6 thoughts on “As strike looms, Fred Meyer advertises job openings for replacement workers”

  1. fred meyers is applying their scare tactics to create fear in the union. They will try to create a fear based decision in workers to settle for pay that doesn't cover current living costs. Stay strong Meijer, Kroger, Fred Meyer's employees.

    I've been to all these stores and the company can afford to pay a fair wage for what the cost of living is, they dont want to. Cost of living is far cheaper in their corporate home office area and the attitudes there are VERY VERY naysaying and bitter.

  2. Fred Meyer employees work under a wage progression salary plan it's what the local 555 bargained for. Why isn't this mentioned? "Wage progression is the step-by-step advancement of a worker's compensation rate from a beginning rate to one of full parity." If I was a union worker there I would not have agreed to a progression salary plan in the first place and then act like it's gander inequality, why not ask for a living wage Fred Meyer is worth almost 5 billion dollars?

  3. First of all anyone familiar with different types of pay systems understands that if you support equal pay for equal work you as Union members don't agree on a wage progression salary plan the two are not very compatible. The problem with equal pay for equal work is that extremely physically demanding positions are going to pay more and be dominated by males and then in turn interpreted as gender inequality . I would create an advisory board with several people on it of both genders who decide the levels of experience and the scale of lead positions and pay increases based on that experience. There's a lot lacking in Evan Woods conclusions.

  4. Dont like what you are paid? Your 100%hardwork must look like 50% because everyone is different dont get me wrong it is your 100% but your 100% hardwork is hard for you but easy to me. I've seen it first hand. Dont like what you are paid? Should of done better in school. Output/fair are opposites.

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