Closer Look at the Interview Process

Closer Look at the Interview Process

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a closer look at the interview process
itself the days of landing a job after a single easy interview are long
gone these days interviewers and hiring
managers are reluctant to leave anything to
chance many have begun to experiment with the
latest techniques for data gathering and
analysis for employers interviewing has become 84 pledged science times are tougher for companies so it’s natural to assume that
interviews will be tougher for their perspective employees in the
many years I’ve subscribed to you mean resources
journals I’ve noticed in increasing number up new interviewing methods developed to help
interviewers measure how well prospective employees would
perform on the job other database interview the situational
interview and the confrontational stress interview are only a few of the special treatments
you might encounter on your way to landing the ideal job consider the following rampant downsizing has left fewer jobs at the
same time the amount of money it takes to land a
suitable candidate has escalated dramatically in recent
years lawsuits against employers for wrongful
discharge have also increased exponentially hiring
mistakes can be costly making it more important than ever for
companies to be sure the people they do hire we’ll be right for the job although the
labor force is shrinking as a result of the baby bust you can
expect to bump into fellow candidates at every
level experience on the way to or from your
first interviewer or your fourth where does that leave you more employers seem to be looking for
someone with experience confidence and the
initiative to learn what he or she needs to know someone who
requires very little supervision someone with a hands-on attitude because employers can’t how all that from a job application and a handshake
you’ll probably have to go through more interviews then your predecessors
for the same job knowledge and experience still give you and inside edge but these days you’re honesty intelligence mental health even the toxicity a pureblood may be
measured before you can be considered four-way assessed you may also have to
tiptoe through a minefield are different types %uh interview
situations and keep your head to survive as a new hire but no matter
what kind of interview you find yourself im do all you can to remain confident and flexible and ready with your answers this approach should carry you through
with flying colors let’s take a brief no consequences tour up the interview circuit the first level
the interview is the screening interview if you’re
pursuing a job any organization up more than 250
employees your first interview is likely to begin
in the human resources department what can you expect let’s say you’re applying for your dream
job is a middle manager ABC widget company arriving on time for
your first interview here greeted by Heather heather is a
lower level person in the human resources department she’s
been given a bare-bones introduction to the duties and responsibilities you
must have to operate successfully in the position
you’re after if she’s not completely up to speed it’s
probably not her fault the person who will manage this new
position may not have had time to fill out a detailed position description or to tell Heather exactly what he or
she is looking for regardless of how much she’s got to go
on heather’s job is pretty simple weed out the number of candidates whose
resumes jibe with the short version up the job
description after you’ve gotten through the
preliminaries heather is likely to follow a script she won’t ask questions to see if you
have the qualifications for the position the appropriate degree the right amount
of experience a willingness to relocate and so on Heather will be trying to determine
whether you’ve been completely truthful on your resume did you work
where and when you claim did you have the titles and
responsibilities your bragging about did you make the money you’ve stated the
screening interview may also drift into a few qualitative areas does she
think you’re sufficiently enthusiastic do you sound intelligent exhibit any obvious emotional
disturbances are you articulate energetic are you the type of person who would fit
well within the department and the company your first interview
maybe by telephone many companies are turning to the
telephone to save interviewers the time it takes to meet candidates in the office so with someone like
Heather who is likely to give you a ring what
could be better than answering questions from the comfort of your home long for starters you’ve lost at least to a valuable tools you have to work
with during in office interviews I contact and body language you’re left with your
skills your resume and your ability to
communicate verbally and here’s a warning about communicating
with human resources professionals they approach the task of interviewing
in a scientific manner they’re trained to elicit honest answers they may be pleasant polite and
accommodating but they aren’t likely to be reassuring
are enthusiastic in a telephone interview situation when
you’re limited to voice contact this can be a specially I’m settling don’t be discouraged always project a positive image through your 40s and
your answers don’t overdo it but don’t let the telephone be your I’m
doing either if your confidence is flagging try
smiling while you listen and speak it might look silly but it works and Heather can’t see you
anyway but trust me she can hear the smile another important point you have the
right to be prepared for any interview chances are the
interviewer will call you to set a time for the
telephone interview however if Heather wants to plow right
into it as soon as you answer the phone there’s
nothing wrong with asking if she could call back and a mutually agreeable time you need
to prepare your surroundings for a successful interview if the kids
are fighting in the background are your expecting a package or call
waiting keeps beeping and interrupting you’re in trouble before you start so
don’t have the interviewer call you back no
matter where the interview is conducted if you pass the screening hurdle Heather
may resort to an arsenal of professional
interviewing techniques remember she has been trained and
practiced in the science up interviewing but once
you get past the gate be careful of what’s on the other side you may face the stress interview anyone
who’s been through one of these never forget said the stress interview
is designed to cut through the veneer of
pleasantries right to the heart of the matter and see what a candidate is really made
of I was subjected to a stress interview
before I’d even heard of the technique which is not the
best way to prepare believe me several years ago I applied for an
editorial position and a major publishing company I made it
past the first hurdle a screening interview conducted in the
corporate office next I was invited to come back to meet
carry the director of personnel after greeting
me pleasantly carry let me back to her rather palatial
office we chatted for a few minutes as I
settled in then everything changed suddenly I was
undergoing an interrogation assuming that I had
been given good reviews by the screening interviewer I was shocked when Carrie
started zeroing in on me first she questioned my
credentials why she wondered sarcastically had
majored in liberal arts rather than something practical she
demanded to know what in the world made me think I could
edit a magazine even though I had been doing it quite
well for a number of years each successive question Skynyrd in a
dizzying new direction if the first question was
about my work experience the next launched into
my fitness routine then my favorite movie carries questions
did exactly what I later discovered they
were intended to do they made me feel confused fearful and hostile I’ll admit it I behaved badly I answered most ever
questions in model syllables avoiding her eyes needless to say I was not offered the
job but I did learn some valuable lessons
from carry that day never let them see you sweat no matter
how stress for the situation stay calm never take your eyes from the interviewer when he or she
finishes asking a question take a few seconds to
compose yourself and then and only then answer it recognize the situation for what it is nothing more than an artificial Sun
Arielle designed to see how you react under
pressure the interviewer probably has nothing
against you personally don’t become despondent its easy to
think that your chances for completing the
interview process arnelle that’s not necessarily the case that stress in your view is designed to
see if you will be calm depressed hostile and flustered when the going gets tough just as I did watch your tone of voice its easy to
become sarcastic or worse during a stress
interview a specially if you don’t realize what
the interviewer is up to you when although this is over and done and you’ve survived you may question
whether you really want a job with the company utilizes
such techniques if they think insulting and belittling
you during the interview are effective tools what’s their
management philosophy parade water and torture what would happen if everyone else
called in sick and the hypothetical question should start a red light flashing in
your mind we’ll talk more about these devils later
but for now such an if question should I were here
you’re about to undergo increasingly popular type of interview
the situational interview the promise is sound present the
candidate with situations that might occur on the job in order to gauge the degree to which he
or she demonstrates the traits that will lead
to success but what’s good for the interviewer is
often deadly for the interview we you will have to devote a great deal of
Fort to each up these questions if you find
yourself caught in this mare stay calm and use the homework you have
done on your personal inventory to untangle
yourself a hypothetical was just to iffy for some
interviewers this breed is more comfortable staying
in the realm of the known so they will dig deep into your past
experience hoping to learn more about how you have
already behaved in a variety of on the job situations then no attempt to use this information
to extrapolate your future reactions on this job how did you handle yourself in some
really tight spots what kinds of on-the-job disasters have
you survived did you do the right thing what with the
repercussions up your decisions be careful what you
say every situation you faced was unique so be sure to let the interviewer in on
specific limitations you had to deal with did you
lack adequate staff or support for management if you made a mistake a plunging into
quickly say so and admit that you to learn to
think things through explain what you do differently then
next time around that said my advice would be to steer
away from the specifics a particular situation and emphasize the
personal strength and expertise you feel comfortable
bringing to any challenge you’re likely to face today people at every level of the
company are more likely to become involved in a
variety of projects and tasks including interviewing you for the job you’re after the team
interview can range from a pleasant conversation
to a torturous interrogation typically you will meet a
group with interviewers around a table in a conference room they may be members have your
perspective Department or cross section of employees from
throughout the company with whom you might work at some time or
other in your new position the hiring manager or someone from human
resources major in orderly session I’ve
question-and-answer or turn the entire group loose to shoot
questions are you like a firing squad when it’s all over you’ll have to
survive the assessment are every member of the group some
hiring managers control with the group after the interview for reading on your
performance others determine their decision using
group consensus the good news is that you don’t have to
worry that the subjective opinion up just one person will determine your
shot at the job just take your time and treat every
member of the team with the same respect and deference you
would the hiring manager and be diplomatic policies and
procedures that you are critical of may be embraced by your peers don’t blow
the interview i offending them if you make it past the screening
interview your reach level 2 the hiring interview but don’t
relax yet the hiring manager is sure to lack some or all up the screening interviewers
knowledge experience and skill making him or her a very unpredictable animal few of them have had for more training
in conducting interviews up any kind to make things worse most managers feel slightly less
comfortable conducting the interview and nervous candidate sitting across
from them so more often than necessary perfectly
qualified candidates walk out the door for good simply
because the manager failed at the interview but that doesn’t have to happen to you you should be prepared to put your best
foot forward no matter what the manager who is
interviewing you does or says

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