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And the video has begun! Look at that. Our little broken light. Yeah, it’s in such a sad state. Brett: Look at that. This light is like my vibrato, it’s just saggy. Yeah! The vibrato you always wanted. The vibrato you have. Alright, guys! Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Today we have something really, really exciting. Yeah, we’ve never done it before. Oh, Eddy’s background music. We’ve never done it before! Do you know what it is? We’re going to Olaf! wOW!! At Olaf— What are we doing over there? We’re going to… Actually, I don’t really… I don’t really know what’s going on. – Essentially, like… Ohh!
– I need to sneeze, I need to sneeze. He’s gonna sneeze. If he sneezes, please donate. Yeah, more light! Forgot about lighting. Today, we are going to be confronting… a musician’s… biggest… fears. It’s going to be TERRIFYING!! Yeah, I’m actually kind of nervous, – to be honest.
– Yeah. I’ve never seen this happen. Um… You guys will find out, actually, – what it’s going to be like. Very soon.
– Yeah. But uh, for those of you that aren’t musicians, we have many, many fears. But. For most musicians, our biggest fear is seeing our bae instruments get And don’t worry, we’re not going to do it to our instruments, but for those of you that remember, we did an episode quite a while ago with Olaf. And then, just casually, he was like, “Oh, did you know that the, um, the violin is designed to withstand roughly 27 kilos of weight?” – “Near the bridge?”
– Mhmm. It could probably withstand that weight. Brett: Our next video experiment! – Okay.
– Guys – Olaf actually contacted us recently being like, “So are you gonna do this video?” – And I’m like, “Wait, what?! You were serious?”
– Yeah! So I’m like, “He’s actually serious about it!” We weren’t gonna really go through with it, but man, I also can’t help but be curious about it, to see what would happen. I just remember he said that – you can put a human baby on the violin.
– Yeah. – And step on it. Ohh…
– And step on it, and the violin would still hold. Not saying we should all sit on our violins. – Please don’t sit on your violin.
– Yeah, not… Be careful with it. But uh, hey. Let’s go find out. Actually but first, we should do something. – Yeah, I think we gotta…
– We need to do a ritual, right? Eddy: Yeah. Can you guys guess what it is? Brett: You need to bring a control like this. Not these ones. Brett: When you wanna play… Smash Bros!! Eddy: Before we start, can I just say something? Look at the screen. Look at the screen. – Brett: Here we go.
– Eddy: Items. Eddy: None. – Eddy: That’s right! That’s how real players play!
– Brett: None. That’s right! Brett: Yeah. You can’t use vibrato to hide your flaws now, guys! – Eddy: OOH! Nooo!!
– Brett: Oh, no…!! Brett: Alright. Eddy: That was [beep]! Brett: That’s enough. Brett: Don’t get excited! – Eddy: WHAT THE…?!
– Brett: That would hurt, that’s gotta hurt! – Eddy: I was just 70…
– Brett: That’s gotta, that’s gotta hurt! – Eddy: YEAH!!
– Brett: There’s a delay there! – Eddy: Wha –
– Brett: Oh, yeah! Brett: OH, NO…!! The counter! Eddy: Counter game! – Eddy: Ohh…
– Brett: That’s enough. I think we should probably go. But before that, we’re gonna go (both) and get coffee. ‘Cause that’s a must. Let’s go! – Beep beep beep…
– One, two… – Eddy: Hello!
– Brett: Hi! – Brett: It’s Olaf!
– Olaf: Hey! – Eddy: How are you?
– Olaf: Hello! Good, thanks. – Olaf: How are you?
– Eddy: Good, good, how are you? – Brett: Hi. Good seeing you.
– Olaf: Hey! I don’t think I’ve ever done something so sacrilegious to a violin. Maybe we should’ve done it on a viola. That would be fun. Brett: Yeah. I’m a bit like, conflicted. Look at all those instruments! We could be harming their buddies. It could be their son and daughters. Have a look here, guys. Do you know what that is? It’s a kettlebell. So… Who knows? It’s gonna be very intense. All right, so we’re here at Olaf’s. And Olaf, which violin are we crushing today with the 27 kilos? Ah well, I’ve got this beautiful old Stradivarius. Um… – Do you wanna go with that?
– Wow! How much is this one? Olaf: Well, they’re usually between… 2 and 20 million dollars. 1731! Golden Age! Dude, if it’s Golden Age, it could definitely hold a lot more weight! – Olaf: I know!
– Eddy: Yeah, maybe we should put 40 kilos on! Wow!! – Nah, just kidding. We’re not going to be…
– Yeah. – using a beautifully varnished violin like this.
– Yeah. So, we’ll put this to the side. It’s like, “This is what your luthier does to your violin when it’s getting repaired.” – Yeah! *sings Illuminati theme*
– That’s right! – Here, right?
– Yeah no, I’ve got the client picking it up, whatever you do, don’t watch TwoSet. Brett: Yeah. Brett: Here you go, guys! Olaf: Okay. So, yeah. Here’s one. Now, if we accidentally break this one, we will probably do the world a favor. Olaf: Just a normally built violin. – It’s not expensive, right? Okay.
– No, it’s definitely not expensive.
– Okay. Eddy: Dude, I can’t imagine… – Yeah, yeah. We’re gonna… Yeah.
– …putting 27 kilos of force on this.
– No, that’s not… I know. Just gonna put this on. – Olaf: Yeah, just to…
– Brett: Yeah. – Olaf: …kind of support this area.
– Brett, Eddy: Yeah. To make sure that we can balance. Is there anything that we can do to bal—? Or just leave it there? Olaf: I think if we leave it there… Did you feel that? – So here’s our, that’s just 2 and a half kilos.
– That’s a weight. That’s a weight!
– That’s a freaking gym weight! Oh, can I feel it? Ohh, yes! All the bubble tea I lift is paying off! Feel it. That’s heavy. – Olaf: So, we’ll start to…
– Brett, Eddy: Ohh… Brett: No…!! – Olaf: So the first one’s okay.
– Eddy: Dude!!
– Brett: Oh…! – Olaf: Okay, so… Yeah, yeah.
– Eddy: I saw the whole thing just went…
– Brett: Wobble, yeah. Brett: Wow, do you guys… – Brett: Dude, I’m so…
– Eddy: Do you have a, uh… Eddy: backup in case if something happens? Brett: Yeah! – Alright. Ohh…!
– Okay, so… So, another 2 and a half kilos. – Okay, that’s still better, that’s like…
– Can you guys see? That’s 5 kilograms! That’s like a newborn. That’s all right. – Eddy: A newborn baby.
– Brett: Can I just make clear, the violin is… – The violin is like, hollow inside.
– Yeah. That’s what it looks like in. – Brett: Oh, yeah.
– Olaf: Well, this one’s much older. Olaf: But that’s kind of what it looks like inside. – Brett: It’s actually just hollow.
– Olaf: Yeah. Eddy: I hope it doesn’t like, fall this way. It’s on an angle. Brett: Eddy can catch it when the time comes. I’ll catch it with my face. Olaf: Yeah, that’s right! – Brett, Eddy: Uh-oh…!
– Olaf: Okay. Here’s 5 kilo. So, the second baby. – Can I hold that weight of 5 kilos?
– Yeah! Okay, okay. Think about this. – Would you hold this, right?
– Yeah. Feel the weight, and then think about putting it on your violin. You ready? – Ohh…
– No way! I would never do that. Dude. Imagine the bow pressing this hard. So how much weight is normally on— – Did you say it was purely from string tension?
– Um… 27 kilos. – So that’s how much is constantly on the violin.
– Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. – Dude, your violin’s lifting 27 kilos nonstop.
– So you’re not gonna do that. Alright. So you wanna do it? Okay, so you just gotta center it. Eddy: Is here good? – Brett: Ohh…!
– Olaf: You got it. – Brett: Oh! Did you hear that? Did you hear that??
– Olaf: Okay. Yeah. Okay, now it’s getting, this is kind of getting into the 20 end. I’m so nervous. In the middle? Yep, exactly in the middle. – So you literally…
– Ohh… This is another 5 kilograms. Imagine you hear like a “krhh.” Olaf: Okay, we now have… – 15 kilos on top of the instrument.
– 15 kilo weight! – Eddy: That looks so messed up!
– Olaf: Can you actually… – Eddy: Look at that!
– Olaf: Can you go in close? Olaf: Can you zoom in close? – You can actually see the movement on the top plate.
– Can you see it? – Eddy: Oh my god…!
– Brett: Whoa, it’s shaking!
– Olaf: Yeah. Olaf: And that’s what it’s supposed to do, like this movement. – Brett: Oh, my god it’s moving!
– Olaf: That’s supposed to happen. – Brett: Did you see the wood?
– Olaf: Yeah, yeah. – Olaf: Okay.
– Brett: That wood is fluctuating like…! That’s just a few, just hold them. Either end. Okay. Now. We’ve got 15 kilos on there. – Oh, dude.
– Ohh, no!! – Wait, I’m shaking, I’m shaking.
– This is 12. Start doing some… Don’t drop on me. Or the violin. – Yeah, it feels about 12.
– Yeah. Okay, okay, don’t shake the floor too much! – Alright, I’m not putting this on.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, I can’t. Okay, so. We have 27 kilos. Holy moly. I’m just stabilizing it with my finger – Olaf: so it doesn’t fall over.
– Brett: Yeah, Olaf’s finger is actually lifting 27 kilograms. Eddy: Yeah, he’s just, “Look at that,” – like all the…
– “Ahh, it’s so heavy!” Dude, the wood is moving…! Oh dude, the wood is flexing!! Olaf: It’s crazy, isn’t it? Eddy: That is crazy. – Olaf: So, 27 kilos…
– Brett: I’ve never, like, thought… Olaf: Yeah. The strings pushing down onto the bridge, – that’s the same… Yeah, it’s the equivalent of an,
– It’s the same weight. – 11-year-old pressing, standing on it.
– You would never – So, you could still technically put more on, – ’cause you would play on it?
– Yeah.
– Yeah, exactly. Eddy: I just realized, every time we tune, – Olaf: Yeah, pushing. Yeah.
– Brett: We’re putting pressure on. Olaf: They are so amazingly designed, and to think— I mean, they were designed like 500 years ago. – It’s just amazing.
– Engineering. – Stradivari knew what they were doing.
– Yeah, that’s right. They say that Amati invented it. – They’re not quite sure ’cause of…
– Oh yeah, Amati. Yeah. The violin’s like the most delicate and strongest instrument. Yeah. Isn’t Amati… Smarti? What do you think, Editor-san…? So what happens now? – Do we put… Alright, let’s go.
– I think we leave Olaf to just… Can you hear that? – Yeah, the creak.
– The crack of the wood. Brett: Guys, ready for the reveal? Yeah, I know. I know. Eddy’s dying. – I need a tissue.
– Tissue? Olaf: Totally fine. – Eddy: Wow, it’s spotless!
– Olaf: Look at this. Absolutely spotless. Pick up the violin. I think, it’s probably… – Yeah, it’s still totally fine.
– Absolutely fine. Would the same thing apply if it was here? – Eddy: Or here?
– Olaf: Um… – Brett: This feels weak, hey.
– Olaf: This is strong. – Olaf: This was made to be strong.
– Eddy: Yeah. Olaf: The bass bar is at its thickest here, you’ve got the sound post balancing in there. If someone wants to send a violin, should it be sent with pressure, under tension, or without pressure? – Or it doesn’t matter?
– It actually doesn’t matter. I mean, it’s maybe a tiny bit safer not under pressure, – Yeah.
– but it shouldn’t matter. It’s just how well you package it. Every little space in the case should be taken up by something soft. So I’ll use bubble wrap and just put little bubble wrap things – in just about every corner.
– Yeah. – So then, if the case was dropped,
– Really? then the instrument just couldn’t move one bit. Like airbags. Airbags! – I’ve had my violin delivered like that.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Once it was delivered from Sydney. – Yeah, wow.
– I was so nervous about it. And it came out… The bridge was there, but there was just – sponges and wraps everywhere, like…
– Yeah, yeah. Yep. So as long as the space is like, packed, – someone could literally throw the thing
– Yeah, with something soft, yeah. – and it wouldn’t –
– Well…
– Yeah, a fair bet, yeah. There comes a point. Do you guys wanna actually see what it’s like to lift… – Alright, workout with Olaf time, let’s go!
– Yeah, alright guys! Time to burn off the bubble tea! I’m gonna try it. Olaf: Lift this. Can you do a bicep curl on that? I don’t think I can. Are you ready? That’s heavy! Could you put it on top of it? – *inaudible*
– Are you gonna be alright? – Ooh…
– Holy moly, that is so heavy! Yeah? I wouldn’t trust this on my violin. I know! But you are, all the time. ‘Cause that’s what strings are doing, – that’s the thing.
– So how does the wood just hold? Does it… get weaker over time, and…? Well, look over the years, so there’s a tiny bit of warping, and if— Especially I mean, you’ve got to watch different climates. So the whole instrument, basically what it wants to do, is it just wants to go like this. You know, because the strings are pulling it like… – Yeah, ’cause it’s pulling like that. Yeah.
– Like that. Yeah, that’s right. So every 20 to 30 years, you actually need to reset the neck, so the neck just slowly just comes down. Do I need to reset my neck now? Um… – Eddy: It’s like Transformers.
– Olaf: So basically, over the years, the neck will just, just slowly kind of come down. – Brett: So you gotta get it back out?
– Olaf: And then you’ve just gotta, yeah. Olaf: You take the whole neck out, reset it back to the right thing, and then you’ve got another 20 to 30 years. And you just kind of keep doing that. And then also, that top plate may change shape – Olaf: over the years slightly.
– Eddy: So what happens to the top plate? So they steam them, sometimes, to get the shape back. So they’ll make a, like a plaster cast mold, – with heat, they will just press it in there, and,
– So then they mold it? and change the shape – back to the way it was supposed to be. Yeah.
– Mold the wood back. – It’s crazy, yeah.
– Does the sound change a lot? – Um…
– Dude, imagine someone – doing that to your violin! A Strad.
– Yeah. It would actually… – A $10 million violin.
– Yeah, no.
– We’re gonna just… Steam it. – It’s like ironing clothes.
– Like a dim sum. – Yeah, yeah!
– “Shh…”
– Dim sum. With a bamboo basket. Yeah, yeah, yeah! “Today, we’re gonna steam the Golden Age Stradivarius!” I honestly feel like for musicians, what luthiers know is just, it’s almost like a doctor, like… – You don’t wanna know it. Yeah.
– You don’t wanna know what it’s like to do surgery.
– Yeah, I know. – It’s just like, “Just do it!”
– Yeah. – “I don’t wanna look at it!”
– Yeah, that’s right. Well, there you go guys! So… The violin is very strong, as long as it’s made well. And don’t try this at home. Right? – Yeah…
– No, don’t try it at home. – Don’t try it at home, guys.
– Don’t try it at home. That took a lot of preparation. Guys, there you go. If you liked this episode, please subscribe and like. Check out Olaf. The Violin Studios, right? – Yes.
– The Violin Studios. Always bring it to a luthier! – Get checked.
– Definitely. Like going to the doctor’s! – Yes, that’s right.
– Always. – Never try this at home.
– Yeah. Editor-san, say goodbye. – Alright.
– Alright, so… – I think that’s it?
– See you guys!
– All right! See ya!


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