrow and why will the expectations not be met because everybody’s chitta vritti is changing authority is temperament our mind is made from the material energy Maya the material energy has three gunas sattva rajas tamas the shui – the thorough condition says a jar may come no hitter Shukla Krishna but we Sri Ramana say Rupa at yahiko – Shah Mardan oshiete aha Tina booked iboga this Maya has three colors white red black in other words there’s sattva-guna Maya rajo-guna Maya Tamang Gauri Maya the mode of goodness the mode of passion the mode of ignorance Lord Krishna has gone into great detail in the month and eat elaborating the three gunas to show to us the nature of the world whichever guna dominates that is how our nature becomes so do these guna has come at a certain time in the day no they can come anytime during the day do they come for a certain interval one hour or two hours no they can come for two minutes they can come for 24 hours considered three wrestlers sometimes the first has dropped the second sometimes the second has dropped the third or the third has dropped the first similarly this battle of the gunas is taking place inside the kind of environment you get the chintan thought processes that you undertake your son scars from past lives they all raised one guna let us say you are sitting and listening to a talk on spirituality now this is a soft weak environment anger greed everything is subsided but then when you are walking out of that little door somebody gives you a push now the guna has changed from insight this guy is so insensitive so callous and supposing he says are you blind can you not see again the guna will change you I pull your tongue out the Mogul mode of ignorance has come the mode of ignorance results in laziness intoxication violence anger the mode of passion results in inflammation of the senses in materialistic ambitions and a spin towards the world the mode of goodness comes to mind and enhances the virtues of kindness compassion and knowledge now are changing all the time you yourself experience that your temperament fluctuates some day you think oh yes I must improve myself what Swami ji talked about growing from within I must passionately move ahead in that the sattva God is creating that inspiration the next day you are thinking I will do it but what is the hurry let me check the IPL scores first of all the Raju gone has dominated some days you say I don’t know is this the age to do it everybody does it in old age why should I do it right now tamo-guna has come just like your gunas are changing everybody else’s gunas are also changing the husband is what are changing the wife’s kunas are changing when will there be a make ability in harmony when the gunas are alike and if there is a conflict in the modes that is where the friction begins

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  1. Our Mind is under three Gunas of Maya and they keep changing. Understanding with kindness can reduce the expectations and help in smooth relationship.

  2. Swamiji, very beautiful video about relationship. The mind is made of Maya which has three gunas and these gunas are in flux so mood keep on changing.

  3. What a wonderful sansang Gurudev. These 3 gunas are responsible for our karma – good or not so good. The moment we transcend the trigunas, we become free from our karma. Chanting the divine names of the Lord and Meditating on Thy Lord's personal form are some of the ways to achieve it. Am I right Gurudev? If so, is it possible to achieve this in one lifetime? Radhey Radhey Govinda Radhey

  4. Continuing with the discussion on the foolishness of expecting others to always do what we want, Swamiji says that our mind is made up of material energy or maya. Because of the influence of maya, our gunas fluctuate in response to environmental events as do the gunas of other people. Thus, conflicts occur in relationships because our gunas are different from each other so we do not think alike. Thank you, Swamiji!

  5. Excellent clip on the predominance of different gunas in everyone at different times, which can potentially lead to conflict and disputes! Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  6. Awesome explanation by Swami Mukundananda Ji in the changing the mood of everyone. It is directly dependent upon the Guna they will be possessing at that point of time. The expectations that we will be having from others will not work due to the fluctuations of Guna’s in Everyone. Swamiji gave nice example of 3 wrestlers fighting among themselves to get the dominating position, the same way the three Gunas have the impact on the mood of each person. Saatvic mode of goodness will increase towards calmness, spirituality etc, then if some one hurts immediately changed to the mood of passion or rajo guna, if someone say a bad word to us then change to tamo guna or ignorance. Due to this our expectations will never met from others as everyone dependent on their mode of fluctuations in Guna’s.

    Thank you Swamiji for giving us the root cause of others not meeting the expectations of ours. Looking forward to listen more…

  7. Very important point that expectations can never be met all the time as the gunas are fluctuating within everyone.Thank you Swamiji.

  8. Above average explanation of what causes friction in relationships! Such an interesting explanation rooted in an age old tradition that can be understood with right teacher.

  9. Three gunas keep on influencing our nature.. this battle of gunas change iur day to actions. Hence we should keep ourselves engaged in positive environment and sadhana.

  10. So logical and with that in consciousness sooo many situations can be handled better and in a correct manner.
    So train and council the CXOs with this knowledge a whole career path of Life Coach is becoming popular!

  11. Thank you Swamiji for giving the knowledge from the vedas about our mind and the nature of the world. The knowledge of 3 Gunas are really beneficial.

  12. Swamiji says that our mind is made up of maya which influences our gunas. Thus, conflicts occur in relationships because our gunas are different from each other so we do not think alike. Thank you, Swamiji!

  13. Very true, as long as the three Gunas conflict, expectations can never be met all the in a relationship. The understanding of this fact is very important in solving relationship problems.

  14. What a thought provoking clip! #SwamiMukundananda starts by stating that our expectations cannot be met by everyone all the time. He then delves into this further and uses the concepts explained by Shree Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita (https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/), specifically, Chapters 14 and 17, to explain how our ever changing temperament impacts our behavior and consequently expectations.

  15. 🙏🏻 Pranam Guruji ! It’s very true and awesome advice to all of us. Swamiji we should follow your practical ,affordable and very useful advice.! 🙏🏻

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  17. If the expectations are selfish and unreasonable they cannot be met. However, when we are only wanting the happiness of the other person, the whole situation becomes positive and happy!

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