Clinical Research Resume Review – Study Coordinator

Clinical Research Resume Review – Study Coordinator

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hey guys ECR G here back with another
video today we’ve got a very exciting video one of our subscribers our
listeners has decided to send in their resume for the resume review program not
only did they want to send it in they wanted it they okayed it to be reviewed
live on screen recording so right now I’m gonna pull it up here and if you
want your resume reviewed right now we’ll do some of them for free but
depending on the demand we may have to start charging a small fee to have your
resume reviewed what we do is we will while as if it’s being recorded we will
take out all of the information that could be identified or could be
identifying for you so we’ll just literally leave in the meet the nuts and
bolts of your resume and go over that will go over structuring because that
that’s really one of the biggest things will go over you know some of the terms
that are needed in clinical research for the different positions and actually
actually there’s a lot of the same terms needed for different positions but most
of you guys are looking for entry-level positions positions where you can get
your foot in the door and clinical research so we will review your resume
and depending when this read when this video goes up and when you see this
video you know just email us let us know what we’re currently offering you know
if this is 2019 or 2020 the stipulations may change but we will always have
resume review as a part of what we offer on this channel because we want to see
as many of you guys who are interested in clinical research had that
opportunity to get into clinical research it’s a great field but it’s
getting more and more competitive so it’s ever more important that you have a
solid resume and we’ll do our best to give you give you guys that leg up on
the competition to make sure that you have a solid resume so thank you so much
for the person that sent this resume in now we’re gonna go ahead and get started
on this so first things first this resume is two pages so in actually not
even two pages that’s one and a half pages so the first thing you want to do
is nail this down to one page so I’m gonna go ahead and go over here to
suggesting so what we definitely want to do is only one page and that’s
particularly because because we want one page because the recruiter and everybody
they’re not going to read all that they’re not going to read two pages
they’re probably not reading your cover letter is either so they’ve only got a
few seconds the stats show about three to five seconds is the time that the
average recruiter is going to spend looking at your resume so there’s no
point having two pages you want it quick easy for them to grasp the information
that they need and you don’t want it to be confusing so nail it down to one page
overall highlights I know a lot of you guys have a lot of work history so you
only want to have a few a few sections but you definitely want it to be nice
and illegible not too crowded not too dense but just have the major highlight
of your resume in there so this person in the email they said that they had
some experience they had a year of being a study coordinator so right now the
things that pop out to me are these bolded terms in none of them do I see
study coordinator so we definitely want to highlight the positions if you were a
research assistant if you were a study coordinator whatever it was if you were
you know bench researcher whatever your title was if it’s something clinical
related you definitely want to make sure that’s bolded so it’s good to have this
professional summary here so we’re gonna go through that that’s what most resumes
have that’s just a good quick couple sentences a few sentences for people to
be able to read and kind of understand a little bit about you so let’s read what
she has here she’s a medical professional with experience in
coordinating clinical trials through phase one through four efficiently
collaborated with study teams to maximize work efficiency and
productivity highly organized capable of working independently and part of
diverse team so that’s pretty good that’s pretty
solid the only thing I would change here is
the time so if you said she had one year so I would add that in with one year
experience and you can make that sound a little bit better but you definitely
want to do that so when a recruiter looks down they if they read the first
thing as they say with one year experience in coordinating clinical
trials I know this person study coordinator they’ve got a year of
experience the requisition I’m looking for requires a year of experience as
well so I know this person is potentially qualified I don’t have to
read any more boom let’s move them over so that’s what I would do is add that in
there somehow and you can make it sound a little bit better so overall pretty
good section professional summary keep this short one to three sentences at max
you don’t want to overpower this don’t forget your resumes only gonna be one
page so you don’t want to put too much text up there okay and then you want to
break it up so here in this next section they have core expertise so once again I
would change this section so we know this person was a study coordinator and
hopefully that was their most recent job so I would actually change this if this
is their most recent job this changed to study coordinator so I would change the
title to study coordinator and then you’d put the dates somewhere over here
that you were a study coordinator once again we want to you know if there are
just glancing at your resume you want to be able you want to stick out that you
are a study coordinator that’s a great role that’s a great position and
especially if you’re applying for other study coordinator positions you would
want to make you want to highlight that you have experience in that role so
obviously everything under here you’d want to be study coordinator related
things so we’ll just go through here proficient and I see HDCP guidelines a
21 CFR part 11 I’ll be honest with you guys not quite sure what that means
but this is what I would say you definitely want I
see HDCP good clinical practice International Council of harmonization
if you guys don’t know that’s the regulation regulations put forth by the
International Council on how to guide clinical research all the rules and
regulations and guidelines for how to conduct clinical research to protect
patient safety as much as possible and make it so that drugs can come to the
market without harming people so if I mean if you if you want to you can add
something in here about the new guideline so that’s GCP r2 so you can
add that in there and those are just those are brand new I
think those came out in 2017 or late 2016 so probably not a lot of people
know to add that in there so definitely add that in there so capable of tracking
study progress using clinical trial management system so that’s good if
you’re using CTMS why don’t you put the name of the system you used that could
be important most people use metadata CTMS but not everybody does I’m sure so
let’s just add that in parenthesis because this could be one of the
keywords they search for is well they could you get search for CTMS or they
could search the name so you definitely wanna make sure that’s in their CTMS
just the abbreviation of that so proficient and collecting source of data
and entering it into EDC system that’s good so if this is if we change this to
study coordinator that would definitely be under there maybe you would make it
sound a little bit different but yeah that’s a good line you definitely wanna
have that in there EDC system collecting source data that’s exactly what they do
perfect participated in site initiation meetings okay so
all right what I would do here is what I think you’re trying to say is what is
when the CRA came to site you participated and helped them out so I
would actually use the term SIV citation visit so I would say participated in
site initiation visits if you want to do that but I would also talk about some of
these other ones how about PSS V if you had experience
there pre site selection visit how about closeout visit you know how
about some of the other visits let’s we can add we can add a little bit more
robust line there and that won’t add a line and add an add more space that
won’t add more to the resume too so we can add some more keywords in there and
add more experience in there why not do that let me let me add this alright
proficient recording in reporting adverse events okay that’s definitely
something that a study coordinator would do so how about this how about we add
more what about SAV SAE serious adverse events what about su SARS
you know what about some of the other adverse events that you might wreak or
some other things that can go wrong when it comes to adverse events so actually
let me edit this what about si EES what about su SARS and
other adverse events I’ve only add those in there those could be also keywords
that you would add trained and good documentation practices so that’s not
particularly a keyword there I would see if we could substitute for something a
little bit stronger so let me just type this substitute for something stronger something stronger more in line with
what a study coordinator does maybe trained and informed consent with
patients administering an informed consent how about something like that how about something about you know
working with CE Ras how about managing multiple studies I know many study
coordinators work with many studies at once see me as a as a monitor I don’t
work with that many study that once only two three maybe but definitely not more
than that I know many study coordinators they may have five six seven eight nine
studies so it’s gonna be very important that you’re able to be flexible and work
on many many studies as a study coordinator oftentimes you guys are
overworked and you know you guys work really hard and and of course we
appreciate that coming from the CRO level but you know that’s just something
to keep in mind as well that you want to talk about how you’re able to balance
many studies and maybe that would go in another section but that could be
something to add as well Microsoft Office yeah I don’t know if that’s a
core expertise per se or something that a study coordinator would need to
highlight sure you could put that at the end at the bottom you could add a
section for you know proficiencies or programs you’re proficient
and that’s where you would add your metadata CTMS that’s where you would add
your Microsoft Office that’s where you might add your rave or being able to
answer queries or whatever you use there that’s where you would add those systems
that you used so actually can I add something here
yeah add-in proficient proficiencies I know I misspelled that I which systems
you used because a lot of times they could be searching they could be
scanning to make sure that you use these systems so M CTMS metadata rave EDC let me see what else you know
medical records add-in just whatever systems you used to you know complete
the job you can add in your Microsoft Word or Excel your your sad in Excel as
well well I just say Microsoft Office so that’s for sure what we’d want to put
down there just a little section at the bottom I’ve seen it on a number of
people resumes it seems to work well so we definitely don’t want this here so we’re gonna move that to the bottom
alright so what about professional development so here I would put see they
put a professional experienced part down here and so professional development I
would break up these skills in here and sprinkle them in to what experience you
had so if it goes under study coordinator put that under there if it
goes under a previous job you had I’d put that under there as well so we’ll go
through here clinical research intern so if you want to put an intern in there
that would be a second one so yeah do do that that’d be a second one if that’s
not the same study coordinator thing so 2017 coordinated all phases of clinical
trials from study startup to study closure excellent that’s great
experience we should be highlighting that we shouldn’t be shoving that down
here all the way in the third thing it should be highlighting that more
collected documents for regulatory submission great which documents so
documents is just a regular word were they essential documents probably where
they your FDA 1572 whether you’re a good clinical practice training for the P I were they your protocol signature pages so what we want to do here is provide
that show that we actually know a little bit about clinical research without
taking up too much space and then so you’d put like etc or something at the
end of this but documents isn’t really a searchable word so I would say collected
essential documents for revelatory submission ie DCP training financial
disclosure forms protocol signature pages so you could do that
so assisted in the reconciliation of TMF okay that’s a good one trial master file
so you’d also probably want to put down here where you add in your proficiency
and your systems you use what system you used for reconciliation trial master
file okay so reviewed documents from IP reconciliation perfect enter data into
the EDC system perfect collaborated with Siri and also you’d want to add in
what’s the name of the EDC system potentially collaborated with C arrays
and answered all queries in a timely fashion perfect track protocol
deviations and reported adverse events to the IRB and the sponsor is
appropriate perfect maintain reports and met with monitors on routine site visits
perfectly perfect so actually where I added a comment
where did I put my closeout visit was it here
oh here we go why is it all the way up there SIV so you could also put you’d also put
routine IMD’s that’s what’s called interim monitoring visits so so you want
to put their alright what else do we have track protocol deviations and I did
that maintain report note monitors okay perfect
professional experience so this is so you’re kind of collaborating these two
things was what you’re doing your us all you’re just rearranging them and adding
some of the things on the side so here study assistant mediators of
atherosclerosis and South Asians living in America is the first study in youth
on South Asians understand what factors led to heart disease so it looks like
you in turn on that particular study as a study intern assisted P I and
coordinators and collecting data such as patients personal history physical
history food habits alright collected vitals such as height weight blood
pressure scanning medical rector’s assisted patients for CT scans perfect
so now we’re getting into the point where you may not be able to fit all
this on your resume I mean the look at it it’s only from here to there so you
want to make sure you maximize space and only are putting high-yield things there
which is important because they’re not gonna be read reading your whole resume
usually they just have too many to look at so that’s where I would definitely
start but it will go through here to see what else
Urban Health Medical Officer performed routine checkups so okay so if it fits
you might want it you might add in a few things here but if not you should be
fine with just your study coordinator I would make that the most robust thing
and then you could put clinical research intern underneath that as one of your
most robust things and then you can figure out where to put your education
education should go on there for sure a lot of people put it at the top in
between before you start the jobs you can also put at the bottom either is
up to you just make sure it’s Bouldin and obvious so you’ve you’ve got
bachelor medicine in Bachelor of surgery that’s pretty cool
and you’ve got clinical trial management you’ve got a certification or something
so that’s good too you definitely want to highlight that to show that you’ve
done a little bit extra work with clinical research and then you’ve got
the authorized to work for any employer and us without sponsorship so I’m that’s
I’m not too sure if that has to go on the resume I know that a lot of places
ask for it once you submit an application they ask for that so I’m not
sure that has to go on the resume so don’t take my word for it but I would
remove that if it does not have to be there because that’s just eating up
space so they’re gonna figure that out anyway they’re gonna ask you about that
anyway so you don’t need to be redundant with it on the resume that’s just my two
cents on it so if you’re watching this video and you know it has to be on there
then I would definitely just comment down below but if not then you can just
let me know also comment down below so overall it’s a good resume I would just
do some rearranging with it and it should be good to go just make some of
these changes and rearrange it and it should definitely help improve your odds
remember a clinical research is very very competitive now this as it is in
2018 it’s probably gonna get even more and more competitive
it’s just crazy right now so you know resume is one thing that you can do
improving your resume is one thing that you can do to assist we go over a lot of
other things you can do to help out to get your foot in the door on the channel
so I’m not going to go into that too much on this video but just know that
resume is one component and it is an important component and we go over some
of the other tools linked in you definitely want to keep updated and make
sure your LinkedIn is consistent with your resume because a lot of times they
will cross-reference you know are you consistent on your resume are you
you’re consistent on your Linkedin are there are there any dates that are wrong
you know what if you have on your resume you’re saying you got three years
experience but on LinkedIn you only say you got one you know that’s a
discrepancy that could be ruining your chances so you don’t want to lie you
don’t want to just be you don’t want to have huge discrepancies between your
resume and your LinkedIn so make sure that’s accurate as well I’m sure there
are people who have you know not cross reference that and not gotten jobs
because of that so if you guys have any other tips down below comment them down
below if you guys see anything I didn’t catch comment that down below as well so
also guys like I said before if you want your resume reviewed email us at elite
clinical group at we’ll take care of it for you and that’s it for
today’s video guys take care

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