ENFP (Ne – Fi, Si Grip, Relationships, Paradox, Parents, Workplace)


g’day patrons I want to thank you again
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topic for this video is the ENFP and I’ve made a whole heap of notes and
instead of like a polished video I wanted to just sort of press record and
just and allow me of a space to delve into the time or allowing me to sort of
go where I need to go to unpack and explain how I see the ENFP and I think
what that’ll do it’ll it’ll help it’ll help me to relax more into the video and
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it that sort of thing and and we’ll just I’ll just sorry I’ll just keep recording
and and just keep going with it and and just allow the video to be whatever it’s
going to become so I’ve got a whole heap of notes here I’m just going to be
referring to the notes and then going into each point and seeing where it
leads and then going to the next point so you’ll see me reading my notes a
little a little bit but they’re just to prompt me to to go into the next point
so the ENFP how I’ll do it do this was I’ll go into the functional stack and
also look at what self actualization looks like for the tie
look at relationships the NFP relationships and also just how they
sort of you know they’ve often called the champion
so I’ll just sort of go into sort of how they impact a person in an interaction
using their their especially their there any and there Fi
so the first thing that sort of struck me looking at the NFP is there
extraverted intuition is you know that this sort of broad sort of scattergun of
ideas and exploration is just just like lightning almost just sort of going out
there and I sort of pictured the lightning it’s like you know you’ve got
that main the main shaft of lightning and then you’ve got all of these little
parts of the lighting that come out on the side really for fine points of light
then I see in a sense that sort of some ways of explaining the the any it’s like
its ability to kind of branch out of the mainstream narrative if you like and and
notice the subtleties and notice subtle connections between other sort of
branches of lightning of branches of thought if you like so you know they’re
always searching for meaningful connections and you know the really
optimistic looking people like they’re always like they’re always up off you
know most of the time you know the default is quite a positive outgoing
presence quite excitable you know an exploration of ideas and and life
experiences just where that na just sort of Stokes in all that information there
and an endless search for connection and meaning
just constantly especially in the early years just just soaking in as much life
experience and other people’s live life experience as possible you know and it’s
these indirect connections between everything and if you hear little sounds
at times it’s my little pooch over here so they’re always I’m always looking and
waiting for new information and ideas and you know I have a wondering whether
because of that really optimistic part of the ENFP and that they’re wanting to
have a positive impression on people and and see people actualize themselves and
so on if when things don’t work out for other people that they’re that they’re
close to the senses that they could feel that quite deeply you know that sort of
maybe setbacks and self-actualization for others could be it could be felt
quite sharply on the inside so there’s a sense that they get out into the world
and experience as much as they can not like Essie that is more sort of
handjob hands-on experience it seems to be more not as hands-on in the sense of
it’s more getting out there in amongst the lives of people and around people’s
experience and and the the greater context that that experience is
happening rather than you know like being cliche like it’s all about going
in skydiving or you know you know doing extreme sensory things it’s not that
sort of experience it’s more getting into the lives of people finding out
about how people live their lives it’s seems to be more people focused
so they you know that experience they get as much experience in there n is
they possibly can and and that that all that information gets pulled down into
them where they develop their their value structure through their
introverted feeling so they need that that full experience and that full
experience then interacts with introverted feeling and they get to know
what what it is that they like they don’t like you know the sort of things
that they discover the sorts of things that give them passion to give them
drive and they build that value structure through though through the
extroverted intuitive experience it’s interesting though and I’ll probably go
that into this a little more later that their their impact on others is kind of
an indirect direct way it’s like they’re
they motivate through through influence and and sort of filling people with
energy in a sense all or being able to speak into people in a way that
generates energy and focus on others to for them to then move forward but it’s
not this sort of it’s not dictatorial or authoritarian in in in their form of
motivation it’s much more of an indirect kind of atmosphere that they create so
go there’s any map that sort of mounts the outer world of experience and then
this the inner map the inner fi map that that has its values and in a sense when
they’re interacting with another person that any and that fi can can really get
a great sense of of the other person and where they’re at
and like I sort of get a real present sense of who they are but also a sense
of who they really are moving forward but they can get a real sense of the
future you and then be able to provide information again indirectly that will
that could motivate that person to move forward into who they reel into into
more who they really are if they take it on board so I you know this this any
it’s kind of like a nuclear bomb of energy it’s just always on
it’s like tireless in its ability to to think outside the box and make all of
that all of these seemingly indirect direct connections between everything
and I had a real sense and it’s kind of a given in one sense but it’s also worth
noting that put that any in another person I just couldn’t handle it though
I would crumble pretty quickly under under the weight of its activity but it
fits perfectly within the NFP so ways of sort of looked at describing any it’s
like free flight it’s just kind of out there you know that perceiving function
it’s sort of just you know I like a free radical it’s just going wherever it
needs to go it’s very action orientated in the sense
of it’s it’s a it’s you know that extra bit of function essentially it’s out
that it’s working itself out into the world and the unit is like a crusader
that any is like a crusader you know being driven by their value system it’s
out there trying to actualize them and impact the world but the Crusader
doesn’t have have swords and guns and all in
these weapons are more you know weapons
an influence of having putting in them giving people a sense of who they are
and empowering people reconciling people you know for the NFP that has that
mediator gifting they can influence relationships quite strongly and then
this introverted feeling is very grounded you know it’s it’s like a tree
you’ve got the treetop the treetop and it’s all of its branches is any and then
the root system underneath is very much fi it’s very grounding and and of course
because it’s introverted people don’t see it but I think people can see it if
if they look hard enough so fi is a bit more reflective you know that sort of
introverted sitting sits sits with things more to form judgments and values
and in contrast to the Crusader you know the fi is like the flesh and blood of
the ENFP so that you know the Crusaders out there with their with their Armour
and weapons to impact positively in people’s lives and then underneath that
that any armor even though sorry the armor is not defensive it the armor is
kind of like like the in if you set up to be an influence to people so it’s
kind of that kind of armor I guess just trying to paint the picture of a
crusader but underneath is this fi flesh and blood you know the the mortality of
the of the ENFP which very few people see which I’ll go into soon
so the reality is they’re trying to make the world a better place by helping
people in them and in the world and making the world a better place and in
the sense they just do that by being there you know they’re they can’t be
very intentional but but but they don’t need to be intentional in a sense their
presence can can be empowering to people but they do want to grab on to the
possibilities that they see in people and help others to autonomously run with
with their insights you know they won’t do it for the person but they’ll
certainly sort of provide options to
consider about how a person could move forward and it’s kind of like like any
when when they’re engaging with another person and it’s like and he’s just
throwing out little gifts all the time like little little things that if people
are sensitive enough they could grab on to what they’re saying and and and take
those as little gifts whether it’s encouragement or information that might
be a benefit to the to the listener that could empower their inner and outerworld
if they are attuned to what the ENFP is saying so any and if I sort of enables a
holistic embrace of people so people can feel known inside and out when they’re
in the presence of an ENFP so I kind of see any is like like this
information that’s laced with FI depth it’s like you know on the outside in FPS
you can look very bubbly and very excitable and and inaccurately be
perceived as surface level kinds of people but really and I think they
definitely like to have fun and be carefree but but deeper down there’s
this sort of F I def that can be laced through their narrative that I
think it’s almost like a like a pill with a with a coating with a smooth
coating on the outside is easy it’ll easily digestible and easily swallowed
and so yes I just see that in a lot of thought and in what sorry in the way
that inner peace can communicate there’s a sense that any sort of any kind of
sort of pulse the NFP away from from their core self if you like it’s it’s
kind of out there all the time and then you’ve got this fi that wants to sort of
pulling into the person trying to form values and ideas and there’s just a
sense that that could be almost like a tension there if it’s not in balance and
it’s like the fi needs time to catch up to what the na is is gathering and some
downtime and other times of relaxation and even meditation could be times for
the ENFP to to find their Center again to find to find balance in the system in
in their system so that and again it’s like any and fi
acts to pull people in with the introverted feeling and launch people
out with their extraverted intuition but again with a Miss the misunderstanding
of who NSPS really are people could miss what’s really going on in the
interaction with an ENFP because they’re too busy getting caught up in the energy
of the NE and not seeing that the growth the deeper purpose of the ENFP so they
can judge the ENFP it’s not like not very smart or or very flighty and with
that judgment sort of blocks them off from seeing actual death that’s coming
from the ENFP and that could be felt behind the scenes I think an ENFP could
feel that judgment or that feeling missed or misunderstood or unappreciated
yeah but that’ll leave was certainly happening in the background because the
Annie can sort of act like a bit of a camouflage to what’s going on underneath
so I was thinking about enfps and they’re the you know the desire to kind
of experience everything that the people experience to gain all this sort of
knowledge of people so that they can be of benefit to people I sort of I was
thinking I wonder if that causes enfps to run into problematic situations and
actually have negative experiences in order to have the experience or whether
they gain those sorts of experiences I’m sure that does happen but I wonder if NF
Pease also sort of vicariously experiencing the negative experiences
through the experience of other people through their interaction with people
they they hear you know something that happened
a life experience that somebody had that turned into a negative and by getting in
inside the person’s experience you would especially with that with that fi but
also any that they essentially had the negative experience vicariously through
the others experience and then they can take that information forward into their
lives maybe they have a an ability to do that maybe more so than other types I’m
not sure so I kind of sometimes I see enfps they almost look like Effie Dom’s
you know because they’re so optimistic so positives quite bubbling quite
smiling people and so it’s like any mixed with Fi looks like Effie in in a
sense like at first glance of course it’s not that but it can look like that
to people and that’s where I think maybe the judgment of the of the NFP comes
from is people see it as not consciously it’s like this is Fe but they just see
kind of this happy-go-lucky person and miss the intelligence so it’s just
interesting that those two functions kind of can camouflage them to look like
Fe when they’re really not I think up after our first glance look
it’s it’s quite clear that a lot of enfps they have this kind of any glow or
about them there’s this sort of just this positive kind of happiness
excitement that they kind of oozes out of them but their eyes can seem quiet
quite still you know that dog looks like they’ve got fi eyes within any
experience that it’s the FI eyes I sort of have a stillness have it and it’s
almost like you can see through them down into the deep depth of their
character which leads me to talking about introverted feeling
because I think they are as deep as they are excitable in the outer world I think
they have a rich depth that is often missed unfortunately by people and I
think as I said before Annie and air-five hides their intelligence for
people that no enfps that this is possibly news to them or people
listening to this that then will meet an ENFP being curious about the FI depth
will I think leave a lasting impression on the on the ENFP so I can bracing both
that ne and the FI in the NFP will influence them as much as they are able
to influence you and will have a deep impact on them and so I’m dumping a
curiosity to get to know the ENFP on a deeper level and I just wonder because
of that fi function and I’ve seen it with with some enfps you know there is a
vulnerability to hurt feelings behind that behind that active any that there
is a sort of soft-hearted very much a softheartedness to the ENFP
that could be missed because of the NE function which is probably both a
blessing and a curse to the ENFP because they they protect their heart in a sense
with it any better it also means that they can be missed and misunderstood
because of any so just to recap we’ve got this NE that’s just out there active
all the time creating all of these connections and meanings and
possibilities got these this fi core that that develops its judgments and its
values system and creates a sort of rich inner world and then without the extra
bit of thinking tersh function which I like sort of a called
the secret weapon of opening it P now so T can be can have a directness when
needed and and I think you can see that in an ENFP because every once in a while
if a value is threatened or there’s something that’s happening that they
think is really important and and they don’t want to be misunderstood about it
there t can can can come up and be more direct and and state something more
directly where needed to to address a situation especially if white values
have been violated or they’re feeling misunderstood in some way I think that
could be uncomfortable for an ENFP to do that I think they they don’t really want
to do that they will obviously want to be more in there influential in direct
any influencing so I think that tae moment will be won’t be may not be
experiences very because there any sorry NS will kind of feel the harshness of
their te at the same time as the others are receiving the t boundary but it’s
really important that that function be be be allowed to happen because I think
it acts like a shield it acts like so you kind of go there’s any out there fi
in here and then there’s like a te can be like a shield protecting the the the
system if you like when they need to put a boundary in place when they need to
say no be more direct about it they can sort of act as a as a protective layer
around the ENFP to prevent burnout and so on and also
can help to bring balance to any and fi when they’re using that
a function to protect themselves from overextending themselves by saying no by
being direct with people putting boundaries in place with people sort of
avoid any si group reactions or exhaustion so te can assert values and
put boundaries in place where necessary and a TA assertion from from an ENFP
could be experienced quite like be a bit of a shock to it to the other person or
the group hearing it because it seems a little uncharacteristic of an ENFP at
least for some ENFP summit enfps could use their team or a lot more than others
but for those that you know sort of functioning effectively in their Nafi
and then all of a sudden you know at some point there’s a TA boundary of
directness that that comes out it could be experienced quite strongly from other
people so I can act like a shield you could protect them from burnout so in if
so people could mistake the ENFP bubbliness for naivety and try to take
advantage and te boundaries can protect them can protect the ENFP from this so
introverted sensing so that one of the challenges the NFP has is that they’re
they’re not always all very rarely connected to their body and and due to
that when the body is not acknowledged and they’re and they’re extending
themselves the Alton’s feel well constantly and constantly real or
imagined illnesses or symptoms can present themselves in the body to try to
bring them back to their body to try to get their attention so sometimes the the
symptoms could be real like there could be actual health issues associated with
with overextending themselves perhaps more often and especially in the
earlier years of any NFP they’re probably more somatic symptoms in the
sense that there’s nothing actually wrong with them
physically it’s their body protesting to them not being in it and you know I have
read that in if it’s susceptible to hypochondria because they’re not in
their body that much they’ve kind of got a mysterious connection to the
disconnection connection with with the body so there could be a tension between
novel na and traditional si you know that’s sort of their juxta you know
they’re polar opposites in that sense and I think if an ENFP has a traditional
upbringing this could cause tension between the for the ENFP who’s wanting
to experience life you know get out there into and let their any kind of
habits fill that traditional life could upbringing I should say could um because
in a sense they’re having a traditional upbringing will instill some values in
the in the AFP and if if it’s overly restrictive that the upbringing then
when they get a bit over that na might want to just explode out into
experiencing things they start to see people having life experiences and
seeing all different types of people they want to interact with and then they
could have a conflict with their their current value system that they’re Borre
brought up with and that could that could be something quite challenging for
an ENFP it could also be beneficial and that the values could actually protect
them from harm but at the same time it might restrict their any from being able
to explore life and and and develop that dominant function so I think any can
sometimes cloak potential upcoming burnout you
know it’s it’s like a great camouflage system in that sense I think like
dominant si users thanks Emmy dominant si uses I’ve noticed that they
they’re on and then they’re off all of a sudden their body just kind of goes
tired and it’s not like a gradual tightness it’s like they can they
they’re coming you know dive quite quickly and they recognize it instantly
and they respond to that yeah and go to sleep
have a rest or whatever but I think enfps because that aside on function is
inferior they can keep going and ignoring those introverted sensing
promptings does not it not hear the mimics and keep going and then they’re
really in danger of having a in the grip si reaction so in the grip so enfps are
altruistic in their present unit so they’re self-sacrificing they’re they’re
they’re wanting to benefit those around them they want to serve others so it’s a
little bit it’s sort of ironic that because I think inner peace based self
actualize when they’re actually helping others to self-actualize
but in the pursuit of self-actualization by actual izing others they’re
vulnerable to burnout which which kind of sabotages or undermines the
actualization process but I think I’ll speak a bit later about how I don’t
think that’s really an issue long-term but it’s just an interesting way of
looking at it so this self-sacrifice
isn’t reality that the ENFP lives in could cause a lack of self care and
preventional burnout and they could so they self actualized by giving to others
and that gulps uh self actualization could lead to vulnerability to burnout
so so awake and the way in in the group situation could have care is that any
and it’s constant alertness it’s constant activity can lead to muscle
tension but the body is just can’t cope with that the level of sort of the level
of activity that has been generated in any and if that and muscle tension if
prolonged can lead to exhaustion and a vulnerability to getting in the grip of
introverted the introverted sensing function so you can imagine like if you
if you were to hold your fists like like tight you before too long
maybe tension in the hand and if you keep doing that eventually you’ll it’ll
cramp up and then I’ll get very sore and then you might not even be able to open
it up it’s just essentially it’s in the crip it’s stuck in the grip and that may
be a good way of looking at it so burned out an exhaustion in a general sense can
be a part of a lot of enfps development it might be you know just something that
they they you know any up here si down here and the exhaustion that can come in
there is like as they’re going along in life economy will be doing this as it’s
sort of teaching and helping the ENFP to recognize their body to you know as the
body continues to sort of let them know that that there
actually in a body and so I see that I can actually just be a part of
development and not a big deal in a general sense right I think they could
be extra vulnerability for an ENFP if for whatever reason that they taught
other three functions are underdeveloped one of the things that could lead cause
the function to be underdeveloped in more than a just a general average
degree would be due to their childhood and childhood family of origin
upbringing influences so so for someone with a low level a low level level
chronic but long term in the grip reaction it’s like they’re they’re stuck
let me say that again there can be short term si in the grip reactions you know
it could be a few hours or a day or a week but then I think there can be this
sort of ongoing si in the grip react reaction or way of living in an NFP
that’s more chronic which it would be more connected most likely connected
with family of origin issues so a stifled childhood could lead to
undeveloped any causing over flightiness you know even for them sort of an over
over flightiness and Andorra could maybe cause a low level si gripping interior
so the code for extroverted intuitive the there’s too much of them that’s
being introspective internally though they have focused on facts they’re
locked in themselves more than much more than would be normal or natural
so internally is more si stuckness than FA integration of the NA I’m not sure
what I meant by that so a child with a with a very very restrictive childhood
even even one when there was forms of abuse could find that they’ve either
grow up to have a really rebellious any and just just explode in in in in
getting into life in ways that could be detrimental to them or they like they
live more of a restricted kind of life in that they’re sort of stuck in their
body and you know I think it’s those sorts of people that would potentially
be very hypersensitive to their body almost living like a a si dominant
person but but it’s like they’re having a constant bad day so with someone
that’s having those sorts of experiences it might be time it would be it would be
time to either create room for F by integration so if there any is just kind
of flying off in all directions and they’re just burning themselves out
they’re just jumping from one thing to the next to the next to the next it
might be time to slow that down and allow some of what they’re experiencing
to to actually drown them in some of their value system you know like like
let’s let all of that information actually actually be absorbed into into
their value system which all cause them to be uncomfortable and may need help
with that because to go inward is painful because of their because of
their childhood so it might be time to have some fi integration or if they’re
stuck in the in the introverted sensing and they’ve got this kind of really tiny
any up here and they’re living down here in their air saw it might be time to get
out there and and let that na have some breathing space and when I
talk about self-actualization I’ll talk about how that can be done
so underdeveloped fi may lead to
flightiness any bouncing from one thing to the next of talked about that not
allowing fi to make informed judgments underdeveloped any they may they may
find themselves trusting other people’s experience too much you know this would
become dependent on people which is very unlike an ENFP they’re quiet while
they’re a cooperative type I like to be cooperative in their goal goal setting
and achievements they’re also very much individuals and like to see others as
individuals as well so that’s that that advice function so if that Enys are not
developed and essentially that means the fi is not developed because they don’t
have their own set of values that they become dependent and trusting of others
too much which could lead them to being taken advantage of and end up kind of
causing more harm than good so so the good news is that in the group reactions
for for the ENFP can lead to change and and self actualization so if there’s a
person that’s totally unaware of their body and enfps and unaware of their body
and then they they eventually collapse that that can be great time for some
reflection and for some it’s some sort of deeper understanding of themselves
and could wake them up to this introverted sensing function and and and
wake them up to taking some action to pull for more self-care activities
and so any pushing out into the world FY is pulling them into their value system
T is the sort of dominant sorry let me recap that so Annie’s pushing out FY is
pulling in and te if it’s dormant can lead to burnout if T is not there to put
some boundaries in place giving any and at by time to to connect to each other
and find some balance between the two there could be possible burnout however
it can better can be a wake-up call to the imbalance and lead to them becoming
aware of any under other lying issues that could be could be causing that
imbalance and can lead to change so there’s a possible sort of fi si loop
for the ENFP and if they’re stuck in detail they’re stuck in the past
stuck in detail and kind of all of this energy going in to the body into
themselves and then that’s looping around with their into their possible
sort of faulty belief system or faulting values that came out of childhood like
we can have a value that we’re not valuable you know coming out of
childhood if we if we had problematic attachments with our caregivers and then
that feeds back into si and then back into fi and can just sort of really
reinforcing a loop of of negativity so some of the stresses for an ENFP
obviously in details you know overly supervised little stimulation rigid
rules if their values are violated or if they’re over commitment overcommitted so
there’s stresses for the NFP and ironically the reaction so if they are
in those stresses – longing get in the grip then that in the group reaction
mirrors to some extent the stresses themselves but it’s like they
surrender to the SI focus they they surrender to this inner their energy
gone being in true introverted into themselves and they get stuck there
leads to physical exhaustion focus on facts can becoming patient overly
sensitive to body symptoms stuck in detail and they can look like an aside
I’m having a bad day and that will lead to possible withdrawal depression
obsessiveness focus on body and it’s just stuck on the inside very unpleasant
for them so as an extrovert with their energy
going inward first be very uncomfortable draining and uninteresting unpleasant
inaccurate and just overall a yucky place for them to be so possible
remedies for for enfps stuck stuck in there
introverts sensing or if they’re just simply exhausted a remedy essentially is
to stop and allow themselves to be in the group and what I mean by that is
like be in the body for a bit be in the body not not stuck in the body because
when we’re when we’re in the grip and we’re stuck we’re in it
we’re not observing it we’re actually in it and it’s very very different they’re
two very different things it’s like someone who’s depressed when
they’re in that they have no hope that they’re being very much influenced and
looking out into the world or into themselves through the lens of
depression and they can’t they’re being informed by the depression since they
can’t get out of it whereas when a person observes depression they’ve
realized that they’re not they’re not all and completely depressed if they’ve
got a part that’s depressed then then they can kind of observe it so
what’s the depression doing well it’s it’s saying there’s no hope and but it’s
coming from more of a sort of an observe sort of observing where’s my hand
observing the depression and talking about it as opposed to sort of being in
the depression and talking from it and that’s the same before in this situation
so rather than being stuck in their body and looking at life through that the
symptoms of their body or through the stunt or through the details of whatever
details they’re sort of stuck in essentially stuck in their body they
start to observe them doing that so they’re like yeah I’m noticing my body
I’m feeling these symptoms my body’s kind of doing this and it’s
doing that I’m noticing that I’m obsessing about this work situation and
you know the spreadsheet that I’m dealing with and I’m you know or other
sorts of details they start to talk about what they’re doing rather than
just being in what they’re doing and that can help to bring relief from being
in it other things are just resting and moving away from the detail so it’s like
okay recognizing that I’m getting sort of obsessed with this certain bit of
detail here I’m gonna just move away from it moving away from it simply going
and talking to someone about what’s going on talk it out other things can be
things like exercise having just quiet time some mindfulness and meditation
just activities that help the body to be felt to be to be looked after and giving
the body rest so that it can so that the NFP can get it it’s like giving the body
rest it gives them ability to get out of
their body thank you get out of their body again back into
their nae but the key from there is to not is to is to learn to care for the
body so this process that these remedies have just allowing the body to recover
and and the mindfulness meditation these sorts of things can lead to an awareness
of the body in a healthy way and over time allows awareness of the
early warning signs and overload so hence quiet time meditation is a great
medicine for protecting from and protection from burnout this will also
help to bring greater relationship between ne and fi and allow si to
influence the system because of inferior si they are not aware of the tension in
the body until it shows signs of real symptoms or somatic symptoms to let them
know that they are out of balance hence exercise mindfulness rest helps an
ENFP to to feel the body and give it rest from all the any experiences so I
want to look at introverted sensing development towards self-actualization
so so I just had a thought that maybe an ENFP
a way of sort of developing that the si kind of directly bit more is really more
indirectly is you know something like reading reading history books or
biographies or biographies of people related to the things that they value so
if there’s certain area of a certain area of social social justice that
they’re concerned about all that they’re passionate about reading the history of
it read maybe even reading his the history of the injustice of the world
and and various people that have influenced or influenced in a positive
or negative sense towards certain a certain social justice
area that they’re interested in could help to inform or develop their
introverted sensing and also you know getting around an ist Jeon is fj2 help
AFP remember and reflects so just being around someone whose dominant function
is si not for long periods but just that
aside dominant approach to to life will sort of rub off on them a little bit so
once any and FY are developed certain si decisions will need to be made so
there’s a sense that as the as the NFP is getting older they’re they’re there
any is is developed to a large degree they’ve got their values and then
they’re set on on their sort of life mission and T is there to kind of back
them up then there’s going to be sort of more traditional type decisions that
need to be made so they could be where the person lives who they live with do
they get married who do they get married to whether whether they work what
organization do they get involved in how many children do they all of these sort
of things kind of can anchor the ENFP down in a healthy sense and that so once
those decisions are made then there’s a there’s a sense that they’re there na is
more can be sort of targeted in a certain area of life so beforehand that
any was just sort of anywhere and everywhere going off into all sorts of
different groups and experiences and all of that to gain
all its information some of these airside decisions will sort of help them
for that it helped that any to be targeted more directly whether it’s
directed into family directed into a certain business into a certain cause
into a certain area that they live in it’s kind of enables them to actualize
themselves in a specific location through some si decisions so Fi and si
allows decisions to be made settle down allowing some si foundation
to exist to empower a greater mission to be accomplished and so part of the
actualization process for an ENFP is some of those traditional decisions to
be made so that they can live out their their mission more effectively and some
cement appears like maybe resistant to that to this sort of thing it might feel
like a bit of a cop-out or a bit of a certain being selling out but it’s not
this but they’re still going to be and they’re still going to be enfps but
they’re just good it’s just about where they’re going to be enfps
or who they’re going to be themselves with rather than being everywhere and
everywhere trying to influence it’s more about helping them to localize where
they’re going to be influential some paradoxes and country Harrod
contradictions for the ENFP when they’re heading towards self-actualization is
that their assistance to others actualization which actualizes them in a
way however their self-sacrifice can lead to burnout I’ve mentioned that
earlier but it’s part of the process so anyway I went through that earlier so I
won’t go through that again so well there’s also another sort of catch-22
for the NFP which is there always they’re Annie’s kind of out there trying
to look for the self and where’s an innocence that’s a rejection of the self
that they actually already have and so it can kind of be like a cat chasing its
tail you know it’s it’s it’s chasing after it’s like it’s chasing after what
it already has so the need to find authentic self ironically could lead
them away from the self that is present causing a sort of rejection of the self
they are looking for hindering self confidence and self esteem in causing a
sense of not being authentic so because enfps they’re the more authentic they
feel they are the more confidence they feel they’re building and more
self-esteem that that that is built into them through their authenticity but
there could be kind of a hindrance to that when if they’re looking for this
looking for themselves they’re gonna be feeling like until they find themselves
they’re not authentic so there’s a sense that to minimize this this this paradox
if you like is embracing the self that exists currently and seeing that that
what whatever this however the self is being experienced currently is authentic
it is who they are today and and that through that but they can then continue
to build on their authenticity it’s almost like the more authentic they are
with their current self the moral the more honest they are with their current
self the more authentic they’re being when they’re sort of out there trying to
search for authenticity it’s like it’s moving them away from their authentic
self if that makes any sense hi Sammie so
and so there’s a sense that that kind of requires the ENFP to become more
balanced in the sense of looking after their body looking after themselves it
could be if they are seeking self out there trying to find themselves here out
there it could be pointing towards an underdeveloped introverted feeling sort
of value structure and so slowing down the any search and sitting with what
they know and what they know themselves could lead to a balance and also a more
sense of their own author authenticity which will lead to the confidence and
self-esteem so I want to make it make a point that self-actualization within I
think in life but also with the ENFP the 13mp the MBTI functional stack I
think it I think it’s a natural process I think life life kind of just happens
in such a way that it gives us all opportunities to grow and to develop
it’s like it’s like it just happens anyway regardless of us trying to make
it happen and I think trying to make it happen gets in the way to certain extent
so self-knowledge and and understanding can help us cooperate with the growth so
it’s like learning about how we grow can help us to cooperate with it rather than
and trying to control it so for an ENFP it’s another’s peak experience another
another person’s actualization experience helps in any of p-dogs and
experience their own self actualization especially if they’re involved in
helping the other to attain it so that because of that self-sacrifice when
they’re when they’re serving the other there’s actual izing themselves
so another sort of illustration that I have for the NFP just my own way of
looking at it it’s like the any is their head so the ante is like the the the
part that’s just one like thinking about all of the different connections between
all you know seemingly connected and unconnected ideas and so on
fi is is like the body or the core of the person you know that their values
and this their sense of their sense of who they are te is the arms it’s like
the arms act as a way to sort of put boundaries in place and protect
themselves and the si is the legs that kind of ground them in reality ground
them in in the present in the sense those traditional si decisions about
where they live and what they do and who they do it with and so on I like the
legs so any sort of his discovery of ideas and experiences it’s a if eyes the
values T’s the boundaries or the shield and si is the decisions to that enable
the actualization to occur self-actualization is any and fi
development grounded in quiet reflection rest and exercise to be able to assert
boundaries and values through te in order to make life decisions as I that
bring a stability and a focus for any and fi to actualize core values through
any into the world or their cause so I hope that makes sense since these are
notes that was a that was a long sentence I think there’s we’re just sort
of summaries so actualization summaries that I came up with so fi delet
developed through any experiences as this fi develops te gets an opportunity
to assert itself to protect the system through boundaries this creates
stability for them to eventually make decisions si that direct them in a
direction that allows them to actualize their beliefs and vision into the world
so those are just just really summaries of them sort of a self actualization
through the functional stack okay I’ve been going in air in two minutes
and I’ve still got one two three four five six seven pages so this is the
headings for this is more around relationships and dynamics so life is an
adventure for the ENFP and it’s very much like serendipitous you know the
more I’m out there the more I’m I’m connecting the more on socializing and
interacting the more likely that that something is going to happen and that it
was meant to be that kind of thing they trust not knowing believing and having
faith that life will present things when needed having it’s like they have faith
in na I think that’s why they seem so excitable sometimes is that there any is
kind of constantly trying to dissent lis open to the discovery that it will
eventually come across and it’s kind of it’s almost like anticipatory you know
it anticipates the discovery all the time so when a person so another person
is faced with any in the from the ENFP can be they can feel very valued and
special and important especially when it’s backed up with that with the enfps
fi death I think there’s a there’s possibility and this is something on
going to for a few minutes but I’ll just introduce it there’s a sense that other
people could feel more could misunderstand that value to feel it
means more than it really is and so when the
ENFP sort of feels like they’ve exhausted the the any exploration with a
person they just naturally kind of move on to talk to somebody else or or you
know engage with something else and for the other person they could but they
could feel that they could feel like I thought I was important and now they’ve
just disappeared I think that’s probably more true for an INTP it could be felt
well that could be felt more when engaging with an INTP because though
with an ENFP that that feeling part of them of the interview won’t be as will
be more gentle with with this but for to a certain extent people could feel like
off I thought I was important and now I don’t seem like I’m in that important
anymore and they could feel as though they were being manipulated which is
most likely a misunderstanding so any comes in and likes to do it likes to
take in information in fact it affected the environment around them and then it
can sort of move on like a like a gentle storm comes in does the thing of them
moves on so if some people could feel like the in at peace heart was in it
mistaking any in a sense for their heart but there’s a sense that ENFP zulu
and hear me out on this but it’s like they have two hearts and I’ll explain
what I mean they can have like an any heart and an F I had no it was just my
way of explaining this and many people get to know the e and the any heart but
very few get the FI heart but a lot of people that don’t understand the ENFP
when they get the any heart they’re feeling like they’re getting the F
I had and the ENFP may not they the NRP may not see this may not understand this
but this could be a way to explain what is happening so so there’s like let me
draw this this is gonna be yep so this is this is like there any heart but big
and there’s lots and lots of people that get it get impacted by this lots and
lots of people get it and get impacted by it but then there’s a small smaller
core which is like their Fi heart and and there might only be a few few people
in there a few people that get the Indian fits like their their inner
sanctum the people that know them inside and out a lot of people out here well
because of this this Eddy hub will feel like they’re in here but they’re not and
this is where the the NFP it gets exhausted this is out here
so this fi heart is is just the the people that occupy the the inner sanctum
that they’re allowed in they get it they get the NFP in their death so a lot lots
of people could feel like they’re in here but then not if you pick a few get
in because of private air fine but also because but also few people know that
this exists they think people think that this is the ENFP but it’s really this
and this that is more plate picture of the
peas hop in a sense so the other circle drains the NFB it’s in here and the
people that are able to occupy here that the enfps needs nature to maintain
balance they need to be nurtured because there other others focused and
self-sacrificing they need people that will be there to help fulfill the
current or present needs for the NFP and even actually help them recognize them
so maybe NFP handled the above this better than ear in it JS because fe ENFJ
because of their fe the fe really sort of stretches the ENFJ creating a certain
level of emotional exhaustion but with any it’s more of a welcomed sort of more
the merrier you know like the more that were being influenced for the the ENFP
the better because it leads to more actualization moments but then it leads
them to be more vulnerable to be caught out with being exhausted so well next
heading is about you know the relationships are in the area of
intimate relationships so enfps have a lot of energy and I’d like to make the
relationship as deep and as special as possible they can understand others very
accurately but there’s probably a desire and a lot of inner peace to be
understood that fi would someone please get me
and they often get get they often get got from with any but very few good the
FI so in relationships enfps with other NS is very possible however so there’s
gonna be a lot of harmony there and understanding but maybe a little bit too
it could be a little too intense at times maybe too much I put here too much
introspection but maybe maybe that could be just too intense over over a longer
period theoretically and ifs have been matched with n T’s I think mainly
because of they share the abstract form of communication but there can be a
balance in the relationship between the thinking the feelings are the ones of
providing a wharf and an empath empathic viewpoint versus a more logical systemic
viewpoint so I could bring help each other to sort of balance each other out
so at enfps with s JS them especially feeling fj’s there could be harmony with
both of them having the feeling preference but possible disconnect with
depth with the the sensing versus intuition but I guess I want to point
out there that it’s possible to for any time to have a meaningful relationship
with any other type mb2 I certainly offers reasons why there could be excuse
me disconnect conflict and so on but the
MBTI is just one way of looking at the self we can be connecting with others
from multiple of other sorts of reasons other sorts of values systems similar
life experience similar family of origin upbringing experiences
whether they want to be in life going forward like just lots of different
reasons that could bring all sorts of different types together so I don’t want
this to be at all far out you know I’m a this type and I’m with this type it’s
not going to work but this matching is really just within the confines of the
theory of the MBTI so just offering a perspective because I think there are
senses that are old souls there are senses that that have the ability to be
intuitive to see beyond the obvious to understand the more intuitive type it’s
not just really clear-cut sense or an intuition sort of thing within the MBTI
where where there’s more challenges than than the other types is the nf with the
ESPE just again working out of purely from from the position of the MBTI there
could be a lot of difficulties with that concrete versus intuitive communication
so concrete versus abstract communication and then that
and and some of the key sort of chit differences in
in values if you like oh it’s more about roles so the ENFP is about about harmony
that cooperation about indirect influencing and about authenticity for
ESPYs the the more tack tack to tactician z’ which can be perceived by
the ENFP is like manipulative as cunning as crafty secretive you know hidden
agendas and these sorts of things that could be just just
not not saying that those s those SP rolls not sort of saying that they’re
evil versus the N it’s are good because ESPYs get stuff done it’s it’s that it’s
the clash that the two can have but because of these more core values and
especially like with the opposite type so the the is the is TP you know you’ve
got your functional stack switched around to the NFP in it big here and
then the the is TJ so I think I said ist people is TJ is the same functions just
in Reverse so they can be a both an attraction and a and a repulsion or a
pulling away you know they’ve got this dominant they’ve each got this dominant
function that’s the inferior function for the other so there can be a that can
kind of be a magnet that pulls them together but then too much of it pulls
them apart and it’s naturally draining because they’ve got a filter everything
that’s being said from the other and there’s just opportunities for a lot of
miscommunication and so on so so in appeasable they’re very much about
authenticity and and they can read others whether they’re trustworthy or
not whether is what they’re showing me is who they are that sort of thing
the enfps are not too concerned with someone
someone’s hiddenness if they’re not aware they’re hiding it so because enfps
are good at seeing a person’s potential
and a person might not even be aware of their own potential that NFP is not
going to be kind of repelled by that lack of knowledge that the other has in
themselves there are going to be more put off by
someone with who’s consciously hiding something so any piece can tell the
difference between the two so yeah any pairs are designed to notice hidden
potential issues etc and people and then indirectly assist them to moving forward
but then it’s up to the other person whether they want to move forward with
what’s being offered so in any FPS are really good at discerning what might be
hidden in the other person but can make errors errors in concluding why they’re
hiding it they may sort of think the worst of deception so they might pick up
that somebody is is being deceitful which will which will just sing on set
off alarm bells but for anybody but for the ENFP but because it’s like they’re
they’re about authenticity authenticity is is the journey and what they’re
seeing is conscious deception they’ll see the other person potentially as
walking in the opposite direction of what is necessary for growth and we’ll
just see that almost as evil where it might not actually be evil and so what
what can happen is that an ENFP can can see that they’re being deceptive but
then the reasons why they think they’re being deceptive can be very inaccurate
because it’s like the the ENFP let me try and get this sound because the NFP
is heading in this direction towards self-actualization through authenticity
seeing someone over here using deception to get what they want
because that is just so foreign and it could could also could actually
really really kind of jar the the ENFP they could come up with some reactionary
conclusions as to why they’re being deceiving and it could be really so for
an ENFP choosing not to judge why they’re hiding it why they’re being
deceptive or hidden or whatever and I should say this is not an SP thing this
is this could be anybody any type could do this could could be hiding or being
deceptive but remaining open like remaining curious as to why they might
be hiding it it could lead to growth for the NFP and powerful understanding of of
the lie of the the other hiding something I hope that makes sense so so
due to giving out a lot the the the ENFP needs to receive they need people in
their lives that are able to nurture them and a good way of looking at that
for those some some of you might be aware this is the love languages and
I’ve written them down because I always forget one so it’s love languages a
physical touch words of affirmation gifts quality time or acts of service
and these are these are the way that we both give love and receive love so often
what we do is we give what we want to receive so if we’re words of affirmation
we’re often going to be being very encouraging and
firming people with our words which is a sign that that’s what we need so it’s
important for people to in the enfps life to find out what their love
language is which shouldn’t be too hard because they’re so self-sacrificing it’s
like how do they self-sacrifice is then so I’m losing my train of thought
it’s been a long video it’s finding out what their love language is and then
help meet that need in the other to fill them up there’s this this thing called
the the Pygmalion I think I’m pronouncing that right the Pygmalion
project was essentially is is the the the phenomenon of in relationship of
trying to make the other like us and it’s possible that this this Pygmalion
project in the the vulnerability to doing this increases as the types become
more different so just within the MBTI theory two ns may may be much less
likely to the the Pygmalion project because they’re quite similar already
whereas an NF in an SP there could be a lot of potential trying to change the
other to think like them to be yeah trying to get the the SP to be more
conquer more abstract in the communication or not the so concrete and
specific and factual and so on and so it could possibly increases the types get
further apart maybe less likely than than the other ns
due to any and air by creating autonomy independence so NFP because of their
their independent part of them maybe less vulnerable to this project than the
other times just or not just a thought and because they’re likely to resist
dependency and try to make people they’re less likely perhaps try to make
people more like them I think an ENFP is really good at seeing the uniqueness of
the other and wanting them to better that other as opposed to making the
other like them so regards to parenting the the
parenting star for the ENFP is the harmonizer
and and they’re really good at identify identifying a child’s type and then
providing appropriate stimulation for growth for the for the type of
personality that their child is if you’re a parent with an ENFP child it’s
possible that their big talk as they like to talk and the real key is to let
them talk let them extrovert all of this knowledge that they’re accumulating and
ideas and and and let let them free associate get it out there because that
that any development builds self-esteem and in a sense by allowing them to be
their authentic self in that in any particular moment by just letting them
be themselves their bet they’re building in their authenticity which will be
building confidence and this so it builds confidence so affirming the court
fi helps the ENFP grow up to be more peace with their current self and let
and let energy go out rather than letting energy going out to find the
cell so more affirmation of their who they are in childhood may help them be
less less or prone to be seeking themselves out there because they’re
more affirmed with who they are in here and if you have an ENFP child take any
conflict that they’re having whether it’s with the sibling with you or with
some people at school take it really seriously because that harmony part of
them will be so the disharmony that they’re
experiencing because there harmonizes is gonna be felt very deeply and so taking
it seriously even if the situation seems petty will be very settling for them
alright so in the workplace it’s the sense that my sense you know in if piece
of the very sort of entrepreneurial and a people centered kind of way their
resources of people and their unstructured but like an unstructured
environment free of free to implement their vision and but the like to have a
variety of people to engage with so any peas need people contact professions
excuse me I’m just going to eat she knows lack of people in a role
draining to say the least so yeah there’s very much people focused it’s
like people are fuel for their for their in any in a certain extent and if
there’s not a lot of people that they can interact with they’re going to start
their energy levels were just going to drop quite dramatically they’re very
much inclusive leaders you know it’s the catalyst type leader I like to get
everybody involved and the great at seeing potential abstracting their
communication and cooperative and achieving goals so there there’s a
championing advocate and a motivating part of them but they do it indirectly
like I was stating before and they’re very good at lifting people up but they
don’t want to just keep lifting up the same person that
they’ll begin to lose respect because I’ll feel that dependency on them they
want to be able to lift somebody up help them recognize that they that they have
those qualities and then let the person run with run with that encouragement not
keep coming back to the ENFP for more encouragement I’m very good at
motivating a cause of bringing people around a cause the very much so they’re
cooperative they like to achieve goals through the cooperation with others but
they want people to be independent at the same time they want people to be
their own person so they’re diplomatic they have a diplomatic intelligence but
masters and reconciliation helping people to understand themselves and each
other’s points of view in that sense it’s like maybe he’s the one to make
create peace in the Middle East you know maybe they’re the ones to be able to do
that with their their diplomacy so they naturally coached through empowering but
not directly they activate luyt latent potential but they can do it from a
group perspective so there’s a sense with an ENFP leader so they’ve got a
group of people around them that they are able to lead that group by within a
group context by empowering the individuals within the group and they
could be quite masterful at this so there’s a sense that they could have
the motto of empower the people develop the people and everything else will take
care of itself so some of the challenges
that an ENFP could have in the workplace is in FPS I see them like in regards the
NEP types they’re very much out there sort of the front lines and and if
they’re out in the world of especially NTS and ESPYs who’s a bit more
utilitarian approach versus the in FPS more cooperative approach they could
feel alone while trying to be influential they could sort of feel like
that sort of the outcast or the like not quite fitting in
and quite sort of possibly the wounded warrior type of
person and being in the workplace if any and if it comes across people that are
doubting their authenticity you know they’re sort of judging their their na
as being fake or something like that and all suspicious of them could be quite
painful for them I mean dealing with unethical or deceitful or ambitious
people could be challenging for them you know could be quite jarring
for the ENFP and so well while the ENFP is judged for being phony could be
judged I should say for for being funny it’s really the ENFP that can read funny
innocent fakeness very accurately so yeah just a possible interesting
uncomfortable and ironic place for an ENFP
could be but it could be possible tension between their authenticity and
and any pressure around them to conform and back yeah that could just have a be
an interesting place to be rules and regulations are really just suggestions
and guidelines for Nina P they don’t not that they disregard the rules or
regulations that would take them seriously but only when they need to be
taken seriously otherwise they’re more just guidelines
and they might struggle to highlight a negative in the end
another person directly you know if they need to deal with with a like men with a
staff member or something like that and there’s a sense like a Vanina at P had
to fire somebody that that’s probably going to be more painful for the ENFP
than the one being fired so they’re championing position of life can cause
them to feel the pressure of conformity placing pressure on their office
authenticity in a conflict between authenticity and harmony but there’s a
sense though even with that bad situation that the NFP will find a way
through that another challenge that them will have is they’re very good at
starting something of bringing people around a cause and pairing the thing
getting it going moving it forward but depending on on the on on what it is
after a while they they could not somewhat bored with it but but lose I
don’t know like lose interest in it or something like that once it’s up and
established it and it’s more in a maintenance phase you know it’s just
about administration and keeping the thing ticking along that might be the
time for an better hand over the reins to somebody
else that’s more equipped to do the admin side of things the last topic
excuse me is the championing aspect of the NFA sahel so this will go into I
guess my my take on how an ENFP like so it’s just bit tight how the how the ENFP
the dynamics they have with another person as they’re trying to champion the
other to grow as perceivers that they’re low life to happen the verb but they’re
very enthusiastic about their approach to this they like to really be involved
it’s like they’re really involved in letting it happen letting life happen
letting things happen around them and in appease that like they’re strong
warriors it’s like they’re like they’re warriors but they’re weapons I mentioned
this before they’re weapons the weapons of they wield are weapons of
reconciliation motivation understanding empowerment encouragement so when we
when somebody meets in NFP for the most part the NFP saying you know I I’m safe
I just want to get to know you don’t don’t don’t pretend with me don’t betray
a false self just be who you are it’s it’s safe don’t worry just relax for
yourself and I think that the in if he’s any and Fi and it’s enthusiasm and it’s
kind of electric electric element to it is a very it’s like a safe a safe
disarming of other people’s weapons and other people’s defenses it’s like
and really it is really encourages people just to drop the facade and be
themselves so that the ENFP can gain access to the real person and so it
seems like the NE and fi disarms safely people to get them to open up and
provide information that inner peace can feed into there any to develop new ideas
and thoughts and at the same time provide information that may help the
other person to grow so it’s like a it’s it’s like a transaction so the ENFP
disarms the other and encourages them to be them their real self so that they
they gain real information that then fires the the the NE and the FI up with
the information that it gains from the other and then the NFP can then provide
information back to the other person it’s almost like a gift to the other for
them being authentic and it’s like a harmonious transaction between the two
and so they see subtle possibilities and a person’s potential by knitting
together the person’s gifts talents etc through through the person and weaves
this through there any map to provide direction or vision for the person
essentially what I just said before so n srf I can climb into their world and any
provide potential pathways to help them actualize into the outer world so other
people are like power sources for the NFP and it creates like a chain reaction
between the individual and the ENFP and the ENFP can light light up parts of
the other person for growth that’s why they can be very with coaches identify
an area that needs growing and then empower the other to take the
action to better that part of themselves and I think a that piece essentially see
people as priceless and that they want to let people know their uniqueness and
that their unique priceless honest so they’re any statements coated with a
coated with if I help them to penetrate and hit the part of the person that
needs to hear it you know very good so they’re in direct targeting of what
needs to be heard and that’s like a Electrify their environment charging the
the atmosphere with off with optimism and this opens people up to hear what
they need to hear so any and Fi it’s
like it’s like a glow of enthusiasm it’s it’s like they’re able to interact with
the with a realistic future you but they do it in the now so it’s like they can
get gain a sense of where you’re at they gain a sense of who you really are or
really could be and then interact with that who you really are and could really
be now and and that sort of empowers you to move forward in who you really are
and I think when an NFP is in the midst of that that control must feel euphoric
to to people when they when they’re feeling like they’re being spoken to
deeply from sorry when they’re being interacted with with who they really are
that could almost feel you far when they’re kind of feeling like they’re
being God at a deep level and I think it’s also you fart for the UNFP can be
very stimulating affirm the inner through F by healing a
motivating power using Fe any championing and yeah it can be could
feel so good that it could almost feel like you’re being you could almost feel
like a celebrity you’re like you’re feeling like you’re being some sort of
worshiped in a way but but not worshiped it’s on the right word but it’s the
sense of being lifted up you know you’ve been lifted up and championed in a sense
and it’s like they can leave a presence there their presence on a person and
sort of to paint a picture it’s like but they’re there they’re there presence
could it’s like it leaves an impression on on the people and on the environment
that they’re in and it’s almost like you know like in
movies or something when somebody somebody you know like a like an alien
in a sense touches something and they take their they had their hand off what
they’ve touched and it leaves like a like an energy on on the thing that
they’ve touched like it leaves an impression and that says that’s kind of
a picture that I get when I think of NF piece
ability to affect their environment and
you know in my own life I had an ENFP just as a side note encouraged me in a
certain area and I haven’t that was that was probably a year year and a half ago
I I have not forgotten it and I will eventually get there with what they were
encouraging me to do and and you know it was when they said it was like I grabbed
two or three components of Who I am wrapped it up in
to something new and said hey tried this on for size and I looked at an austere
sight that’s exactly what I should be doing
thank you very much so they’re just very good at doing things like that so the
NFP is always everywhere with you it’s like when you’re in their presence said
they’re all over you in sense so I’ll
just read this it’s like the NFP space is with you completely it’s like they’re
there with you completely and they had that Eddy head is like sending out
signals mapping things figuring things out infos coming in and matching and
creating maps and you met pulling information from here there and
everywhere as they as they’re interacting with you is they’re gaining
a sense of of the wealth through your eyes and so on and so forth it’s like a
party it’s like a it’s like a and every person that they interact with isn’t
unique party because of the they’re interacting with the other person’s
uniqueness creating new Maps thoughts and ideas and so on for the ENFP
at the end if he draws you into that party so the ENFP walks away from every
encounter changed just a little bit with new information so on and so does the
other person’s like it’s like a transaction that brings about change
even if it’s only subtle sometimes not so subtle and gathering new information
that will come in handy you know that they’ll gain a new perspective on
something that could come in handy some point in the future for themselves or
for somebody else you know it could be the next person they encounter that
information could be handy for them or in a hundred years time they could
interacting with somebody and that information from
years earlier suddenly appears and that they can impart that into another person
so some of the challenges the main challenge for an ENFP is is the
dependency that others could develop on them which is a shock to the ENFP
because of their own independence they just assume that other people will be
independent but people could get addicted to the enfps enthusiasm and
encouragement and that and instead of running with what the ENFP offers they
see the ENFP as the source of their of yeah the source of what they need and so
become dependent on the ENFP which could which will not be good for an ENFP to
have that going on even just with one person let alone a range of people and
so that’s where that te boundary setting is room can be really important for them
to set people free to how they take the information that they’ve gained from the
ENFP set them free to how they handle that and not get caught up in a
codependency because that will that could lead to a very much lead to a
danger of burnout and exhaustion okay so there that’s page 15 I hope that this
has been helpful I hope that in all of that is information that could be of
benefit to you as an ENFP or to enfps that you encounter in your life I thank
you for getting to the end of this video I actually thought it was going to take
me an hour it’s taken me an hour and 15 let me know how how how you’ve
experienced this it is a very long video I may end up cutting it up I may end up
you know I’m not sure exactly yet what I’ll do but I hope you’ve enjoyed this
video I pray I pray I’d appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up in YouTube
not just in pain just not in patreon and I’ll see you in another video

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