CSD Works – Maintaining Your Confidence – Read or Watch in ASL


Imagine yourself
playing basketball. You dribble to make a shot. But you keep missing the hoop. You keep struggling to make the shot, and then eventually, you get it in! You know if you keep practicing,
your confidence will build. The same can be said
when searching for a job. You must practice this mindset. We’re all our own worst critic. It can be challenging to
maintain your confidence while searching for a job. It is critical to have tools
handy to help you get through the tough application process,
being denied for an interview, or just plain
searching for a job. Here’s what you can do: When looking at job openings,
you want to ask yourself: Am I qualified for this job? If so, go ahead apply for the position! If the job has some of
the skills or qualifications that you don’t have,
still send in your application! Most companies know that they are not going
to get the perfect candidate, and if they do, it’s rare. If the job is out
of your skill set, then it’s probably not
the right fit for you. Partnering with a friend
or another job seeker is an excellent way to get some
practice on your interviewing skills. They can give you feedback on your responses
to the questions you practiced on. They can give you feedback on
your resume or cover letter as well. This is a fantastic way
to help maintain your motivation because they probably can relate
and give you pointers/tips or just listen to you
vent your frustrations. The job search process can
be tiring because you’re writing cover letters, updating resumes,
attending interviews, the list goes on. Try to think of every activity
that you’ve contributed to the job search as an
opportunity to learn something. This in turn will help you
maintain your positive thinking. For example, if you attended
an interview but didn’t get the job, look at this as
an opportunity to learn from it. Job searching is
often times frustrating and you’re not alone. Try these three tips given
and see how you feel afterwards. If you’d like more
practice or support, come join our Virtual Job Club! Or seek additional help from
Vocational Rehabilitation or your local Deaf-friendly organization who may
be able to help you with your job search journey. Captioned by

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