Dom Juan (Molière) – résumé et analyse


Hi! Hi! Dear mommy, the reason I am writing this letter is that I am in love with a man both very free and bright : Don Juan. I know what you’re thinking… Why is it not pronounced the Spanish way ? I have no idea, and actually I don’t care. He’s so rich his pillow has his own pillow. He also has a servant, both very cowardly and hypocritical, whose name is Sganarelle. He wants Don Juan to stop seducing women, because what Don Juan likes is seducing women. See the last girl he picked up, Dona Elvire. He told her : “Hey girl, you look like a geometry quiz, because you got all the right angles, and I’d like to do you on my desk, and forget about you after high school”. But now that he’s gone after other women, she’s complaining, so much so that she’s sent her brothers to kill him. – Alright, who’s the sucker doing the scritchscritch ? – I am, cause I’m your pen, you ungrateful bastard. – Very nice. – Thanks. It all started like that : Don Juan is a randy douchebag, he despises fidelity, and as soon as he’s got a girl, he dumps her like toxic waste. -No… Come on… Sganarelle, his servant, disagrees with him, he calls up to God and his moral sense, but it’s useless. Dona Elvire, his girl, is mad at him since he’d broken up with her, mostly because he had gotten her out of her convent to run away together. Now, Don Juan tries to seduce Charlotte and Mathurine, he literally keels over, he slaps the guy who had saved him from drowning because he’s Charlotte’s fiancee, but then he splits because he’s heard he’s being chased down. He mocks a hobo, he saves a stranger from a fight but actually this is Don Carlos, Elvire’s brother, who wants him dead. He flees again, and goes to the mausoleum of a guy he’s killed in duel, and the statue of the dead man talks to him. Once he gets home, his banker, his father and Elvire come and held him accountable for his crimes. Even the statue comes and asks him for dinner, because why not ? He says yes. He lies again to his father, he sets up a duel with Don Carlos, he sees a ghost but doesn’t freak out, he speaks with the Statue, he refuses to say sorry, and he falls into Hell. He ded. Thus, Don Juan offers a reflexive account of desire, the kind of desire that leads to desire, that leads to ruin. But this isn’t some form of basic desire, which is : “I don’t have it, therefore I want it”, but a form of desire which is called by René Girard- – The Great René… … Mimetic desire. – Wut ? Mimetic desire is “I don’t have it, but he has it, therefore I want it”. The very reason of my wanting it is the fact that someone else has it. The fact of the matter is that, according to René Girard, every desire is mimetic desire. – Dan! Do you want this old plate with a crust of bread ? – No way, that’s too vintage! I don’t care, I don’t even like it. – Fine, I’ll give it to your brother. Do you want this plate with a crust of bread ? – Yeaah! Awesome dude! – Nooo! I want it so badly! – Dear God, that was terrible. – No no no, we keep this one! I’ll just check if the sound isn’t too embarrassing… And it’s framed like shit… Molière’s play is a crucial moment in the way Don Juan’s myth is evolving along the centuries. It should be linked with French libertinism. So let’s get this straight. French libertinism, in the 17th century, is NOT a dark club in which old botoxed grannies who can barely breathe under faux leopard tacky scarves are involved in BDSM relationships with hardly consenting virgins on sheets soiled with penis pudding. This is NOT horn-dogs republic. Why need for subtitles? In the 17th century, libertinism is of intellectual matter. I am a libertine because I do not accept what I am taught. Therefore, screw religion, therefore, Don Juan. Don Juan doesn’t care about getting laid, what matters to him is defying society. He doesn’t give a shit about what his father tells him, about what his banker tells him, but mostly, he gives literally zero shit about what society tells him because he drags marriage along in the mud. Indeed, marriage is an institution both social and religious. That’s why Sganarelle tells him : “Sire, you talk so much, it’s gonna piss God off and he’ll beat the shit out of you”. (you should picture it in stronger slang) Decades afterwards, though we see some of it in Don Juan, libertinism becomes a social game played by some aristocrats. The goal is to seduce, by any means- – (to bang). … a virtuous person. – (unscrewable). What matters in sexual conquest, then, is the strategy in itself, rather than the intercourse; you are not seeking pleasure. Well, you could say that the greatest pleasure is all about the strategy. It is a matter of domination. I’ll get you next time, Gadget, and I’ll rule the world! And this day, M.A.D. cat, you’ll eat golden biscuits. Some analysts have said that this game, which becomes famous during the 18th century, is concomitant with the reduction of wars. As if nations’ war became sex war, as if the sword or the spear became… – Green peas ? – No. – Softening cream ? – No. – Very softening cream ? – No. – Editing software ? – No. – Vincent Tirel ? Anyway, seduction is such an important matter that some 18th-century aristocrats do not even shag the girl they finally got. Once in bed, they let this dirty task to their servant. Thus, Don Juan’s libertinism is rather intellectual than sexual. He never stops speaking, disrespecting rules and barriers. It will lead him to ruin, and that’s why Sganarelle tells him : “Look how you be talking Sire, seems to me you learned that in ye books, it reminds me of- Hamming still kills today. – Ninja Marion Cotillard! – Ninja The Untouchables! – Ninja Marion Cotillard!

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