Drill Instructor Gives EPIC Speech – United States Marine Corps Recruit Training


Sit up straight and look at me right now.
My name is Staff Sargent May and I am your Senior Drill Instructor. I am assisted in
my duties by: Drill Instructor Staff Sargent F. and Drill Instructor Staff Sargent K.
Our mission is to train each one of you to become a United States Marine. A Marine is characterized as one who possesses
the highest military virtues. He obeys orders, respects his seniors, and strives constantly
to be the best in everything that he does. Discipline and spirit are the hallmarks of
a Marine. Each of you can become a Marine if you develop discipline and spirit. We will
give every effort to train you, even after some of you have given up on yourselves. Starting now, you will treat all Marines with
the highest level of respect, for we have earned our places as Marines and we will accept
nothing less than that from you. We will treat you as we do our fellow Marines: with firmness,
fairness, dignity and compassion. At no time will you be physically abused or verbally
threatened by any Marine or recruit. If anyone should abuse or mistreat you, I expect you
to report such incidents immediately to me or one of my drill instructors. Further, if
you believe that I have mistreated you, I expect you to report it to your series commander,
Captain H. From now on, my drill instructors and I will be with you every day and everywhere
you go. I have told you what my drill instructors
and I will do. From you we demand the following: You will give 100% of yourself at all times.
Obey all orders, quickly, willingly, and without question.
Treat all Marines and recruits with courtesy and respect.
You will not physically abuse or verbally threaten any Marine or recruit.
Be completely honest in everything you do. A Marine never lies, cheats, or compromises.
Respect the rights and property of all others. A Marine never steals.
You must work hard to strengthen you body. Be proud of yourself and the uniform you wear.
Above all that, never quit or give up. For we or for you the challenge of Recruit
Training – the opportunity to earn the title United States Marine.

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