Cold Approach Resume Drop Off Trick To Get Job

Cold Approach Resume Drop Off Trick To Get Job

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how to get a job I want to hand this to What am I going to say? I DON’T KNOW getting a job looking for a job I will make up something Hey kevin? I wanted to drop off my resume TERRIFIC Marketing masters freelance personal drop it off not getting lost in email GOOD WAY
TO DO IT College get
a job working find job

16 thoughts on “Cold Approach Resume Drop Off Trick To Get Job”

  1. THANKS! I only use word crappy to TRIGGER emotion for him to remember me and to place me as a likable friend.

    With that said yeah I could cut it off to not offend anyone and seem more professional assuming those are your reasons.

    Thanks for the comment!

  2. this sounds like to much info given away but u did make him remember u  as to u should have cut his questions of and let him know if u wanna know me will set up for a interview but you did good 😉

  3. I'm planning on doing this in SF next tuesday – I figure I get drop off my resume and sample portfolio in 10-12 different companies. SF companies tend to be more snooty and I won't be surprised if I'm told to leave. . .but worth a try if no one is answering my applications.

    Watching this. . .even if you don't get the job, you get to do a mini-interview which is good practice for an actual interview in the future.

  4. I did a cold approach resume before when I got desperate for a job. The first office I went to hired me on the spot. Luckily the owner was there the day I dropped my resume off, and really liked my approach. It showed I was pro-active according to him. This really works because not too many people are willing to do this approach especially nowadays when you can apply online or send an e-mail.

  5. wow you are one talkitive guy witch is a good thing 🙂
    ^^ and am happy to see it wasnt ackward for u to hand in it somethimes i get nervious 🙁

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