79 thoughts on “City’s $95,000 intern resume”

  1. Am I watching Faux news…I mean WTF. Does anybody work in a professional environment? That salary is standard for someone with an advanced degree in downtown Houston. The job posting salary ranges from 74k to 134K. Hes at 94k….what's the problem. The guy has a master's degree. Its par for the course.

  2. All these people mad but say nothing about trump's kids getting tons of our money and being absolutely incapable of any job. If both these guys were white we would never hear this story.

  3. So in this case it's not okay, but if it was through Affirmative Action then that's totally fine. *Biggest eyeroll ever.

  4. Everybody knows that's his gay boy toy, lover, f-buddy! This happens in the private sector especially the oil and gas industry all the time!

  5. Haters in Texas huh? So someone makes more money who is more educated cant make 95k a year. Thats actually not that much, especially if dude has a family. Y'all haters.

  6. went to law school but failed the bar exam. meaning, zero brain cells. even the most incompetent attorneys pass the bar.

  7. Most government job are not posted. They are usually taps on shoulders then the hiring manager creates a post for that person that is up for like 10 mins until they apply for it. This is nothing new

  8. The editing for this clip is childish. The content is good but the editing is similar to Fox News clip art.
    Are you doing this because you think this is the only way people will keep attention?

  9. What a dumb investigation. Considering his education id give him $95k a year to come work for me even without an interview. I dont get it….95K a year is nothing special.

  10. You know something is wrong when politicians run away from a camera.
    Sad thing is that he'll probably be elected to congress someday.
    Color and gender Trump content of character. Those lost opportunities equal the disaster we have now and explain why there is so much corruption. It all starts at the local level. All politics is local.

  11. A Nigerian guy with a IQ of 35 making a 95,000 salary. Yeah… stinks of Democrat corruption to me…. anything for that diversity higher.

  12. This guy is what's wrong with America to many people trying to pretend to be an American most politicans are impostors that are bent on scamming the system and destroying it

  13. I I know nothing about the situation and I'm not defending anyone here. But, if this is an internship, why is lack of experience causing the outrage? Isn't that the purpose of an internship?

  14. Absolutely disgusting report. A well educated and highly qualified black man reaping the rewards of his hard work. What a shocker! Too troubling. And you know what, this would make a good skit for sketch comedy show.

  15. Does Mr. Unger Margot have a law license with his law degree and if it's an internship why is it paid 95,000 what corruption is there in

  16. Is it a sweetheart deal, though? This article didn’t discuss his duties enough for me to conclude that his pay is ridiculous.

  17. Black priveledge?
    I'm "outraged and offended".
    Somebody get me a towel to wipe my white tears!
    JK…but that's how ridiculous people sound claiming that I am priveledged for being white. I work everyday and live in my car for the past 5 years. Happy to be an American and happy for all people of all color who prosper through hard work, not handouts and guilt priveledge.

  18. He has a bachelors, masters, and JD. What dont you guys understand about that, or is it that you guys havent gone to college yet so have no idea the value of those degrees?

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