Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

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100 thoughts on “Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder”

  1. I genuinely hope people don't give af about his sexual preference because why tf does it matter, right? The dude has been killing it for years and is one of the best skaters to ever live. Who gives a shit? "Gnarly" has G A and Y, so whats up?

  2. THIS is fucking rad dude…. last dude i woulda thught was gay esp after the TM stuff.. im glad no one cares dude, glad your free brian. fucking aye dude

  3. Im sorry vice but really, who gives a fuck about his sexual orentation?? Hes gay but he has a mean tre flip!? Next story will be on Elissa steamer.. "so whats it like being a pro skater and also occasional having periods" ?

  4. So sick of all this gay stuff rammed down our throats I will say this and I don't mean this outta hate gay people better repent before the lord comes back witch is gonna be very soon take a look around people times running out I would hate anyone having to endure a eternity in hell but unfortunately many will because this abomination witch in the eyes of the lord it is and they will only be able to blame them selfs the lord doesn't put people there they will put themselves there by not surrendering to the lord I pray for all of em may the lord have mercy on all of us

  5. sorry to hear this brian.. u used to be one of my favorite skateboarders.. i am not condemning you but i dont believe being gay is alright or ok.. I pray u find what makes u feel complete.. remember we wrestle with principalities and evil entities and not of flesh and bones.. i know people are not born wrong God does not make mistakes..

  6. This isn't about him being gay it's about him explaining how he felt I don't understand why people find this hard to understand

  7. In America, Gays, Minorities, and Women have more rights than the average white dude. The tides have turned already. Why are people still activists(ing).

  8. Great video,great guy,and sometimes you just never know what to expect you might be surprised what people think and they may love you more…. love that guy….

  9. Dude being gay isn't a problem… is to the mentally bonkers….but not real people….don't get confused by TV…..being gay isn't an issue….surely we've moved on?

  10. Big Ryan at our local park came out as gay in 2008. He wasn’t great at skateboarding but he loved it. No one gave a shit. That was our homie.

  11. Why does it matter that he's gay why cant he be just a skateboarder why does he have to be a gay skateboarder?

  12. I have to make the joke that he killed some "backside tricks" Haha but for real some backside smith grinds! Some backside tail slides! He fucking rules and fucking ruled! He's always going to be in my top 5 skaters of all time! He's style was always amazing and trick choice was always amazing! I hope he keeps going for years and years!

  13. Who the fuck cares? why is this anyones business anyway? Wouldn't it be nice if people valued their own privacy and didn't have to cry out to the public to proclaim they are this way or the other way? Honestly, who the fuck cares? I sure as fuck don't. Do whatever you want. Don't try and get praise from me just because you like men. Not sure why this is even a video.

  14. How the fuck is being gay related to skateboarding. I didn't know sexual prefrence affected skateboarding ability.

  15. What does him being gay have to do with anything? You all say, those types of stuff shouldn't keep you from doing what you want to do. Yet you all still make a big deal out of it… What matters is, is he good at skate boarding, is he not?

  16. lol @ Jake Phelps? Gay? what are we talking about here, your sexual crisis, dude stfu who cares? For real.

  17. Wut does it matter? Like ur sexual preference makes u a better or worse skater? I'm pretty sure gay and straight dudes have the same technique when it comes to skating. If anything him coming out shows how authentic he wants to keep shit. It's really not anyones businesses wut anyone else does in the sack.

  18. Some people say that gays are not real man but Duuude Brian Anderson is pretty much the manliest man on the planet. I am into pussy but when i compare myself to him i feel like a boy and not a full grown man. Knowing a number of gay people i still get where the stereotype comes from but that is just a tiny fraction of those people.

  19. The fact this is even an issue really pisses me off. It's great that BA was the perfect guy for this. Literally no other skater exudes "man" more than Brian Anderson. Side note, Guy Mariano looks like a tennis coach. Side side note, it's funny to me Brad Staba is in this because I used to think he was gay, haha. Also, it's true that lots of people knew. I'm a relative nobody and even I knew many years ago he was gay.

  20. I definitely think, coming out, as a legendary skater, made it easier, than a lot of people who are just like, bankers and normal job peeps?? But, I'm super happy homie is breathing better these days. I dont give af, where your weiner goes.. homie was my idol, way the fuck back… and still is..

  21. Jarred Berry came out in Big Brother magazine, they did the rainbow issue back in the 90s….there's been other openly gay skaters

  22. ofc vice had to make skateboarding political, who cares if someone is gay. its who they are as a person, not where they like to park their car.

  23. It's somewhat unsettling to watch a whole video about something which should be completely accepted. I didn't get why everyone overreacted at all

  24. this is all very heartwarming! i was wondering for a long time how skateboarders would react to gays in their midst. brian was a hero of my youth and now i like him even more. but everybody speaking in this video is 30+, no? go ask the young ones. i guess you'll find a lot homophobia there.

  25. anal sex carries increased risk of sexualy transmitted infection, the anus is not developed or penetration.
    anal sex is not healthy,

    no reason to hate someone for developing into a homosexual we are all products of our environment,

    every reason to understand that environmental toxins and media are causing sexual development disorders.

  26. I never knew Brian was gay until now… and it didn't change my perspective on him as a skateboarder or as a person.. dude is a legend

  27. Hopefully one day gay people will realise that they don t have to constantly tell people that they are gay, because it’s well known that the only people that have a problem with people being gay are in fact gay people. No one else gives a fuck!

  28. Typical leftist liberal shit lets merchandise being gay and make a movement just like with E Steamer being the first commercialized woman skateboarder. Like sexual preference or orientation makes you courageous.

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