Becoming a Professional Athlete with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Becoming a Professional Athlete with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

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100 thoughts on “Becoming a Professional Athlete with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games”

  1. RTkart!
    play as your favourite RT characters like sad bob, old ghost from the sims, jim the sim carrey and his actors, magical john, i want die, end mii city skylines weather reporter, oxygen not included colonists, the don't starve dudes and a bit more!
    also, everyone forgot their kart
    coming to wii in 2030, because just dance will not be the touchdown title!

  2. anti-vax flat earther beef with logan paul life speed challenge gone wrong ft rice gum #Jesustakethewheel

  3. I remember playing this back in 2008 for a good hour or so…

    1 hour of gameplay = 1 week of a sore arm 🗿
    (Nice nostalgia tho lol)

  4. 1:00
    RT: I'm in peak physical condition
    Matt:" And thanks to who"?
    Matt:" Get back over here you pathetic scrub ".

  5. First video I’ve seen and I love it, especially his BEAST Irish accent (I mean I’m Scottish but no ones perfect)

  6. 4:58 RT says he knows he’ll die at the age of 26
    Person: actually no you’re only 25% of the way there
    RT gets offended that he’s gonna live more than 2 years

  7. I remember flailing my arms like an autistic 7 year old while playing with the Wii… those were the days.

  8. How you said that nobody plays With the character Mario

    I was like IKR so true

    And Mario gets all the credit for everything
    Even if Mario is on vacation

  9. hey here's how to help your son speedrun life
    1 – give birth
    2 – throw him off a cliff
    3 – world record baby

  10. Dude this is true one game that really tested your stamina because you actually have to try and swing your hands like your life depends on it. Its like all the events have a low sensitivity on the Wii remote so you actually get a work out eventually

  11. I want die is Jesus yet he lives in pain. With power comes stress. With the ability to kill all and see the future and win against Sonic must be stressful. Who should we sacrifice to i want die today, rtgame? Maybe little Timmy?

  12. My sister fuckin mastered this game. I still feel bad our Wii broke down and we couldn't recover the info to put on our new Wii. So much effort gone to ashes

  13. Older Games: Remember to take a break once in a while!
    Newer Games: You think that 30 straight hours of this game is too much? We're just getting started.

  14. When I was 10 I found this game for the ds on the ground and played it everyday so yes it did in fact change my life bc I have no life now

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