Clinical Research Job Application Process


hey guys Serg here the title of this
video is clinical research job application process but really the title
should be what can be expected from the clinical research job application
process stay tuned hey guys ECR G here back with another
video today we’re talking about what can be expected from the clinical research
job application process and the key word here is process it is a process it takes
time so often times dan dan at the clinical trials guru and myself we’ve
talked about this before the 200 Club 200 jobs it takes before you start
getting a lot of interviews in the clinical research job sphere 200 jobs
and that number is significant because literally that’s how many applications
you should submit and I’m gonna go over here and some detail what jobs you
should be applying for but that’s that’s the key goal you want to keep in mind is
200 you want to reach that 200 milestone when it comes to breaking into the
clinical research job atmosphere into the clinic research job market 200 jobs
is what you should be aiming for but it’s a process guys you’re not gonna go
on indeed Glassdoor monster or the individual CR o–‘s websites and find
200 jobs to apply for in one day how long do you think is gonna take for you
to find those 200 jobs to apply for it’s gonna take weeks
/ months so you accumulate those job applications over weeks and months and
that’s how you end up at 200 so it can take anyone from you know a month two
months three months to finally hit 200 job applications but that’s what you
should be aiming for it’s a process it takes time now before I delve in that a
little bit deeper I want to talk to those people looking to break into the
clinical research industry and let you guys know that we have a resume review
program where if you think it resumes a little shaky you would like some help
you’d like someone who’s an expert in the field to review your resume and give
you some pointers and some tips on what can be improved about it email us at
elite clinical group at or you can call me directly at nine one zero
five zero two three nine three two you can call or text me there and we can
begin the disk we also do interview prep or career
coaching with what we talk about what aspects of clinical research you would
like to go into we do a interview prep that’s one of our newest products and I
think we I think we can do a lot of help there so basically the process there is
you have an interview coming up we will do a mock interview with you and go over
some pointers and tips to keep in mind for your interview so if you interested
in that you can email me Ali clinical group at or call or text at 9
105 oh two three nine three two but when it comes to the job application process
the clinical research job application process you know keep in mind here that
you’re applying for jobs you’re not gonna get 200 jobs just that entry-level
you’re not gonna find 200 clinical trial assistant jobs if that’s what you want
to be the key here is to apply for all jobs all different experiences we’ve
talked about this in past videos before so if I’m looking to be a clinical trial
assistant I’m applying for clinical trial assistant jobs I’m applying for
Project Coordinator I’m applying for project specialist job I’m applying for
CRA jobs even though I have no shot at getting them but I’m applying for CRA
jobs applying for senior CRA jobs I’m applying for all these jobs and the
reason for that is you want the recruiter to call you back and you can
tell him your story and what you’re trying to do you’re trying to get
someone on the phone because a lot of the times are gonna say you know what
you’re not qualified for this senior CRA position but you’re qualified for the
other position we have here or we’ve got this contract coming up this contract
position there’s three to six month long contract position coming up that should
be a great fit for so that’s really the reasoning for applying for many
different jobs in the clinical research space even though you’re not necessarily
qualified for them it’s because you never know what that relationship with
that recruiter can really lead to so that’s what I recommend but keep in mind
guys it’s a process and I think a lot of people kind of give up after they
released like ten job applications well ten is nowhere near enough or you give
up you know after having not after one interview that’s not enough
you have to go on a few interviews to get one and it’s a process and one thing
you’ll notice is in the beginning you’re gonna get rejected from every single job
those first 10 to15 those can all end up in rejections but gradually you know
month 2 comes along you’ve reached out to us to have your
resume reviewed we’ve improved your resume month 2 comes along you’re
getting more and more recruiters screened then 1/3 comes along you’re
getting recruiter screens plus you’re talking to hiring managers maybe even on
the phone you know a month three and a half month for now you’re finally
getting the ability to you know go and interview in person for these jobs and
some people it takes less sometimes it takes longer than that especially if
you’re already in a field it’s hard for you to take all this time to interview
and talk to recruiters and stuff but you know I think I think if you are not
currently employed you have the best bet and you just want to go full-throttle
into this apply for as many jobs as possible interview as many places as
possible also and just keep in mind it’s a process and you’re gonna see getting
further and further down the process the more more months you put in into it
you’re gonna see more of your applications somehow seem to end up with
interviews than they did in the beginning even though you’re not
necessarily doing that many different things and it’s a process guys so I just
want to make this video talking about that process and what can be expected
because just breaking into the clinical research industry is a full-time job in
and of itself and you know the grind doesn’t stop once you get in either you
want to make sure that you keep your skills updated you that you are keep
progressing that you keep learning so that you’re constantly marketable in an
increasingly complex clinical research environment all right guys hope this
video shed some light on the clinical research job application process and
what you can expect from the job application process now if you have any
questions like I said before you can email me elite clinical group at you can comment down below or you can give me a call nine one oh five
oh two three nine three two alright guys take care

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