Can I Apply for  the Same Position After I Was Turned Down? |

Can I Apply for the Same Position After I Was Turned Down? |

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Someone asked me a question. I thought
it’s a good one from someone who doesn’t know and the question is can I apply
back to the same position after my first interview rejection and I say it’s a
good question because someone doesn’t know but they’re not thinking about it
from the employers perspective they’re thinking about it from theirs and from
the employer perspective why would you apply back? We turned you down? What’s going to be different this time and that’s the real question. What’s going to be different? Now, I’m working with the assumption that you
got turned down and a week later you’re reapplying now there’s also the instance
where the same job opens up a year later and you’re at a different firm and you
want to reapply and things are different you’re a different person you’ve gotten
stronger at what you do you’ve become more capable you know more stuff and
thus that becomes more valuable but if you’re someone who’s reapplying a couple
of days a week two weeks a month if they having gotten turned down and the job
is still up, you’re out of luck. They’re not gonna talk with you yet why would
they because there’s nothing different I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this
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