Earn Money upto 255$ for Captcha Typing Job | Best Captcha Writing Work Earning Site  – TimeBucks

Earn Money upto 255$ for Captcha Typing Job | Best Captcha Writing Work Earning Site – TimeBucks

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so hey guys welcome to our very own
channel #TechJaison formerly #AppEarningTricks what if I ask you a simple question
which is setting which you hate the most by filling up any online application or
while signing up on any website the answer would be pretty simple capture is
setting which anyone in the world would hate the most while filling up any
online application or signing up to any website and the reason is pretty obvious
that the CAPTCHAs take a lot of your time pays you nothing in return and all
you get after filling up any online CAPTCHA is that congratulations you are
not a robot anymore which according to me is pretty vague but what if I tell
you there is a way in which you can earn money just by filling those captures
which you used to fill for free yes friends there is a way and in this video
I will demonstrate that and don’t be under a wrong impression that the amount
which you would get for filling up the simple CAPTCHAs is a few cents you can
earn about five dollars every single day yes friends you can earn five dollars
every single day just by filling those capture which means that you can earn
about thirty five dollars every single week but wait there is a shocking part
which I am going to tell you now is that if you are lucky enough then just by
filling those simple CAPTCHAs and by doing some easy tasks like referring few
friends for answering any surveys and watching any YouTube video like you are
doing now if you are lucky enough you can earn about two hundred and
eighty-five dollars every week and friends this is not any click pet or a
fake video if you dedicate any one of your brief in doing the simple task
which I just told you can earn about two hundred and eighty-five dollars per week
and now friends I am going to demonstrate
but before starting with the video if you haven’t subscribed to our channel do
subscribe and hit the bell icon so friends as you can see now I am on my
laptop screen and the very first thing which I would like to show you so too
ladies 23rd of October 2019 and the time as you can see is 5:47 p.m. for those
who are the first-time visitors the website which we are gonna use today is
time box calm the direct link for this website is given in the description
below make sure you go and sign up through that link once you click on that
link you will be redirected to this page and you can see various sign up and
sign-in options if you are a first-time user just click on the login with
Facebook and enter your Facebook details and then you will be automatically
signed up to the time box but a gamma but as I am an registered user already I
will just insert my login details and I will click on I am not a robot and then
I will just click on the sign in once I click on the sign in as you can see I am
being redirected to the time box.com website and here you can see my wallet
balance which is 7.73 $0 make sure that you have noted this amount and this is
called as the sweep text which is very much essential for earning of the two
hundred and fifty dollars which i mentioned earlier and you can also and
you also get sweepstakes every day when you log in for the first time and you
can see I had login five minutes ago and I received the login sweepstakes entry a
tab called as earn tab in order to complete the capture in order to earn
money using the CAPTCHA just click on the Run button
side by side I will show my sweepstakes so currently the first the person who
earns the person who earn most number of sweepstakes would get two hundred and
fifty dollars and total five hundred dollars would be distributed to 30 Venus
every week and you can see and you can see for the next and you can see for the
Friday one day 15 hours and 43 minutes is remaining and my sweepstake
entry for login is 100 hundred and I have got hundreds sweepstakes for the
login so let’s may go back to the on time and as we are gonna earn today
through capture so I will just click on the capture and you can see some
important details being listed out here I will read read out few of the
important few of the important things which you need to take note of so the
very first thing is here in this step you get paid for solving CAPTCHAs and a
second instruction you get zero point two dollars which is two cents for the
first twenty capture you complete which means that after completion of total
twenty capture you get total two cents and the next instruction is that you get
two is you get to sweepstakes for every one capture you complete and the best
part about this tab is that you can do it unlimited number of time which means
you can complete unlimited captures and earn unlimited sweepstakes I will just
click on I am a human and you can see a CAPTCHA being displayed it is very much
different to that of the Google captures in Google you need to choose the birds
animal skyscrappers but here the CAPTCHA remain constant and if you scroll down
further you can see the top camp capture completers and total ten cops always get
five dollars each credited in their account and you can see the top person
has over has completed over one thousand two hundred and one captures which means
that just by doing this single task this person has earned about four this
person has earned about two thousand four hundred and two sweepstakes if we
carry forward this for the rest of the week he will earn about fourteen
thousand sweepstakes so that is a high possibility of him winning 250 dollars
let’s come back to the capture the important thing about this cap
that you need to plot a square in this in this given frame so I will plot my
first point the second point now let let’s point at the third edge of the
square and whenever you take in the pound pointer it automatically magnifies
once you are done just click on the check and friends once you click on the
check you can see the capture has successfully completed I will just click
on this submit you can see another capture being displayed it is because of
my slow internet speed let’s avoid that it will automatically disappear and you
can see success you have been rewarded now let me let’s scroll up you can see I
got total to sweepstakes and there is no there is no increase in my wallet
balance I will just right click on the wallet balance friends let me show you
let me show you my wallet and you can see I haven’t got anything after
completion of fun CAPTCHA I will tell you the reason behind it a few minutes
later now let’s go back to the on tab so friends here you can see now let’s try
to complete the second CAPTCHA many of you might face problem while solving of
the CAPTCHA because sometimes a capture size is too too small so in that case
just click on the three dots and you can see a zoom button just click on the plus
button and it will automatically increase the size of the CAPTCHAs so as
you can easily plot the squares on the CAPTCHAs so in this way I have solved the CAPTCHA
so once you’re done just click on the check
and now let’s submit our second CAPTCHA so friends our second CAPTCHA has been
successfully completed let me show you that third let me show you one more
possibility of problem which you might face so for that again I will click on
the third CAPTCHA and you can see many of times you might think of cheating
this CAPTCHA solver by plotting graph anywhere so I will just demonstrate by
plotting the graph and by plotting the CAPTCHA anywhere and I will just click
on the check if you plot wrong you can see the page would be refreshed and not
you will be credited with no points so don’t think of system completely
captures honnestly so I have plotted the graph I have plotted the CAPTCHA and I
will just click on the submit and you can see I have totally completed three
captures and every time you complete a CAPTCHA you get a timer of ten seconds
and if you are facing problem in solving a CAPTCHA there is a refresh button once
you click on the refresh button the CAPTCHA get refreshed and you get a
fresh new and you get a fresh new CAPTCHA available on your PC my net is
bit slow as I told earlier so we’ll have to wait a bit few seconds you can see a
new CAPTCHA being displayed after I clicked on the refresh button so I will
just solve the CAPTCHA and click on the check so in all I completed for total
CAPTCHAs now I will fast forward this video and you can see total capture done
today is 20 and total capture remaining for 0.02 dollars is completed and you
can see from earlier I had seven point seven three zero now I have a balance of
seven point seven five zero which means two cents have been credited to my
account you can see two cents for CAPTCHA has been approved take you back
to the sweepstakes let’s scroll down a bit and you can see your entries today
which is one hundred and fifty-eight earlier I had just one hundred now
fifty-eight sweepstakes have been added once I completed the twenty captures so
guys hope you have gone through the whole video and understood on how you
can make money just by solving the simple captures which earlier used to do
for free from now onwards you will get paid either nothing or either 35 dollars
per week and if you are a hard-working person you can get up to two hundred and
eighty-five dollars every single week so I hope you have understood everything I
told in this video if you still got sand in doubts or queries do comment down
below and I assure you that I reply to each and every comment on my channel see
you in the next video Oh

70 thoughts on “Earn Money upto 255$ for Captcha Typing Job | Best Captcha Writing Work Earning Site – TimeBucks”

  1. Please note- in the video I told 5$ per day if you're in top 10.
    The earnings have become 1$ per day and rewards are in top 50 solvers every day.
    Please read the description for detailed instruction.

    I won't recommend you if you are looking to earn money just by solving captcha's there are other task in this sites too like tiktok, surveys, etc you can earn a good amount there..

    Captcha task is great for earning sweepstakes it's like a lottery system where in more sweepstakes you have more is chance of winning.. If you're lucky you can get up to 250$ and this sweepstakes happens on every Friday..

    Payment method this site has – Bitcoins, Skrill, Payeer, Bank Transfer, and Airtm (using Airtm you can convert your money to any local wallet irrespective of country)

    Withdraw TimeBucks money Directly to Bank Accounts:

    If you want to good money through TikTok using Timebucks you can watch the video link in description..
    Do comment your views down below ❤

  2. La última vez yo estuve en los 1eros lugares y solo recibí $1 en vez de $5 que se menciona ennwl video, que puedo hacer al respecto?

  3. hola, no puedo configurar un metodo de pago porque me pide la contraseña de timebucks y yo me registre en timebucks por medio de facebook por lo tanto no tengo contaseña, alguien me puede ayudar ?

    Hi, I can't set up a payment method because it asks me for the timebucks password and I sign up for timebucks through Facebook so I don't have a password, can someone help me?

  4. While there are lots of captcha websites, and Timebucks is a good website, I disagree that Timebucks is the best captcha website. Thanks for your video. It's good to explain Timebucks website 🙂

  5. Film i inne tego użytkownika są dość dobrą wskazówką . Szkoda że dla każdego kraju w jakim są użytkownicy są bardzo zróżnicowane ankiety które porównując ze sobą użytkowników wychodzą duże rozbieżności . Jeden zarobi 5 $ DRUGI NAWET DOLARA NIE BĘDZIE W STANIE DZIENNIE GDYŻ BRAK JEST STOSOWNYCH ANKIET .

  6. Bhai jaisa ki Apke video me dikh rha hai ki apka balance 7$ hai or payout 10$ hai to Apne payout ke liye Konsa account bnaya hai I mean PayPal to ab band ho gya hai kya ap airtm ya TransferWise pe account bnane Ka process ke uper koi video ya uske bare me yanha bta skte hai kyoki Mera balance 10$ hone wala hai to payment ke liye account bnana hai us bare me thoda guidance Chahiye thi

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    Maine TransferWise pe account bnaya uspe error aa rhi hai ki TransferWise account mere area me Avi start Nhi hua hai uske bad Maine payneer pe account bnaya wanha pe sidha bank transfer Ka koi option Nhi aa rha hai uske liye pehle USD ko cripto currency me convert krna pdega fir use INR me change kr skte hai in sab me itna charge lagega ki last me mobile recharge ke bhi paise Nhi bachne wale so koi Aisa account bnana to is site pe chale or sidha bank account me amount aa Jaye

  9. good on you buddy, do your video in English, just becu of that i give like to you, unless always am not hesitate to dislike, lol

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