Conservatory Close-Up: Seminar Students

Conservatory Close-Up: Seminar Students

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Hi! My name is Laura Warren Hi! My name is Rachel Carson and I am on seminar team This year I have the opportunity to travel on the seminar team and direct Jane the Queen as my bachelor’s project The seminar team is basically a group that we send out that travel all around the country We actually bring a play with us and we do it with the kids in a week I am in charge of costumes and makeup We come in we’ll unpack the costumes in the costume room and we’ll start setting up the makeup room After that we will fit some of the characters and get started on the alterations Probably the biggest thing when you’re teaching the kids is making sure they know this script and then making sure that they know the principles They’re not always gonna remember everything, or have you there to tell them everything, but when you teach them those principles, they have that in their minds and so they’re able to go and do the play and act in it Seminar can be challenging but in the end, being able to pour into these young people I’m always excited!

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