Communicate with Empathy

Communicate with Empathy

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6 thoughts on “Communicate with Empathy”

  1. Free Quick Guide to Professional Communication Skills:

  2. Love this! Customers and clients respond very positively when using empathy in a professional setting. I think I could benefit from applying these skills in a more casual setting when talking to coworkers, etc. I shouldnโ€™t turn off my empathy skills just because itโ€™s not a client. Thanks Alex!!

  3. Really great video! Connection through communication is key ๐Ÿ˜ƒ thank you for making this lesson, Coach Alex! I think we need more empathy in the relationships that matter most (family, namely) because those tend to be taken for granted and sometimes we lack empathetic communication in those interactions.

  4. Empathy is needed between departments at work. Sometimes it feels like we are not people but service providers.

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