Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: Date Night Challenge

Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: Date Night Challenge

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  1. This stylist was amazing! I love Auri, but her outfit was "playground Joyce" and Mikaels look was "hey wow, you're a damn adult" great job! And she looked stylish and everything fit her beautifully!

  2. You know I’ve worked at torrid too long when I immediately recognize some of the clothing the stylist had lined up 😂😂 I love working there tho

  3. I really like both outfits and I like that they both were very different vibes. They should definitely call this stylist more. I feel like he would dress Jazz so much better than the other stylist they use who always seems to drop the ball when it comes to plus sized bodies.

  4. I’m sorry but the outfit that the stylist picked out made Joyce look 85 years old. I came to this comment section to read the roasts, and people LOVE THAT OUTFIT? Shocked and upset. People need to learn.

  5. Sound crew really phoned it in for this video. The whole thing is echoes and fuzz. Y'all are paid WAY too much to excuse this level of quality.

  6. This video quality is pretty bad coming from Buzzfeed. Its like they gave them the chance to make a video together, but gave them the worst team to do it.

  7. The stylist did her no favors he aged her up by 40 years she looks like she’s about to go to the church pot luck at 80 years old

  8. Finally a stylist in this challenge that didnt bug me or bore me to death. I did not like any of his pieces before Joyce had them on but was really pleasantly surprised it looked natural, didn’t age her or looked like something horrible out of a “style box”. Seems like this stylist could actually envision the clothing on her, like a stylist should.

    Loveeee Auris choice, but at least the other style felt like a real contender too 🙂 And it really was not clear who would win.

    Keep it up 👏👏👏

  9. her friend did absolutely terrible.. im sorry, everyone can have their own taste in fashion, but atleast TRY to match colours, patterns and textures…

  10. Waiiitttt she LIKES that gold top??!!!!!!

    Most unpopular opinion EVER in fashion 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 😩😩😩😩 🤢

    ( Elvis would love it though )

  11. I like these videos, but the concept is off. The friend and stylist need to shop from the same store, or at least get the same options. This is supposed to be about *styling*. Of course I’d like the most expensive, previously thought-out outfit.

  12. Can this stylist compete against the other stylist who does high-low stuff? She never finds the right things for Jazz. I’d love to see them both style the three in low and high outfits.

  13. I really enjoyed this stylist, he's wonderful..that said, the quality of this video is meh : the audio is weird and the camera work is way too harsh

  14. Can we have this stylist for all of these types of videos from now on? I like his choices a lot more than the lady that you normally have, plus he seems like a sweetheart 🙂

  15. She needs to put on bra though she got saggy boobs and doesn't matter if see bra strap or something better than saggy boobs

  16. Tbh I didn't like both of these looks the stylist's outfit looked like something I'd imagine a 60 year old rich lady to wear and the best friend's outfit felt inconsistent it seemed to me like each garment had it's own vibe and they didn't fit well together.

  17. I liked elements of the stylist's outfit, but altogether it just seemed like the entire thing was covering her up and was loose and unflattering. Like the high waisted pant would've been great with no jacket or maybe not sequins which felt like way too much was happening.

    If I could redesign this I would've put Joyce in the jumpsuit that auri found with the necklace and earrings that the stylist chose and also the 3000 purse without the leopard scarf and a different color shoe, either red or dark green like the purse

  18. Bestie vs stylist is my fav as/is content. Well this and vids of Jazz and Linds doing basically anything or nothing

  19. This stylist really seems to be passionate about making the person he's dressing feel beautiful. He seems less concerned with constructing 'looks' and more focused on making people feel genuinely comfortable whilst being bold.

  20. Damn girl! Namjoon would say you be lookin like an Expensive Girl. 😉

    God forgive me for what I just said-

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