Dancing Through My Resume: Anastasia Standout Shina Ann Morris

Dancing Through My Resume: Anastasia Standout Shina Ann Morris

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(shoes clicking) Hi, my name is Shina Ann Morris, and I’m currently in Anastasia, and I’m here to dance through my resume. (staccato horn music) West Side Story was my Broadway debut, and my very first show. I think it was one of my most magical memories. Having gotten the chance to work with Arthur Lawrence, and Joey McKneely, to do this epically legendary piece of work was just one of my dream jobs. And to get to dance America every night was just thrilling. (staccato horn music) (swinging jazz music) The tap number in Anything Goes, end of Act One. Kathleen Marshall just has a really great way of creating a number and letting it grow. And to have the chance to play on stage every night with those people in this epic tap number, on a ship, and going up and down layers of set was just fantastic. (swinging jazz music) ♪ Got a little rhythm rhythm rhythm ♪ ♪ Got a little rhythm rhythm rhythm ♪ ♪ Got a little rhythm rhythm rhythm ♪ ♪ Rhythm ♪ ♪ Rhythm ♪ Nice work if you can get it, the end of Act One, is Fascinating Rhythm, where everything just goes into chaos. And Kathleen Marshall’s choreography just, she is so great about bringing out, not only individuals, but about bringing the style of the era, and the period. And this is again, 20s, and so carefree, and so frantic, and so nuts, but still so contained. ♪ Rhythm ♪ ♪ You crowd, you cramp ♪ Annie, about halfway through Act One, is NYC, and that number for me, was pretty much a whirlwind. So, you’re buzzing around, there’s so much to see, it’s so exciting. The number NYC from Annie, is just all of the individuals that make up New York City. (soaring waltz music) Cinderella, the waltz at the end of Act One is just magical. Between the orchestrations, and the music, and Josh Rhodes’ choreography, the swirling, and just the dreamlike choreography that he brings, It’s just pretty spectacular. (soaring waltz music) (swing music) Holiday Inn, about halfway through Act One, is Shaking the Blues Away. And that is the showstopper, personally, I think, of the show. You have all the tap, all the jumprope, all the uses of all the Christmas decorations, just to make it this mountain of fun, and everyone raved about it. ♪ Do like the voodoos do ♪ Anastasia, I’ve been with since we had our run in Hartford. Anastasia’s Act Two starts with Paris Holds the Key. That number is just full of joy, and full of love, and light, John Bolton leads us around Paris, basically, and it was just so fun, and carefree, you just feel good. ♪ One never knows what will start ♪

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  1. Ahhh Shina is so amazing! I saw here a few weeks ago in Anastasia and she really is SUCH an incredible dancer I absolutely love her💞💞💞

  2. I love all of these shoes and those red checkered shorts! She is so talented. It must be a fun and fulfilling life doing what you love

  3. I saw Anasatisa at the Hartford Stage when it was first opening and it is a truly beautiful show…one of my dream shows to be cast in now

  4. I sing pretty well
    I can act
    I wish I could get into professional theatre (not broadway but something else) but I don’t think I can until I get better at choreography

  5. To whoever mixed this: you really don't need to make the voice quieter when the music gets quieter. It defeats the purpose of dimming the music.

  6. They couldn't just let "Paris Holds the Key to her Heart Finish"? There was only like 20 seconds left lol and they let the video end on the gross chord lol

  7. Just came from russian ribbon olympics, and idk why but watching this is making me cackle. Mysterious!!? Youre gorgeous and would make me look like a drunk and clumbsy ogre on my best day tbh, but sometimes dancing just looks so joyfully silly and ridiculous!!! Lol! Love it:)

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