Exes Snoop Through Each Other’s Phones [Technically Speaking]


– I used to hate when you were
late. – And I used to hate when you
told me that, because that’s
what my mom always said. – Well your mom and I have
something in common. – That’s probably why it didn’t
work out. – My ex-boyfriend. – We are exes. – This is my ex-boyfriend,
Patrick. – I’m Chris, and this is my
lovely ex-girlfriend, Danielle – This is my ex-girlfriend,
Lauren – We dated for 6 years. – We were together about a year. – Fiery. – It was like fire and ice. – A lot of combat.
– Yeah. – Oh welovedsexting. – Great, amazing sex life. – Sex with her was better than
with my current partner. – We did’t get along. – Always the jokes kept coming,
but like, that was kinda all
that was coming – We fought about other hot
girls. – I used to find crazy
incriminating text messages. – Oh, who’s texting you at 3 in
the morning?? – We also had fights about
spending money because I’m a little bit of a reckless
spender. – I was unfaithful, uh, more
times than I needed to be. – I’m in a new relationship now.
I’m actually dating a woman. – I’m talking to some girls. – I am going full blast on the
dating apps. – So you want us to switch
phones? Yeah, okay. – Okay. – I don’t know if I want to do
this. – Thank god I have no pictures,
phew! – This is awful, like the demise
of our entire relationship was
phones. – Wow we were so much racier
than you and this guy. – Oh you want us to send
messages to our new partners?
Like, raunchy ones? – I get to sext Ana’s new
boyfriend from her phone. – Why are you texting girls in
– I dont know, I just wanna go
down unda!
– Why aren’t you talking to the
girl with the eiffel-tower
shaped pubic hair? – It wasn’t pubic hair. It’s a
tattoo. – Late night text, alright. – Ana I’m gonna send your
boyfriend a sext. – She kinda looks like a poor
man’s version of me. – I’m gonna send him something
really good. – He’s just making sexual
arrangements with people. – Jake, I need you to ensure my
pussy. – I guess I wore all black cause
this is my funeral. – Can I hit send? – Paulie…Erica& – We’ve got, like, the best
relationship now. – Kylia…M-Mariah& – I feel uncomfortable! – Chelsea…Veronica& – She is definitely a keeper. – Kyiana…Satin& – I think we’re enjoying being
friends now. – We haven’t even gotten halfway
down the list yet! – There is no chance that we
would get back together. – I think it’s a possibility. – No, we are not getting back
together. – Our friends would probably be,
like shocked, if we said we got
back together but not right now. – My advice for his new
girlfriend is to run. He will
tear somebody apart. – Tread lightly brotha!

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