Business English and Professional Communication Skills courses | ETI Malta

Business English and Professional Communication Skills courses | ETI Malta

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Hello. My name is Nick Brieger. Welcome to
ETI Malta. Here at ETI Mata, we provide a range of training courses for adults and professionals
who need English in their work. I would like to improve my English because
I need it for my International business. because it is focused on my needs, we don’t
follow a study book, it is very customised. I booked a combination of group lessons and
individual lessons.The individual lessons are very intensive. I prepared like a list
and I gave it to the teacher and now we are working on the topics. All the trainers I met were very helpful and pleasant and they help me to improve my English
and get more confident. We worked a lot on presentations, meetings and negotiating. The trainers are very professional and I really
enjoyed to come to school every morning. I think the mix between the group lesson and
the individual lesson are very helpful. The group lesson we can interact and the individual
lesson on the other hand you can focailise on your own need and where to improve, so
I think that this mix is very fruitful. The lessons are never boring, they’re not
structured like traditional lessons but they work on the little thing to improve ourself. The school is central located in a modern
building and it’s quiet convenient also to have nice coffee, good restaurant with good
food integrated in the building. Eti has a good social programme and also Malta
has quiet a lot of good places to visit. The more often I come here the more I enjoy it.
So it is a beautiful combination and you also learn outside class very much. I would definitely recommend ETI.

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