Arbeitsbewerbung & Lebenslauf

Arbeitsbewerbung & Lebenslauf

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hello my first name is Ayhan. And that’s my job application. I was born in 1974 in Germany. Was at the primary school Melle. And on the orientation stage. I always had these three ask the head. What is formed is? How is it formed? Will it look nice? Picasso said: Art does not have to always be beautiful. Because do not you come with us but through! Yes I know. We speak here of the design. Not from the art. Dar is one einbischen confused sometimes. 1986 I entered with my parents in Turkey. You know. No one asks a 11 Jahrigen, if he still wants to stay. Here I studied 6 years Gymnasium in the German language. And also studied geology at the University of Istanbul. Here, too, no one has asked me if I want to study geology at all. They take part in a test, which takes place once a year. So take what comes. Well no matter. Was nice interesting to hear that the up form on Earth not one week but takes millions of years. What is not an issue in geology. I guess why you study lasted 10 years. but should only fourth Joking aside. I had to do other things. I’m working on this thing. Have no idea what that is. Experiment! I was in search for something that ought to look beautiful and should arouse the interest of the people. Art !! Art was the answer. In 2001, we have entered to the island of Cyprus. Not experiment because of my art. My wife is Cypriots, so. Here I began to inspire me. I started designing mosaic images. But wait. Mosaic? Where for that now comes from? Because the island is full of ancient mosaics? Or because I studied geology? No idea. It just comes up to them I guess. In the end, it looked beautiful. Had aroused the interest of the people. The only problem was, it was expensive. It was actually not expensive. There are a lot of expensive products on this world. was the cause. to market it properly. So I decided, my knowledge in marketing of luxury goods on social media to amplify. in 2013 I turned into a Design Competition where I was the first. ” MACH PLEASE NO JOKE OK? ” ” Ayhan Keser ‘gratulieren to. And the best part was, I had a course on Vermakten won in social media. Which came at the right time. Had never ventured that this course on Social Media me to photography, and would take me to a YouTube channel. My YouTube channel as his 2016 running. Because I love information with other to share people. I guess that is the power of design. Interaction and communication. I had to learn why adobe premier, to this 300 videos ever to editing. Please excuse me. Where were we ? But you know, that everything is not running in live as find customers. lead meetings. Concept development. Design. Visualization. Market. Branding. Was great and very amusing, however. ” THE NEW PROJECT ” ” MUST BE DELIVERED TUESDAY ” ” THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE ? ” I agree. I also had to run the design itself, because I was capable of, he could not find anyone. A large pack of lot of work. The almost throughout Cyprus. pointed out in Turkey, in London and in Africa. I think you Nietzsche was right when he said: ” YOU HAVE YET TO HAVE CHAOS IN ” ” UM Sinen DANCING STAR CONDUCT TO BE ABLE ” That’s why I kept going. “always forward”. I think it’s fun creating the and the fun on the design of new Challenges me to this day has brought. Whether it Mosaic, Stencil, Fashion industry or stop motion movies. But now sense. An experiment in a period of 16 years? Ne! Am 44. I speak German, English and Turkish. I am ready in concept development, Design and Branding Departments perform my knowledge. I’m from January 2009 in Germany, will enter. And that was my job application. Thank you for watching. See you. Bye. Oh, they’re still here? That pleases me. Perhaps they also want to look into it once, what other people have said about me? Because I know it sounds stupid when talking about himself speaks. Did that and made this. BLA bla I’m actually more interested in the creative design. Ideas make etc. They know better how it works than I do. You can write a paper application on StepStone and Linkedin download. I’m going to the associated link and write only one. Maybe they like new items. And thank you again very much for watching. I hope we see each other Bye.

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