Episode 1 – Tomorrow Rising Web Series | Schneider Electric


. Have you ever wondered how many people you’ve met in your life? I mean, not only the ones you spoke to, but also all those you just cross the way
in the streets everyday. Of course, the figure will not have much to do depending on whether you live in a small, remote town, or, like me, in the huge city of Lagos, Nigeria. But still. It’s really a lot of people! When I think about that I feel a kind of responsibility. These women and men, I don’t know much of them. And I will never do. But we make up a kind of community. We live in the same streets, share the same air. We can’t ignore each other. Cause we have a common fate. At a time when environmental questions
have become so crucial, we’re not only bound to our neighbours
and fellow citizens, but to all the human kind all over the world. – Hi honey. – All right? There are so many issues to settle. So much to achieve to build a better world. – Hi. – Please, do you know the way
to Naptin training center? – Yes, just walk down, there is a turning by the right, and two blocks away you’ll see the house. – All right, thank you. I want to be part of the solution. I’ve always wanted to. I’m willing to work for the future. My ambition is to help provide energy
everywhere it’s needed. To do so, I have to master electricity. And today is a new step for me in that direction. I’m going back to school! – Hi! – Hey! – Is it the room for Schneider electricians training? – Yes, you’re in the right place. – Thank you. – Here is the type of instrument transformer
that is designed to produce alternating current. What does alternating current mean?
From our last discussion we looked at AC and DC network. And you know that the kind of frequency
that comes along with AC is different from that that we have
in the direct current which is DC. This is the next exercise we are working on. Does anybody has a question to ask
concerning this current transformer? – Yes, Sir. – Ok, let’s hear from you. – Can you explain what happens if
there’s no load in the circuit? The current is still flowing in the system? – This is what happens when
there is no load in the circuit… Oh ! Maybe you’ve noticed: I’m the only woman in my new class. Don’t worry for me, I’m exactly where I’m intended to be! I’m going to show everybody what I’m capable of! And I’m sure many more girls will come after me. – Ok guys! I’m going to be distributing these black boxes to you. It’s going to enable you to have solutions
to all of your questions. – Thank you. Like me, women and men around the world have decided
to take their future in their hands. Our stories all started
in small towns or bigger cities, in Schneider schools like mine. We are strangely connected by this curious headset. We can see each other and talk together. No matter the distance between us. But most of all we’re connected
by our common aspiration! Together we intend to build a brand-new world. Here is Vitor. He lives in Brazil, in a town called Lins, 500 km west from Sao Paulo. Electricity changed his life
when everything was going bad for him. This is Gurdeep. If you see a solar panel near his home town
of Patiala, in northern India, maybe it was him who put it down! Gurdeep has become a role model and allows many young people to find work in his sector. And he is Pierre. You see him teaching,
but not so long ago he was a brilliant student. What a path! He really believes he can make a shift in people’s lives around him in his little town of Mbour, Senegal. You have to meet him! In every corner of the world, we give shape to an invisible network, pursuing our dreams with a great ambition: frame a better future, supply energy to those who need it, bring our willpower to help rise a brighter tomorrow.

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