19 thoughts on “Dr. Gardiner’s Seminar – Bonus 2”

  1. Darcy: Hey what are you doing?
    Lizzie: I’m answering questions about our relationship but only if you want to
    Darcy: pulling out powerpoint thought you’d never ask

  2. her laughing about not knowing how to do intros was so authentic like try to tell me these people aren’t actually the characters

  3. 4:35 Lizzie and Darcy are having a moment and they're leaning in…..
    4:44 Lizzie remembers the camera and the students
    Darcy raised his eyebrow at us like, "you interrupted"

  4. Well I’m at least 3 years late, I watched this in 2 days and now I’m obsessed and I don’t know what to do with my life since there won’t be any more of this!

  5. I want another update after ten years in 2020. Did they marry? Did Mrs. Bennet get her grand-babies? How are Bing and Caroline getting along? Is Charlotte still CEO?

  6. Rewatched the whole series in two days. I had originally watched when it was being uploaded in real time. 😭 This series will always have a special place in my heart ❤️

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