Behind the scenes I Video shoot + Seminar I VLOG

Behind the scenes I Video shoot + Seminar I VLOG

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Those are last few days in Bali and we’re moving to the Netherlands by the end of this week We have a very busy week coming up. We have photo shoots video shoots I have a seminar this weekend work a lot of family and friends time So yeah, it’s gonna be busy and as usual, I am feeling a little bit stressed I am feeling Restless. So I started doing my planning I did groceries online. I made a food plan I Planned all the things from door to door To make sure that everything is going smooth and that really helped so this is something that I always do I always make a meal beforehand and then I freeze it I wrap it in a lot of plastic bags and I put it in a suitcase and then it Defrosts over time while we’re traveling and then once we’re there, we have a meal to eat So here’s another thing that I did I made a food planning for our week here are all the days and then here I have different meals for both of us and I’m gonna meal prep on the day that we arrive. So I made sure that I have all my meal prep ingredients and While I was doing this, I made a grocery list of all the things that we need and amounts of it So this will help me save a lot of time and thinking about prep and making sure that everything runs smooth Look how Menno is sweating a heart for me? Show me? perfect heart Yeah, and I’ve also made some food for on the plane We always bring our own food with us while we travel because most airplane food doesn’t contain enough protein or doesn’t have enough filling So we always bring something filling like fruit and inside here our protein pancakes Alright, let’s go We are in the Netherlands and I’m gonna try first work a little bit Later this afternoon I’m gonna do a food prep. And first we’re gonna go for family lunch. It was Menno’s mom’s birthday last week So we’re gonna celebrate that Today’s Friday, we’re in Rotterdam and we have a full day of video shooting coming up Good morning guys Hey So while these guys here behind me are discussing in the video, I’m just gonna film some recipes for you guys that are coming up on my youtube channel soon So this little grumpy one here he belonged to us He was actually our cat a few years ago. And when we started traveling we couldn’t bring him So now he lives a very happy grumpy life here in Rotterdam, and he can look too so mad Alright I’m here with Iris our model for today and we’re gonna shoot the video for Menno and Menno is here too. Yeah All right, they’re gonna train first

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  1. Hey Sanne, nice one! Any chance you will go through some of the overeating content in the next videos? Or maybe have you already posted about it? Thanks

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