Employee Engagement – How to Motivate Employees

Employee Engagement – How to Motivate Employees

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a career and life you lis enjoy and
today is another corner office insights video where I share at leadership advice
for those of you who are managers senior managers directors or c-suite level
executives to help you and your team’s improve their performance as a career strategist I’ve had the
honour of being able to help numerous professionals land their dream job
careers and if this is something that you are interested in working with me
one-on-one I can give you details about that at the end of this video and today
we’re going to talk about employee engagement and I’m going to share with
you my key strategy that you need to implement if you really want to engage
your employees and have them be more motivated work harder and drive success
in your company now before we talk about employee engagement I want to explain a
cold hard truth that you need to understand first and that is in order to
have engaged employees you need to be an engaged manager first there’s a concept
that I’d like to tell people about and it’s what I call the world is your
mirror and it’s really that the world is your mirror whatever is reflecting back
to you from your external world is do the result of something that’s going on
within you so if you are finding that your employees are not engaged in on
your team in your company then it has something to do with a lack of potential
engagement from within yourself so if you were to be honest with yourself can
you truly say that you are fully engaged as a manager every day 100% of the time
I mean I’m sure that you can find that there would be hints here and there of
lack of engagement within yourself and so if that’s the case it should be no
surprise that there’s lack of engagement in your employees as well so today I’m
going to help you and your employees and I’m going to show you three signs to
know what employee engagement actually looks like and the step-by-step solution
to implement if it’s not their sign number one they work hard every day with
pure intention and passion to get their work done well and to have strong
results you know that an employee is engaged when you can visibly see it when
you can see that they’re working hard every day when they come into the office
they have that pure passion and intention to do well to deliver high
quality work and to achieve strong results now there’s a difference between
looking as though the work hard versus actually working hard
the results speak for themselves and so if you’re able to see the hard work and
also see the results of it then you know that that means that the employee is
doing their job they’re doing it well and they have an intention to do it well
sign number two of an engaged employee they’re always improving something they
have the mindset I want to make things better more efficient more productive
and they don’t just sit there and talk about it you see them actually going out
there and doing it they’re making improvements they’ve made efficiencies
happen they’ve suggested recommendations that have been taken into account in
that people have been able to use and benefit from that shows an engaged
employee when they’re always improving and looking to make improvements
ensign number three of an engaged employee they are helpful and
knowledgeable the employees who are helpful and who have created a brand for
themselves to be seen as the go-to advisors the knowledge champions the
experts in their role and are willing and able to help others and provide
others with information that they need they are also truly engaged in their job
because they wouldn’t put themselves in that situation if they didn’t have the
desire to be able to share their knowledge and help others they know that
others rely and depend on them and they’re happy to be there so now I have
to turn the table back on to you are you an engaged employee yourself as a
manager do you exhibit these three traits daily and if you are truly honest
with yourself and you find that you aren’t demonstrating these things on a
regular basis then you have to start to understand why that is because you can’t
expect to have engaged employees if you yourself are not engaged because here’s
another truth the only way that your employees are going to feel truly
motivated the way that you want them to be is if you demonstrate that energy
first it’s interesting how people don’t realize that as managers you have a lot
of influence over your employees the way you are the way you feel the way that
you present yourself is going to have an impact on your direct reports and
they’re either going to feel good and also be motivated
or they’re not so if you find that either you’re not engaged or your
employees are not engaged or both this is how you would reengage a disengaged
employee before we talk about what to do let’s talk about what not to do do not
scare your employees into working harder by threatening them with the idea that
they’ll lose their job they’re acting this way not because they decided to
entirely you as their manager play a big role in their behavior and if you don’t
take ownership for that you need to start to because a truly influential
leader understands the impact that they have on the people who they influence so
don’t try to impose your power over them by scaring them and telling them that
they need to get back into shape or else that’s poor management style if you
think that the only way to motivate your unmotivated employees is to scare them
through fear then you don’t really fully understand your role as a manager so
let’s say that I’m being overly presumptuous and I’m saying that you’re
not engaged yourself let’s just say that you are very engaged and that you really
want to motivate your team but you’ve gotten to a point where there’s one or
two individuals who are completely disengaged and you want to re-engage
them because they are good employees they have done good work in the past and
you want to remote of eight them and bring them back bring them back to the
level that they were at what do you do then the answer is to figure out the
source reason to understand the root of their disengagement so what does that
mean it means sit down with your employee give yourselves both sacred
time and space to be together one-on-one so that they can open up and explain /
discuss their issues and in this discussion as the manager there are
three things that you want to tell them tell them in a genuine way that you have
their best interests in mind when it comes to helping them to grow as an
employee in the organization a lot of the time when we tell someone that we
have their best interest in mind they may actually ignore that and they may
not want to hear it but when you support it with the next two things it’s going
to be more convincing the second thing that you want to tell
them is how much you recognize their value and again you want to be genuine
about this so bring up specific instances specific accomplishments that
they were able to achieve throughout the time that they worked with you and how
much you appreciated it and how much that they were able to make a
contribution to the company and then finally you’ll end it off by telling
them that in order to help them to truly get back on track you want to fully
understand what it is that’s getting in their way and what’s causing them to
feel the way that they’re feeling these days so once they tell you their reasons
as to why they’re feeling this way why they’re feeling disengaged and they
actually open up that is when you can start to come up with a plan together to
implement new solutions that will mitigate what it is that they’re feeling
an employee can become disengaged in a multitude of ways perhaps they feel that
they do deserve a step up in their career but you haven’t been offering
them opportunities for advancement perhaps they feel as though they’re not
being heard they may have said things in the past to you that have indicated
certain requests and you just completely ignored and never took them up on it
never considered them there’s so many reasons why an employee can be
disengaged if you were truly an engaged manager though you wouldn’t this
wouldn’t be a surprise to you you would have seen it right away as soon as it
started happening and you can catch it before it becomes a situation where
you’re having to go through this whole discussion and trying to get them back
on track instead you want to be an engaged manager by really connecting
with your employees listening to what it is that they’re asking for paying
attention and then being able to work together collaborate and offer solutions
that are going to not only help to engage them continue to maintain their
engagement but help you as a manager to have a happy productive team so there
you have it my key strategies on how to increase employee engagement within
yourself and within your team now if you’re someone who’s on this path of
searching for a new career you’ve been interviewing for a while but
you haven’t received any success and you’re ready for one-on-one professional
guidance feel free to reach out to me head on over to my website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired read through the page fill out the
application form and if I think that we may be a match either myself or a team
member of mine will reach out to you directly if you liked this video then
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much for watching and I will catch you in the next video

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  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you noticed a high-performing, strong employee who was previously doing very well in his or her job starting to care LESS about their work? Let me know in the comments below! In today's video, I talk about what employee engagement truly is, the signs of an engaged employee and how to get disengaged ones back on track.

  2. Linda, such a great point that managers need to be fully engaged before they can expect full engagement from employees!

  3. Employees are motivated, but I had managers who were lazy, never paid attention to what employees did, demotivated or fired employees who were doing good. People lose interest in their jobs when they don’t get raise or promotions on time .

  4. Most employees who leave an organisation leave their manager rather than the organisation itself, so yes it is so important that managers understand the importance of engagement. As Kerry Goyette suggests in her video, you can't actually motivate someone, they have to do that themselves, but as a manager you have to create the environment that makes that possible. Thank you @LindaRaynier Sx

  5. That wonderful company helps you to automate new employee onboarding process in inspiring way! You can easily create your own onboarding academy. Just open CASE .XCOURSE .XYZ

  6. Would your management style advice be different if you were a manager in a hospital, where employees' performance may become a safety issue?

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