Broadway Standout Charlie Williams Dances Through His Resume


(tapping) Hi, I’m Charlie Williams and I’m currently in “The Cher Show” on Broadway and I am so excited to dance through my resume for you. I made my Broadway debut in “Memphis” in 2009 and it was a magical show. I mean, it was the first time I lived in New York City, we won the Tony for best new musical, I was dancing Sergio Trugillo’s choreography which was so groovy and soulful. He’s just got such a unique style that you can see his choreography and know that that’s Sergio’s. (exciting music) “How to Succeed” was one of the most special shows I’ve ever done, not only because I feel like the choreography really fit me, as assistant choreographer to Rob Ashford was the first time I got to help create a Broadway musical, so to do that and see it from it’s birth all the way through the end of the run as a performer, it was just really a special, special time. People remember “Brotherhood of Man” especially, it’s one of the biggest dance numbers, but this choreography I’m doing today is from the opening, where we meet this kind of beehive of an office and it’s super harried and frantic and everyone’s out to claw their way to the top along with Finch, so it’s really, really fun, athletic choreography. ♪ This book is all that I need ♪ ♪ How to, how to succeed ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ You guys are big ♪ ♪ American big ♪ “Miss Saigon” was the next show I did at the Broadway theater and I got to work with the legendary Bob Avian, who’s someone I’ve looked up to. I’ve watched all the Michael Bennet clips and the fact that I got to work with him and I was Dance Captain on the show was really, really special to me. This show is super old school Broadway style jazz, something I’ve never really gotten to do in any other musical and I never really thought I’d be in a big, sweeping show like “Miss Saigon.” (Broadway music) “Frozen’s” the next show I worked on, which was super unique in the fact that I got to be completely on the creative side of a Broadway show, so as associate choreographer to Rob Ashford, I got to help create the musical without worrying about performing it eight times a week. “Frozen’s” very unique because in the first Act, we’re at the coronation of the queen, all the movement is super pulled up, the girls are in these beautiful ball gowns, it’s very on Releve and very high-up choreography, where as this that I’m doing now is from “Fixer Upper” in Act Two, which is super grounded, everything’s from your core, everything’s from your abdominals and your heart and the Port de Bras should be just a reaction to what your core is doing. (energized music) (rock music) Currently, I’m in “The Cher Show” on Broadway, choreographed by my longtime friend, Christopher Gattelli, who last time I worked with him was actually on the pre-Broadway run of “Newsies” at Paper Mill. He’s such a great guy and he had put so many styles in “The Cher Show.” Every time we’d come on stage, we’re in a different time period, which calls for a different style of movement. This is from “The Beat Goes On” in Act Two, which is a super cool and jazzy number and a very laid back but at the same time super technical, super precise and it’s so much fun to do every night. (tapping)

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