BFFs Swap Phones and Play Text Roulette [Technically Speaking]


– Do we have to text people
this? – Whos Josh *****? – THAT’S MY BOSS! – Okay, what is text roulette? – This is gonna be dangerous – She’s so private – Is your password the same?
– Yeah. – Can I give it to her locked? – Um, are we texting these to
people because that’s really not
gonna go over well. – I’m gonna scroll through and
find somebody to text. – Aye, dios mio. – I haven’t talked to him in
forever. – John O. – I just went on a date
with John.
– Too bad. – Alright, I’m gonna spin it. – “It’s been a while, but got
plans for Valentine’s Day?” I’m
really sorry. – Oy vey. Well, he was a nice
guy. – I’m gonna land on Cliff.
– Cliff is one of my fraternity
brothers. – YO. Whatchu mean ‘me, you and
some whipped cream?’Wow bro, I didn’t think it was
like that.
– This is suspenseful.
– I’m really nervous. – Kate.
– Oh yeah! – “I’ll try it once but bring
lots of lube. ” – Oh this is cruel!
– She answered. “YES PLEASE!” – She wants some action! – I think he’s engaged.
– Oh well. – Now its my turn. – Mom and dad? Is this both of
– What a dream! – It’s a group text.
OH MY GOD!! – Uncle Russ K******
– My Uncle! – Something not dirty& – Nooo!!!!!!! – That’s terrible. – Send.
– Can’t wait. –This is your uncle. Who’d you
mean to text?
Uh. –What are you talking about? It
doesn’t sound good.
– Whos Josh *****? – THAT’S MY BOSS! Uh…NOOO – Me you and some whipped cream,
tonight! To your boss! – Sabrina and I had a pretty
good date last Sunday and I’m supposed to go on another one
tomorrow so please don’t ruin
it. – Me you and some whipped cream,
tonight? “Excuse me, question mark.”– I’m gonna cry myself to sleep.
That one actually had some
potential. – That was so much fun! But now
we have a lot of damage control. – I have a lot of damage control
to do. – That was a little mortifying
with the whole boss situation. – A married boss with his
pregnant wife.
-Yea – pregnant. – I think we should do this, as
like, a drinking game. – Can we borrow this wheel?
We’ll bring it back.

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