DANGER: Trump Intel Pick “Least Qualified Ever Nominated”

DANGER: Trump Intel Pick “Least Qualified Ever Nominated”

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You may or may not be aware that Donald Trump
is suffering yet another major loss to his administration. This time it’s the director of national intelligence. Dan Coats, coats is resigning and as usual
there’s this question of whether is it really a resignation or is it a firing? Because Trump’s relationship with the intelligence
community has been pretty disastrous since day one and Dan Coats is one of those people
who when he testifies before Congress and is asked basic questions like, did Russia
interfere in our elections? He goes with what the evidence has told the
intelligence community. The answer is yes. That’s not a position that Donald Trump likes. And it appears as though removing Dan coats
is yet another way to pave the way to not stop foreign interference in 2022 ignore the
attacks on our democratic systems, which is exactly what Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell
have made it super clear they want to be doing for 2020 Mitch McConnell getting in the way
of every uh, bill or proposal met to stop foreign interference in our election. So coats is going out. Trump has nominated republican congressman
John Ratcliffe who truly knows nothing about being the director of national intelligence
and has no business being the DNI. This is, I mean, language starts to lose its
meaning. It’s a stunning choice and to call something
stunning in the Trump administration. The Trump era is a sort of limited meanings
since we are stunned. Day after day, a Democratic Senator Ron Wyden,
is calling him the least qualified individual ever to be nominated to be DNI and says that
Ratcliffe could straight up put people people’s lives at risk. Check out a couple of tweets where Ron Wyden
says, congressman Ratcliff is the most partisan and least qualified individual ever nominated
to serve as DNI. His only qualification seem to be promoting
Trump’s conspiracy theories about the investigation into Russian interference and calling for
prosecution of Trump’s political enemies continuing. He has endorsed government surveillance and
shown little concern for Americans’ rights except for those of Trump and his close associates
confirming this individual would amount to an endorsement of this administration’s drive
to politicize our intelligence agencies. Putting in place a director of national intelligence
who has repeated baseless conspiracy theories about the Russia probe that have been widely
debunked by the intelligence community is disgusting and embarrassing. He senselessly and embarrassingly berated
former special prosecutor Robert Muller last week during the congressional testimony, if
you wanted to destroy the American intelligence apparatus from the inside out, if you had
the goal of weakening our intelligence community, this is exactly who you would select. A Republican conspiracy theorist who has spread
fake news and false intelligence. It is really difficult to be less qualified
than Donald Trump’s education secretary Betsy devos, and yet here we are. I think that this guy actually surpasses Betsy
devoss as not qualified for his position. And when you look at the reaction of this
from foreign intelligence agencies, the intelligence agencies of foreign nations are drooling about
this because it will laughably weaken the United States. It will make us more vulnerable. And I wish I could say that our Senate will
do its job and prevent this clown from being confirmed to the roll. I don’t know that they will. I don’t know that they will remember that
Republicans control the Senate and thus they control the committees that ultimately decide
about these nominations. And I don’t know that they are going to put
a stop to this. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing. It is a handout to our adversaries, but it
seems to be a feature of Donald Trump’s selection, not a bug, that this is a guy that would effectively
unwind the intelligence community from the inside out. And the world is laughing and your life and
my life and the lives of so many people in this country are potentially
at risk as a result of this choice. Trump will probably get his guy in. We’ll take a quick break and be back after this

100 thoughts on “DANGER: Trump Intel Pick “Least Qualified Ever Nominated””

  1. Some where Devin Nunes is sulking "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO"!?! 😀
    No bigger signal by Trump that he needs foreign help to win. Barr going after FBI intelligence now this piece of💩 is going to allow that damage to permeate throughout our democracy. It seems Trump and the GOP do actually agree with Putin, that Western Liberalism is obsolete!!

  2. Redcliffe qualifications or lack of are just what the Russian controlled Republician party wants under Trump. As you will see, Moscow Mitch is silent. Corruption begets corruption.

  3. This is some scary stuff, trump is putting people in place to turn us into a dictatorship, because with all of his people in power who will be able to stop him. Everyone on the trump train needs to wake up, this is a complete disaster!!

  4. Some foreign states will be drooling about this appointment. Others, including the UK and all the other members of the five eyes intelligence alliance will be horrified. We had a temporary halt of intelligence sharing when the US leaked shared secret and potentially damaging information after the Manchester bombing. Trump leaked to the Russians intelligence the US had received from Israel. Will the allies be willing to share intelligence with the US in the knowledge that the DNI is likely to use it for political purposes and to support Trump no matter what damage it may do to the source of the intelliegence and who may be hurt? I think the answer is probably not. Even if it is not explicit I suspect that the allies will carefully vet what they provide to the US for fear of the damage the DNI allied with Trump may do if he sees some political advantage.

  5. So I'm assuming like most trump nominees they either kiss his ass and praise him like they would a child for being able to put his own pants on or gave him money? Curious how long it takes for him to resign in scandal or shame like the majority of trumps picks.

  6. Replacing real patriots with puppets! As long as the gerrymandering Republicans can cheat to win that’s all that matters to them. That’s the Republican Party in a nutshell. When KKK Christian Republicans have their way I am moving to Canada 🇨🇦! Down with Gilead! Your headed for the America of “ The Handmaids Tale”! You should be very scared 😱!

  7. The Republican goal is to end government, mostly to allow corporations to take over, and this clown might achieve the closest result to that goal we've ever seen.

  8. President shouldn't even have anything to say about who gets picked. It's like America wants corruption. How about people apply and get judged by a committee based on merits and ability. You know, like any other job?.

  9. Trump needs to surround himself with puppets. Qualifications has nothing to do with it. Trump is not educated or informed so he cant has intelligent puppets. Yes, the world is laughing. You could probably hear me from Australia.

  10. This is the strategic move by Trump before big events. Dumb host knows nothing yet spews twisted views only to confuse nobody but himself and dumb followers which become fewer and fewer.

  11. Trump weakens every agency intentionally. It's a way to have even more power. Take over the 3 branches of government (basically with Moscow Mitch at the helm), dismantle agencies, demonize the media, democrats, liberals and anyone who is not a white male. Totalitarianism. If absolute power corrupts absolutely… how does it work with someone who was already absolutely corrupt to begin with?

  12. Once again 45 stacks the deck in his favor,it does not matter if he is qulififed do do the job ,just that he is a loyal lap dog to Emperor Trump and his beliefs to destroy democracy and divide America

  13. trump thinks he's still playing the apprentice, a game show with no perceivable repurcutions. He's wrong

  14. There hasn't been a single person Trump's nominated for anything since he's taken office that you lefties haven't objected to. Not one, so no one takes you clowns seriously anymore. All of us reasonable Americans know you just hate Trump, so you disagree with everything he does. You're all irrelevant. Ratcliffe is brilliant & on top of his game. At least he isn't a corrupt prick like all the people in our intel agencies under Obama. Surely you lefties all know by now that Obama used our intel agencies to illegally spy on millions of Americans & to unmask hundreds of names of Americans while in office? If you don't, you'll soon be hearing about the thousands of sealed indictments AG Barr has ready to drop on the corrupt bastards.

  15. For you lefties who only consume fake news here's some enlightenment for you. All of us smart Americans have know for two years now that Obama used our intel agencies to illegally spy on millions of us & Trump a zillion times during the 2016 campaign, to try & help Crooked H win. All the cheating they did, with all the media on their side & they still won. More proof that Trump's a powerhouse & a force that the left can never defeat. https://youtu.be/y0TcfdAZxF8

  16. If Trump was a smart narcissist he would sacrifice a little and at least nominate someone who would both do a good job and support Trump. Well, due to that he is a stupid narcissist, Trump can't bare to nominate someone qualified and therefore smarter than himself. Well, the smart part is self-excluding I guess. It goes both ways – no smart, sane person would want to be nominated by Trump. It's not something you want in your curriculum vitae.

  17. Why do we even need intelligence agencies? I mean "The Burger King" is a self proclaimed "stable genius"! Idiocracy has taken over and it scares the hell out of me

  18. So, if this guy gets the job, how will the other people working in the intelligence agencies react? I assume they are mostly professional, realistic people. Mass resignations? And then replaced by more conspiracy nuts? Good luck keeping Russia out of the next election then. Let's just hope Trump doesn't feel like starting a war….

  19. FUCK IT….

  20. Well David, this seems to be what they want to do—destroy the USA. It all started with Abraham Lincoln. After all he was in contact with Karl Marx!

  21. Put loyalist in the intelligence agencies and military and BOOM, you got yourself a dictator for life. I have zero faith we can count on republicans to not do this unless their base starts flipping on them and that won't happen if they continue getting news from their bubble.

  22. Things are going to get messed up when the primary qualification for federal appointments is kissing the leader's ass.

  23. How about a neurosurgeon in charge of Housing and Urban Development? Remember when he would have been Surgeon General instead?

  24. But, you're forgetting the important part: he'll do exactly what tRump tells him to. That's the most important thing for continuing under tRump's rule.

  25. He wants unrestrained access to all classified, sensitive intel.
    He wants control over whatever they may be recorded about him & his
    friends. Since they are connected to criminal activity, the odds are there.
    Maybe, even get his toady to record or testify to what he wants.
    His focus is on his objectives – to slip through the law & find material to
    harm who he wants, is all. The country, citizens — be damned.
    And now the navy thing! FFS.

  26. The donald LIKED Radcliff's audition, during the July 24th MUELLER hearing. That was THE only qualification trump requires.

  27. Will not be surprising to come to discover in the years ahead that putin is telling who to put into place. Seriously!

  28. There is no way the Senate is going to stop anything going on, its their plan after all. tRump is just the mouth piece creating the chaos with cheap tacky reality show crap to deflect from the destruction being done. This is the GOP and has been for the last 4 decades. Its pay off for the morbidly rich.

  29. Whenever you think there is nothing left in the bottom of the barrel djt still manages to scrape up someone you wouldn't send to get lunch … Jeez.

  30. How do you support an intelligence community that ignored the lack of wing marks on the Pentagon during 911; did almost no modelling of building 7, the only steel-framed building in the history of mankind to fall during a fire, and one that supported the wars in the Arab world.

  31. Gotta admit President Trump is a force of nature. He owns the fiscal departments including IRS, he owns what's left of civil and scientific as well as medical and academia itself with all the research those any prwsident can crush and even IRS and treasury, as well as forighn aid and public works, all really easy since they cant defend themselves. Next he slowly but surely purge the FBI of its experts on eastern Europe and essentially kicked the FBI down and was able to keep them there. The way he fired that agent hours before he could retire with a pension was an act of genius because the one thing that will make even the best people assist in another holocaust is to threaten the family. The with Barr he now owns the department of justice. Now thanks to Barr's early career in the CIA there will be a purge like never seen before and the President will own the intelligence agencies within 6 months. That leaves the Military which will be tough but he can start firing the top top guys at the pentagon and eliminate any high ranking Generals at will. I think a years hard work and the President will own the entire military. All that's left aftet that is the press😅😅😅 and the people 😳😧😢 but without the press to amplify the people there is no people. I predicted he would be to much for the various systems to shield themselves and now people like Barr realize this opportunity to reshape the empire into a completley different form. The only thing that can stop it is if everyone refused to go to work for a month. People think that because hes not polished and because he wasn't experienced, that he wasn't a formidable genius with a world clasd ability to strike at the most vulnerable spot on the armor. He won and people must know deep down its a done deal. You cant legislate heroism because chances are when it comes to the intelligence agencies and the military there will be a stunning lack of resistance. Trump is going to have the largest laugh until his health gives out. His dad lived till 92 so it is going to be awhile. The only part that will be worth watching will be the gun confiscation. That will make the whole thing worth it.

  32. He doesn't have intelligence experience, he is 100% unqualified. The experience required of the candidate prohibits the Senate from confirming this oily dingdong. Chances of the Senate being Trump's bitches and confirming this tool: 80%. That's me being optimistic.

  33. in the end, you get the government you deserve. if America is stupid enough to vote the GOP into office then they deserve the consequences

  34. Good news. The rat Ratcliffe has withdrawn! Anyone could pick bad people to fill the cabinet, but it takes a stable genius to seek out the absolute worst candidate for each position

  35. Interesting how Russia gets Trump elected and Trump immediately begins to dismantle everything keeping us safe from Russia…

  36. Fortunately, Ratcliffe's nomination has been pulled and he is no longer being considered for DNI. But God help us if the Orange Clown picks somebody just as unqualified or even more so!

  37. I don't believe he would be the least qualified person in the Trump administration. That would still be Donald Trump.

  38. Robert Mueller was a hack. He employed individuals with close Clinton and Obama ties to investigate Trump. Can you say conflict of interest? Trump handed over EVERY document and witness requested. Mueller testified that HIS INVESTIGATION WAS NEVER HINDERED. Let that sink in. . . Mueller never made a recommendation regarding obstruction which was precisely what prosecutors are commissioned to do, either prosecute or don’t. If there was sufficient evidence he should prosecute, if not then don’t prosecute.

    Mueller testified to Congress that he would have charged trump with obstruction if he weren’t president and then after lunch someone must have reminded him that he’s under oath and he just perjured himself (my opinion) and first thing he did after lunch is back that back QUICKLY.

    All the instances Mueller cited for obstruction were conversations with his advisors and officials (cabinet members) in the White House or tweets. Discussions with advisors are an exchange thoughts and emotions. That’s what they are there for. And tweets, what are tweets? They are thoughts and opinions, often idiotic, I’ll admit, but they are not orders. Orders are given in the Oval Office. Seems to me like Trumps cabinet was doing what they were supposed to, advising and protecting him, in this case from himself.

    Trump fired Comey and that was well deserved. If an employee repeatedly lies to an employer, does that not warrant firing?

  39. I watched a 'pro-Trump' video just to get a 'honest' view on modern American politics. , This Ratcliff is called a hero by everyone in their comment section. Trump a genius for nominating him, etc,etc .The U.s is truly divided to the core,.

  40. And now he's going voor Hoekstra, the current ambassador to the Netherlands, for this position.
    You can have him. Gladly.

  41. "because Trump's relationship with the intelligence community has been pretty disasterous….."

    the word "community" was superfluous in that sentence

  42. I was told that if Trump got really out of hand, those in charge of our most important agencies would simply ignore his demands. But it turns out that those in charge are instead choosing to resign and abandon the rest of us. Cowards.

  43. Yuou know, as a Canadian living in Niagara Falls the US has been a neighbor my entire life. I’m 5 minutes from the border.
    What has been happening the last 3 years is not normal. What I mean is I’ve been following the Mandela Effect for about the same three years , and I’m convinced that something very strange is affecting
    Your country.

    The day that the President is suspected of being a Russian asset, and Russia is manipulating your elections I thought would have been impossible, but the complacency in light of this Trump madness is not normal. I wish I could wake up and find this was all some crazy nightmare.

  44. The entire so called intelligence agencies in this country need to be just disbanded. They do way more harm than good.

  45. It’s the SWAMP, apologies but the USA created this mess, it spread its imperialist agenda throughout the cold war but failed to dismantle it when it ended, now we all have a big big problem !

  46. Trump said he would pick the best people?! He's picking the best dumb ass, corrupt, gutter rat pond scum, he can find! The gutters aren't filthy enough for Trump to choose his picks! He finds the filthiest, puss filled, cess pools he can find and then he find the most corrupt moron from that pool and nominates that! And, republicans confirm that pond scum! Republicans work for Satan!

  47. That position has mostly been held by admirals, generals of the armed forces and people of the cia or people with a background in intelligence. Ratcliffe is a career lawyer politician.

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