#AskGaryVee Episode 161: Resumes, Starbucks Cups, & Changing My Mind


– On this episode, we talk Starbucks cups, what do you do after you’ve got an idea, and me changing my mind. (hip hop music) You ask questions And I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 161
of The #AskGaryVee Show. India is here. Huge controversy that
you like, weren’t there in the last episode,
people were really sad. We’re outside of Columbus Circle filming the show. Thursday, Jets game, Bills, oh, people wanna be on the show. Photo bombin’, photo bombin’ on an early Thursday morning, New York City, an official Jets prediction
coming up, I’m going to that. I’m wearing my, look at this, wait, I don’t wanna get wet, my Jets Nikes. And we’ll get to that
at the end of the show, but India, let’s get into – [both] The show. – Bang. Let’s do it.
– All right. – Focused.
– First one’s from… – Feeling fresh, I had
a 23 hour day yesterday, flew to Miami, then flew to
Orlando, then flew to New York. – That’s an intense day. All right, first one from Moelwyn. – 3:30 AM wake-up call. – Today?
– No, yesterday. – [Voiceover] Moelwyn asks, “How do you “Structure a 2015 resume to
stand out and sell yourself? “Would you make a video?” – So I’m not a big fan of resumes. I think, interestingly
enough, if you’re required to use a resume to create your
opportunity, you’ve lost. I think 2016 resume is networking. I think a way better way to get a job is to create relationships. I would start tweeting
at 10 to 20 taste-makers, influencers, important
executives within the industry. You want to get a job in
PR, I would follow 40 to 70 major PR executives, top three
PR executives at Edelman, Hunter PR, those kind of
things, Weber Shandwick. I would follow what they
would say, I would interact with them, I would request
for a five minute coffee, one in every 60 of the would say yes. Networking is the new resume. If you’re relying on a piece
of paper or a cheeky video to break through, that means
that you have no leverage before you’ve walked into the room. Leverage when you walk into the room on the interview is the key. Being hired before you walk in is the key, and I think there’s a huge
opportunity to do that. There’s an unbelievable
phenomenon going on on Twitter, which is that you can
literally get to anybody, and there’s some percentage of chance that they’ll actually
want to engage with you. So the 2016 resume is the networking, fooled you Staphon, is the networking that you do before you
walk into the building. Yeah, Ty Guy likes that. Tyler, you know what? AJ’s assistant Tyler, rarely
on the show, never on the show. Doing a little Scoping, Periscope. – From AJ
– From AJ? – No, different AJ. – Ty’s boss? – Yeah, Ty’s boss wants to know – [Voiceover] AJ asks, “When giving 100, “how do you not take defeat personally?” – When you’re giving 100%? Staphon, give me a 100 moji right here, ’cause you know I love that. We’ll see what you do with that. When giving 100%, how is it possible to not take defeat personally? – Yes. – Uh, no. Meaning, I always take defeat personally. I always give 100%, but when giving 110%, defeat should be personal. If you do not take defeat personally, then you’re a non-winning player. Sorry to get very realistic
here this morning. If you are not pissed
every single time you lose, and I mean Parcheesi, I
mean Madden, I mean in work, I mean when you don’t
even control the outcome, a.k.a. what I’m gonna deal
with if and when the Jets lose tonight, when something
I can’t even control, because I’m gonna give 100 as a fan, I’m gonna start fighting and being nasty to the Bills fans that
I see on the way out. I want to get nasty, I want
to make them uncomfortable, and I take it extremely personal. I really believe that
struggling with defeat, being a sore loser is an
absolute proxy to success. It means you care, and
when you care, you fight. The reason I think I will
always be great at business is I’d literally want
to die instead of fail. Die, death, over. I do not know how to live in life. with an L in business on my resume. I may have micro-Ls, but the ultimate L. You know that joke I
make of, secretly I want to lose everything to rise like a phoenix? I don’t even know, yes, but boy, I’m not even sure I’m
gonna get that chance because I wouldn’t even know how to function in society with that loss. That’s how much I care, and so you should take defeat personally, period. – [Voiceover] Jared asks,
“Do you think Starbucks “knew their customers would overreact “to the design of their new cup, “and did it just for marketing?” – The Starbucks cups. And I see Dunkin’ Donuts
came out with theirs, and I was like yay, yay,
thank god, it’s holiday. I think this was interesting. It just speaks to the
world we now live in. First of all, Starbucks should be very happy that people give a crap. If you told Howard Schulz
30 years ago, one day there’ll be a national
uproar, or at least a micro national uproar to the cups that you have, that is like, I hope one
day that the entire world, or at least the US market is in an uproar on the subtle aspect of
what’s going on in my, and I mean the subtle, subtle, subtle, get down here with me
Staphon, the subtle subtle, subtle subtlest of things that
have to do with my business that people have that much passion. Little quick side note on this,
I find it interesting that a lot of my friends’
panties are in a bunch I saw on social over this cup. The same homies that love the
simplistic design of Apple. All these homies that love
simplistic design, right? Yeah, love it, yes, that kid is awesome. Love simplistic design in Apple, but here comes a simplistic
design in your coffee cup, and oh, it’s not holiday enough. People just want to complain. People love to complain. You love to complain, complaining’s easy. Complaining’s easy,
people love to complain. How about executing? How about instead of complaining,
try to build a business that actually has people
complain about it. Go do that. – Nice, want to do the next one? – Did you catch that kid or not? You did, you caught him? He was awesome. You caught his yeah? – He was so chill. – What are you, are you like, focused? Oh this kid, yeah, by
the way, this is insane. Last week, you were with us? Ah, then you weren’t there,
you heard about this? Last week we were walking
into the Jets game and we see this band playing, the Jets have this thing
called the aviators who everybody hates but me, they’re
like the band that plays, I love them because mainly they piss off everybody else on my crew. We see these kids and Clyde
goes, not the aviators, and we make a joke, da da da. And then this comes through. This kid was part of that band there. So let’s see what’s going on here. – It’s already forgotten – hey Gary, my name is Nick Sowden, and we’re about to perform at MedLife Stadium with the marching band. My question to you is, if you have a great idea for a business or a product, what’s the next step you should take? – Well, I think, great question. – He followed up, too. – Yes, there was a little
bit of that yesterday, he followed up, I said yeah we got you, ’cause we already had you, and then everybody was
like, oh is that how you get on the show, and all this stuff. So anyway, I think it’s very simple. The next step is to go and do it. You and all your band-mates,
all of you got good ideas. Everybody here’s got a good idea. This dude’s got a good idea, she’s got a great idea,
she’s got a great idea. Everybody, everybody’s got ideas. What you do next is you make it happen. Maybe you quit band and
you go make it happen. Maybe you go ask money
from your Uncle Milton and that’s how you make it happen. Maybe you find a partner
that can build your app, you go to meetups, you’ve
got to make it happen. I don’t know if that’s money,
that’s time, that’s a partner that can actually build out what you need, but the answer always, youngster,
is go and make it happen. The ideas, the thoughts, are nice. I always say, ideas are
shit, execution’s the game. I say that on purpose. I’m actually gonna use this
video as a clarification. Staphon, cut this out
because I’m gonna need it ’cause everybody gets mad at
me, and they’re not wrong. You’ve got to have, a
great idea’s a great idea. It’s just, there’s so many of those. There’s so many great ideas, there’s way less great executions. The 7,000 greatest ideas of all time, never saw the day of light. They just haven’t. Because execution’s
hard, and that’s the key. And so, yes, ideas are amazing, and I’m sure your idea is wonderful. But I equally believe that
everybody’s ideas are wonderful. There’s a lot of great
ideas that are wonderful. I’ve seen a hell of a
lot more people execute very below-average ideas
to build amazing lives. There’s unlimited
multi-million dollar companies, people have made millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of
dollars, had tremendous success in business on
executing an average idea. Know what’s an average idea? A social and digital agency. That’s a below-average idea. It worked. Like, it’s good, it allows AJ
to have Tyler as an employee. So I think that’s the
key to that question. – [Voiceover] Mike asks, “What have you “changed your mind about
in the last six months?” – Oh, I saw this come through. Good one, India. Mike, what have I changed my mind about in the last six months? As you can tell, this is hard for me because, what have I
changed my mind about? It’s hard, I think the only
thing that comes to mind is, I will tell you that I’m
in constant motion with VaynerMedia around culture, around skill, around offerings, around people, I’ve changed my mind on
people, both pro and con. But there hasn’t been anything
massively philosophical. I stay pretty consistent with
my seven, 10, 15 key pillars. There’s nothing really so
unbelievable other than, when you’re the CEO of a
company, you’re slightly pulling levers at all
times, and some of you could say you’re changing your idea again, around strategies, around opportunities. Publishing, building out
the VaynerPublishing stuff, I’ve changed a lot of different strategies ’cause the market’s moving. Virtual reality, I’m way
more into it than I was, that could be a change of an idea, it’s more of an acceleration of idea. There’s been no hard, like, I believe, actually, this is an interesting
time to open this up. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this. Maybe it’s because my 40th
birthday is coming in two days. I have secretly, for the
first time in my life, thought about the notion
of, in the next decade, taking an entire year off
and not working at all. Yeah. That’s a bomb, right? That’s a real, that’s a bomb. But we’ll see, we’ll see. But you know what? I’ve consistently been a
where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire kind of guy, and I don’t
mean shut down from social, weird stuff, I mean just, move the family to Sydney Australia, let
the kids spend a year there and just zen it out, get real real buff. And I want to stretch more. Anyway, official Jets prediction. The New York Jets are very hurt. We’re on our fourth safety. Fourth safety. The Buffalo Bills are getting healthy. The Jets won by five
points against a Jags team that hadn’t won a road game in 12 games after they won the turnover
battle four to zero, four to zero, they won by five points. I think Buffalo is getting healthier, I think we’re extremely banged up. We lost one of our guards for the year, our center Nick Mangold is banged up, all of our receivers are banged up, our quarterback’s thumb is banged up. We are one banged up, banged up team. I see disaster for my
New York Jets tonight. It crushes me to say this, but I think we get pretty handled. I think we get blown out,
I actually really do, which just sucks, but
I think the Jets lose tonight 29 to 10. Question of the day, ’cause
I’m bringing that back. Question of the day: since that really just hurt my feelings what’s the last thing
that you’ve had to say out loud that really disappointed you? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. Actually you know what, I’m
gonna fix my prediction. I just thought about it a little bit more, I think the Jets are gonna score
a little more than I think. I’m changing it, first
time, first time change. I’m going 31 16 Buffalo. Thanks brother. What’s that? Thank you. – [Woman on street] I’m a fan. – Oh you are?
– Yeah. – Awesome, what’s your name? – I’m Allie.
– Hi, Allie. – Nice to meet you. Yes I came to see the stars, it’s my favorite part of the holidays. – Yes, it’s really cool. – What are you saying
about Starbucks cups? – I said a couple things,
I said one, it’s amazing to have a business where
people give a shit about that, and two, it’s funny to me
that so many of my friends that love Apple’s simplicity are mad about the simplicity of this cup. So I just talked about people complaining. – And now Dunkin’ Donuts has a cup. – I saw that, I mentioned that. – It’s kind of lame looking. – Thanks, nice meeting you, take care. (upbeat music)

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