Dan Peña’s Hardcore Seminar

Dan Peña’s Hardcore Seminar

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(dramatic slow piano music) (laughing)
– Hardcore. Hardcore is for somebody that’s
gone through the seminar. That’s the first thing.
– The basic castle. – The basics, just like you have, and wants to know definitively how the thought process, the strategy behind the motivated seller and the acquisition model. And we get into divestitures, we also get into other more
sophisticated M&A strategies, but we’ve got guys worth
100 million dollars that don’t know but one strategy. Motivated seller, free cashflow covering debt service, period, full stop. But I mean, you don’t grow a
billion dollar organization without getting more
sophisticated than that. And we obviously have them, but that’s what the Hardcore is for, and it’s over Christmas. Our Hardcore is by accident. Two Easters ago, I’m standing
in front of a regular seminar and one of the kids said, “Mr. Peña, do you realize
today is Easter Sunday?” I look around the room, I go, “Really?” And I said, “You mean good
Friday was the day before, “two days ago? “Fuck, we missed Good Friday, okay.” And then during, I said, “I wonder if I gave a
seminar over Christmas, “would you have any interest whatsoever?” Within 48 hours, I had a
couple hundred requests to sign up for a seminar
that hadn’t been formed yet. Because contrary to what you might think, a lot of people don’t like Christmas. They think it’s down time, and a lot of people don’t
like opening presents with their little shit-head kids, contrary to what you might think. And that’s probably some of your problem is your dad didn’t like opening
up presents with you either, and it was pretty fucking obvious. And so the Hardcore was born. So then I had to develop a seminar and what we do is we do
between 32 and 40 case studies. We do seven or eight case
studies from Harvard, Yale, Oxford Graduate School. The classic like a AOL/Time
Warner merger, okay? And then everybody that
comes to the Hardcore brings at least two cases. Either two cases they had failed on, two cases they were successful on, how could I have done this case more, more better is not good
English, but better. So we go between 32 and 40 cases, and when you go to Harvard
or you go to the B schools like our youngest son Derek has, you cover about 30-35 cases in two years. We do it in nine or 10 days. – [Announcer] The most epic event of this century,
(dramatic strings music) the Oscar for high ticket closers. Closers in Black 2019. The 50 billion dollar man, Dan Peña. The king of high ticket sales, Dan Lok. Get your ticket today.
(dramatic strings music) – Don’t you also have breakout rooms? – Oh yeah, we divide the 20 kids into four breakout rooms, five, so they are in four different
places around the castle, and in the morning I
pontificate, we answer questions, then we break out. Then I go from breakout
room to breakout room and I sit and listen to
them and I make corrections. Did you think of this? Did you think of that? And then, after lunch we
get back together again and then at night, before
they go to their evening meal, for two hours they start
presenting the cases. ‘Cause we only give them a few hours, we don’t give them two years. So we go through that for nine or 10 days and they go through the cases. This last time, we had guys that had run successful
billion-dollar conglomerates, we had a few MBAs, we had a couple of… We had one plumber that got a 5th grade education. By the way, our Hall of Fame has an 80 IQ guy who did
a 400 million dollar deal. We have 180 IQ guy that did
a 40 million dollar deal. 80 IQ, 180 IQ. 400 million versus 40 million. Has nothing to do with IQ. Has nothing to do with degrees. What it has to do is the 80 IQ guy had a heart as big as this
room and worked like a dog. Like a dog. The last Hardcore seminar, not the one that just
ended a couple weeks ago, but the one before that. Then they go through a mentor program, they go through Zoom calls. We also have Zoom calls once a month. You missed the Zoom calls. – Shit. – Yeah, yeah, and they say
you were the lucky one. See, that’s what they say.
– Oh, fuck. – I hear that all the time. – I want the Zoom call, Dan. (laughs) – And from the time that
they left the Hardcore to their last Zoom call which
was November of last year, they’d done 19 deals. One guy had bought five hospitals, he is following what is called
the Rick Scott derivative – Correct.
– Of QLA, because Rick Scott is a mentee. He is currently the senator
in the great state of Florida and he built the largest
healthcare company in the world, Columbia Healthcare, over a seven year period
amounting to about 30 billion. So there is a Rick Scott sliver off of, you know there’s protestants
and then there’s Lutherans, well, they are following
the Lutheran model which is specifically
just geared to hospitals. And with no money, none of his own money. The thing that they all have in common, no matter what they chase,
no money do they have. Zero, which is, of your
following, is closer. Your following is closer to
that end of the continuum than your end of the
continuum, the no-money, and it’s just out there.

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  3. Wonderfull Sifu Dan Lok, My side I talk with action. I appreciate the Webinar on Saturday 8 Am East African Time and also applreciate for scheduling call by one of your Freelance agents for HTC. Am working on it to get into the upcoming class, if not make the payment and get started, will join the next one.. YOU THE BEST SIFU From (Kenya) … HIGH TICKET SALES IS WHAT I WANT AND CHANGE AFRICA through My Forex Business in Africa

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