Celebratory conference for newly qualified science teachers

Celebratory conference for newly qualified science teachers

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In the same way that poetry or PE or music, (cultural entitlements for children at school) we would say that a good education in physics is simply a cultural entitlement and is something that every child should have access to. So today here at the Institute of Physics we are celebrating the graduation of 100/120 teachers of physics, biology and chemistry that just finished their first year of their PGCE training the majority, thankfully, have got wonderful jobs to go in to and they’re going to be spread in not only their own subject but they’re going to be moving in to other subjects and we are also celebrating the fact here at the Institute of Physics we (as in me and all my colleagues) are here to support you, the teachers, in delivering fantastic physics. The day has included introductory talks and a number of short presentations of lots of different ideas and things you can use in the classroom which are giving the students a taste for some of the workshops and some of the support networks that are available from the Institute of Physics I’m a Teacher Network Coordinator which means which means I try to organise as many after school sessions as possible where teachers can come and get ideas about teaching physics but also we run workshops where they actually make and take pieces of equipment that they can use in the classroom the day after which I think is very important. So we try to engage with teachers and show them good practise and help them out my background’s mostly biology with a bit of chemistry as well but physics, this year, has been the one that I’ve had to work on in my first year of teaching so that’s why I’m here today, just to get some new ideas really and be able to take some new things in to the classroom on Monday. There’s been some really engaging, interesting practicals that we’ve seen demonstrated to us most of which I’ve not seen before, or not thought of doing myself either the kind of stuff that would really get the kids imagination, get their interest and engagement on the topic for me that that’s the the best part so far We’re celebrating the start of a teaching career for a whole room full of people, which is fantastic The basic thing is knowing that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing in physics, there’s going to be someone close to you that’s going to be able to give you support, so don’t worry, we’re here to help you enjoy your physics and have fun teaching *Sue plays music*

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