Be the MASTER of Group Discussions in 5 minutes!— Best Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Be the MASTER of Group Discussions in 5 minutes!— Best Tips, Tricks & Ideas

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well before I start what I’m here to
speak to you today I’m gonna ask you something
do you want to change your perspective of life you wanna change the career
what you are into you’re gonna be happy happening human if yes
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what you don’t like about your life do it right away and then watch the
video with me hello and welcome to back to Pep Talk India’s interview help-desk well
no I’m not going to help you for free but yes there are a few of the things
which I believe everybody should know around the world especially the people
who are working hard to get their foot into the doors of corporate now that
brings me to the actual talk of the day group discussion what comes in your mind
when you think of group discussion eliminating round in an interview so
what to do well I just have to work upon my English language plus I have to make
sure that I have been reading about the various topics these days so I will have
knowledge so I’m good at English language I have the knowledge about the
topic my job is done in group discussion well no there are many other skills
which are going to be checked by the moderator and that, by the way that’s what
the purpose of group discussion is to know that how great you are or how good
you are with other interpersonal skills so stay tuned with me I’m going to tell
you few of the tactics which will surely give you abundance of reasons to be
confident in group discussion well first of all let’s understand what
is group discussion no I’m not gonna waste your time talking about the
definition of it which by the way you can find in any dictionary or just
google it so you need to understand the reason that group discussion takes place
in most of the interviews that’s called a mass reduction which
means mass rejection round if there are 30 people 80% of them will be out in the
group discussion round and there would be only 20% left will go for personal
interview so you gotta be extra careful you need to make you mark in the eyes of
the moderator so first tip- you should always remember that your ability to
just speak a lot or your ability to be loquacious would not pay you off you
need to have listening skills yes keep your ear open doesn’t mean hearing you
know the difference between hearing and listening that’s right so have the
ability to listen patiently first and then if you have answer then of course
go ahead and speak about it so I’m just gonna quickly answer your few of the
questions what most of people have been asking these days in fact most of the
people have been asking since ages about group discussion first what to do when
we don’t know what to talk and when we have no freaking idea about the topic
keep mum, keep mum doesn’t mean keep mom through all the time if you have 10
minutes to have group discussion keep mum for at least one two minutes listen
to others and if you’re smart enough you’re gonna rephrase it and present the
same well that’s why we say in public speaking it’s not about what you speak
it is about how you speak so next question what generally people ask-
there are times like guys are in the fighting mode almost I mean they
just become barbarian so what to do in that case how we can get the time?
how we can get the chance to speak? and what if we in fact don’t have assurity
of the points what we are going to make so in that case let other speak and
participate but keep your eyes open and ear always alert so in that case what
you can do is you can wait for the end and if you find that they have discussed
two major points or two primary objective have been already discuss so talk about
the conclusion at the end and your job is done
well that’s it as I mentioned at the beginning that your moderator is not
sitting there to know exactly how great you are with the language they are there
to see your interpersonal skills like listening skill what I mentioned
before and there then comes the ability to be a team player which means if you
feel like I’m only speaking, rest of people are not participating so it’s
your job to ask the people for their opinion and that is going to give you
actual marks in the eyes of moderator your job is not to moderate but your job
is to give the chance to the fellow participants so well these were the few
tips and tactics which you can use by using your brain first to get the great
marks or get noticed by the moderator in your next group discussion but if you
want to know more as spectral Indians syllabus includes almost thousand
different entrusting question mysterious questions frequently asked questions
about good discussions and interview skills so you can anytime become the
part of pep talk India’s courses you can find out and you can check about the
different courses what we offered Pep Talk India on our website even if you are in Delhi we have several books which we
have published we have that in our store on our website you
can buy it in you can become what mission we are here
to fulfill become the-best-version-of-yourself
and become the most confident human in your family in your company and in this
country! Well, see you then!

100 thoughts on “Be the MASTER of Group Discussions in 5 minutes!— Best Tips, Tricks & Ideas”

  1. i was searching right place to learn english fluently from many years but now i think that it is a right place to learn more . thanks mam

  2. sorry mam With due respect you i'm disagreeing with your one thing that well you said that stop subscribing other stupid channel but do you think that your channel is the best ?? if you don't mind.

  3. If u want to speak during FISH Market :
    Remember that after every loud discussion there comes a pause.
    U hv to catch that pause & enter like Abhimanyu & show your talent.
    U r born to win & U will.

  4. Had such a worst experience with the #Byju's recruitment group discussion process! So horrible it was! People were shouting, screaming and quarreling among themselves! and guess what? The H.R. of the #BYJU's recruited those students who behaved ill and didn't let others to speak up!

    Such a 3rd class recruitment process!

  5. Ma'am but what if encouraging our colleague for speaking in GD actually turns out that he is not aware of the topic and so chose to be silent… won't I be viewed in a negative light by the moderator for putting my collegue in an embarrassing situation?

  6. She starts speaking abt GD after 1:40mins
    And ends bfr 5:30mins
    Where she atleast doesn't tell u how to introduce or initiate ,agree,disagree,add to other participants points…!!
    Go head watch video and thank me later😊

  7. Here is a great platform to practice what you are learning from this video, Know more about Skill Prodigy Here – @

  8. mam you have said ,80 percent people are rejected in gd just to reduce the no of candidate ,but in psu interview like iocl,gail,ntpc etc there is no rejection after gd then why they conduct gd ?

  9. Mam I have recently given my gd for aviation industry gd went good but the PI was a bit dull .so will I get selected after the PI.GD was v good..

  10. mostly i need this video but iam not satisfied with the background score . background score is more then your"s voice i cant get you 😕😕😕

  11. 1.Too much attitude in you.. 2.Too much show off of speaking english..
    3.Sound Of background music is Disturbing ..
    but still like it😊 Just because of your Tips you given to us.

  12. In the first part of your speaking , you actually lost the interest of most of the viewers by saying that you are not going to teach them for free. Well, of course they know that you won't but the thing that you could have done is pt that point smoothly at the end by saying that "You can also get more focused insight to cracking the GD in our courses.".

  13. Exactly I've cracked once the gd without knowing the topic well , I thinki ts just bcoz of listening well other members and taking with Thad confidence how leader start their speech 😉🙏 I hope those 2 tips the most important for the gd ..
    1– Just believe in yourself and consider yourself as a leader and speak
    2– listen properly other members then start speaking Thad would definitely help you

  14. Thank you!!!!!💞 Yesturday only I saw your vedio …Today was my evaluation. I followed all the steps which uh elobrote in vedio.❣️❣️Hope so I will get expected grade because of you!!!.again big Thank you very much for such nice instruction.

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