48 thoughts on “Do 7 Things For Professional Logo Designs Every Time”

  1. Do check the link above for the cheat-sheet PDF to refer back to in your logo projects. Also if you want to enter into my competition, there is a link up there too. I had to make the video private as it was messing up my analytics

  2. Thank u so much.. its very helpful as i have already started working on the logo challenge u gave us.. i am thankfully working on these 7 points.. as you have told these points in your previous tutorials.. this video is having all 7 points together and thank u fr the pdf of these points as it will help me not to distract while making any logo..
    😊😊😊thank u

  3. If not a designer 👨‍🎨 how best to find a designer? I’m sick of hiring the wrong people.
    For logo design for small start ups – how much should be budget to get a good design?

  4. Thanks for the great video (as always). These lessons are important.
    I also wanted to say that the fan at around 2:40 is awesome =D

  5. Tom, your channel is the best! How about grading my logo in my profile here? I wanted it to look like a stamp so I could put it on repeat patterns and illustrations as well as graphic design projects. Would love your feedback.

  6. Thank you for this video. I always find your videos informative. No useless talk. Direct and simple. Keep giving tips and advice to us novices.

    PS. Thumbs up for the PDF.

  7. Thanks for the all guidance. Can you recommend us some Design Competitions where we can get to showcase our talents.

  8. Hey Satori, you doing great work! I have been following your presence. Really good tips and info. Lets get in contact.

  9. I just made a Stream banner and was thinking of these things as I was creating it. I graduated with Media Arts and Animation degree and I had this in my head. Sometimes I need a refresher because my focus isnt graphic design its 3D Animation. So you now have a new subscriber. Thank you for your content.

  10. Simplicity while still communicating a brand message
    Balance – find a harmony of balance between the shapes, logotypes and the negative space
    Brief – Always refer back to the brief from your client, and check to see if your design is on the right path
    Timeless – be able to stand the test of time, so make sure you avoid design trends and fads
    Versatile – consider where the design is going to be used, and if your design will allow for that functionality
    Original – The more original and unique your design is, the better, but keep in mind that it needs to follow the clients needs, and can fall into the relevant niche properly

  11. I think its a very arrogant attitude to state a logo will allow viewers to feel x y z. This is the equivelent of saying i know how everyone feels about colour form and layout. Not everyone who buys a product or service looks and judges the company by their logo. Marketing and sales manipulation plays another role

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