Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

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– [Narrator] Meet David Aguilar. – [Narrator] When David was born, his right arm hadn’t fully developed. – [Narrator] And while some would see this as a disadvantage, David
is just a regular kid. He likes EDM. He goes by the name, Hand Solo. Get it? He has an embarrassing dad. He goes to school. And, he can open doors with his Lego arm. So cool. Growing up, he was obsessed with Lego. So much so, he wanted to make
it a part of him, literally. – [Narrator] Unfortunately,
the Lego bricks weren’t strong enough and it
wasn’t for another nine years ’til he would try again. – [Narrator] That model,
the MK1, only took five days to build, of course,
like any good inventor, he got straight to work on an upgrade.

100 thoughts on “Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego”

  1. Imagine how cool it must be to be one of David's friends.
    "This is buddy, David. He's a genius with Lego and an all around pretty cool guy. Oh yeah, and he's a cyborg."

  2. Парень без руки живёт нормально не жалуеться он сделал протез из ЛЕГО!А ЧЕГО ДОБИЛСЯ ТЫ?

  3. The problem is when he Goes to highschool he proly gets a lot of fucking lego pieces gone from some of the guys that stole it or Just them getting lost

  4. Hello friend, how do I write about Peru? You know, you are an amazing talent, you know, I practice my English day by day and sometimes I get discouraged but I know that I will achieve greetings from Peru

  5. This dude made a Lego arm in 5 DAYS think of what he can do in 5 years Maybe he will make an iron man suit out of Legos that works like the comics and movies

  6. I thing i have a good movie idea i will name it LEGO DAVID at beggining he will be a kid with the normal hand and with the (idk how to say it) he will try to build a lego arm then after few yeras ago he will make the lego hand and then LEGO will put him to youtube nd then every kid wilk try to build this arm to! Is it a good idea? Tell me to commands

  7. Lego hands are cool and all but surely if you were to have a prosthetic arm you would have a metal one to fucking smack people

  8. Hi mi name is Nick fury and you be choose for a iniciative Avengers by The Nickname of ironman 2099 ,good job,good pay and give you The set complete Made by vibranium

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