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  1. The older I get the crueler my mom becomes, she complains about everything I do, she's always yelling at me, when I cry she laughs at me or belittles me. My self esteem is completely in shambles, nearly Everytime she opens her mouth it gives me anxiety. I don't know how much more I can take 😦

  2. me and my moms relationship is sorta dying i bottle up everything because when I tell her she freaks I see what she does as emotionally abusive while she sees it as hard parenting and Im labeled the spoiled brat so i just lock myself up in my room all day and just be to myself Im antisocial af and hate most ppl so I just be around and be nice to my mom because I have to I love her cuz im not a psycho but I just have to play this socital game . And it sucks I want to move out but Im a straving artist so I doubt it.

  3. I have good parents but they neglect emotions a lot. It's really annoying. And my father always takes more looks on the bad I did than the good. And never listens to my side.

  4. See, I have all of the issues from the “dealing with alcoholics “ video but now I don’t live with that person, I live with my other parent and step parent. Because of those issues I feel like part of me wants to fix my relationship with my step parent but sometimes I don’t because I feel like either of them (parent and step parent) deserve my love.. I always feel put down and never good enough so sometimes I just say “fuck it” instead of trying because I’ll probably get grounded again for something stupid that I did and then I’ll be okay and then the cycle repeats. I’m always messing up, I’m always doing SOMETHING wrong, and on the few occasions that I do something right, it’s ignored and regarded as something insignificant OR they congratulate me and it feels weird when they do.

  5. yeah I don't have any of this, which is why its hard to take complements, trust anybody, and talk about my emotions

  6. I used to get smacked around on a daily basis back then it was called discipline. No positive emotions in our house just anger

  7. I may not hug my parents, but I do have my amazing girlfriend that’s helped me through everything instead of them.

  8. I wish i could…

    The fact that i was adopted and I have never checked if my biological parents are dead or not.

  9. Some times I think my mom only had kids so she could tell them what to do also I get blamed for everything even if my mom saw what happend!

  10. Well number 6 is already been destroyed, I only feel comfortable talking about certain things with my friends. Number 8 is also wasted, they tend to think that good things are expected, then bad things get me an loud earful or get me grounded for a few weeks to a year. So I tend to think of things as superficial, hugs and kisses are just merely physical contact, I feel no connection. Or them talking just loud enough for me to hear. So yes, I think my relationship is disintegrating if it hasn't already.

  11. My mom is always tearing me up, so I’m afraid to give into affection because I don’t want to feel betrayed when she goes off again. So I’m kinda stuck.

  12. Me and my moms relationship started off well in the beginning, my dad was an alcoholic and she was forced into a “me and my kids against the world situation”. She did her best and did very well until recently.
    My mom got married to my stepdad not too long ago and their marriage has already gone to hell. They couldn’t go a day without screaming at each other. Me and my brother would always tell each other how long it would be until they gat divorced, but they didn’t. My mom became more irritable but we just blamed it all on him. Things were already bad, but it got so much worse after I came out.
    Ok, “coming out” isn’t the right thing, being torn out of the closet more like. So long story short I had gotten in trouble and my mom looked through my phone and saw an email between a female friend and I were I confessed that I liked her. She screamed at me for a very long time with my little brother in the room. At the end of the argument she made me text my friend telling her I wasn’t gay and then my mom looked for youth groups cuz I needed Jesus (what she doesn’t know is I don’t believe in Jesus. I can’t wait until she finds that out).
    After that our relationship just kept getting worse. She continued to take her anger with her husband out on us and continued to constantly remind me that I was wrong because of my own sexuality.
    Then on Easter mine and my brothers worst fear came true. Our mom showed us a picture from an ultrasound with a little bean-like shape in it. She was pregnant. Meaning that our hopes of them getting divorced would never happen.
    All the while I was a depressed mess. After a while my therapist was forced to tell my mom that she was scared for my safety because she believed I was going to kill my self. And of course, instead of trying to help me she yelled at me calling me selfish and then ransacked my room for anything remotely harmful. But still, she treated me like she could care less if I was hurt.
    Our disputes are still harmful to me, especially because locking myself into the closet out of fear only makes me more depressed. She has missed out on a lot of my life because I’m too scared to talk to her. Our relationship is still pretty bad though. I wish that we could have what we had before she got married. I want it to once again be us against the world.

  13. It hurts to say my mom has HIGH expectations and does not congradulate me for good things very often (rarely congratulates me) one time when I improved during a very hard year of school it wasn't up to her expectations, and instead of being told "keep up the good work" I was told "What is wrong with you? You aren't even trying!". I know my parents love me and are trying to do the best for me, but I wish they would do a more encouraging approach.

  14. I cant sit with my mom for more than five minutes without her going through my stuff or shouting at me to clean up or me screaming at her because she hurt me in some way again i can hardly accept a hug from anyone anymore much less my own mom and she shouts at me half the time or calls a damn therapist for me and she wonders why i lock myself in the bathroom from anxiety thanksss

  15. My dad is a lost father and I do what ever I can to make home happy out of pity…. I hope this will help me cheer him up

  16. I’m sorry but I don’t want to hug my parents not because ‘cool’ thing but I hate hugging them. I do not feel comfortable or safe.

  17. “1. Hug each other on a daily basis”
    I don’t trust them and hate being touched by my family. That would be a nope.

  18. I have a pretty close realationshup with my parents. They help me with school and stuff and compliment me alot about my achivements in test and on my volleyball team. But nothing passes the line. We never talk about things like dating or me nit being a child anymore. For example when i got my periode or bought ly first bra it was extremelly awkard and i don't mind it but it's just that i am a little jealouse of my friends talking to their parents as if they were bestfriend. I just don't want my kids (if i am having some) to need to google stuff they don't you in school.

  19. My parents have very high expectations for me a 12 year old that only my older sister can reach and think that everyone in my house is the same and I work very hard on my grades and when my grade drops like down from a A+ to A- they look down on me and yell for basically every mistake or thing I do wrong and sometimes drive me insane for a little and sometimes after i long yelling or something mean i think of running away and other thoughts that I will not speak of they are not suicidal just bad thoughts

  20. 1. We never huge in our house not even when I was a child.
    2. What interaction?
    3. No, I just do what my mom says.
    4. I have an Autistic brother so I don't have time to spend with her.. plus she has work.
    5. I just sit crying while Im yelled at.
    6. What she says goes.
    7. What's boundaries?
    8. This is ok but I have to have straight A's.. no A- or im grounded. Perfection is an expectation.

  21. Communication skills can improve connection with your kids…

  22. When we travel i always have my earphones with me cause if I don't have it we will fight and end up not talking to each other for the rest of th day.
    I try to not talk to my family cause we have a lot of contradictions

  23. My dad was a sick man. He was jealous of me. When I was in middle school I got honor roll and I earned a 3.5 GPA. I placed my report card on the fridge and my dad said, "take this shi+ off the fridge!" I got all F's after that and dropped out of high school

  24. I have a dysfunctional family 😂
    I'm the glue holding it together.
    I'm the shield for my lil sis.
    I'm dying inside,nobody cares bout me.
    Even when I care bout all of them!!!

  25. My parents try to guilt trip me out of depression. I also have an autistic younger brother and a baby brother whom they always spend more time with. Especially with my autistic brother, but when i ask it be just the two of us but they also include my brother and i complain they call me selfish and self centered. They also compare me to the older siblings of children with mental disorders you see on tv which always makes me feel bad, they often forget i have mental disorders but i still always feel selfish, am i being selfish?

  26. Mine is the other way around they r too addicted to their phone my words go right through them like air 🤦‍♀️ always staring at their phones

  27. Um. I'm probably the only one in my class who still hugs, talks to, and says "I love you" to their mom on a daily basis. It's great and I always feel happy afterward, even if I never felt bad.

  28. Lost me at “ teenagers might not want to hug their parents because it’s no longer cool”
    Many parents use closeness as a proxy for control. You literally can’t grow as an individual without distance. Learning it the hard way can actually be easier than learning it through Subordinance.
    The fact that you would chop it up to “because not cool” really shows that you have this attitude

  29. Hard to do that when she’s overly religious and would rather put religion before my own feelings. She doesn’t know what boundaries and privacy are.

  30. To the first point…I don't feel like she'll like me hugging her. At all. She barely likes me.

    Probably wants to disown me or something. After all, that would explain why she loves my brother more than me and why she keeps trying to sabotage my studies and then complains that I don't get good marks in exams.

  31. That technology bit is actually the other way round, I want to talk to my mum she’ll just keep looking at her phone…

  32. My parents are always busy.
    They were off the entire week and never spent time with me (they went out to drink every night). I felt really sad when they made me go to my grandmother’s house. They even promised to take me out to spend some time together but they never did and that entire day was just both of them sleeping. I feel like they think that just because I’m shy and introverted they can’t bother me.

  33. My dad is nice. But… my mom is very rude. She yells at me, criticizes me, calls me rude unimaginable things, hits me, and more. That is why my relationship with her is ruined.

  34. I don't really have a bad relationship with my parents, it's just… awkward. I used to follow them around everywhere and were close to them as a kid, but I just kind of slowly stopped talking to them without knowing. I want to get closer to them because they are older than most kids' parents these days and I feel like I could lose them at any time, but I don't know what to talk about with them. They don't really have any hobbies; they work all the time. When they come home they're exhausted and I don't want to bother them. Doesn't help that I overthink when I try to start a conversation, so it just ends up being awkward…

  35. I’m 13 and I feel like me and my parents do t have that good of a relationship as I’ll look at the relationship between my friends and there mothers and I kinda feel jealous that me and my mum don’t have that but I’m going to try to do these x

  36. My mom loves me so much, but she always gets mad at me because she says that I talk back. I don’t understand this though because all I would do is ask a question. It was not always like this, and I want it to be back to normal, but I don’t know how to fix our relationship. I came to this video looking for some help, and my only hope is to communicate with her. But I’m afraid she will get mad at me like she did before. Any other tips to help me fix my relationship with my mom?

  37. What if my mom kicked me out and now I have to live with my dad. I’m such an idiot I’ve messed up so bad. Stealing , drugs, and lies. But I know it’s not over and I’m trying to get better I’m only 15 and I’ve fucked up but if anyone else is hurting just know this happens to lots of kids and it’s never too late to change.

  38. If our parents don't know better parenting, then we should adjust ourselves, at the end they are still your parents, in teen we should keep it check that we don't fight, listen to them, believe me when we have something it doesn't feels imp, and when it is gone it becomes the most required thing

  39. This is just reminding me of all the areas my parents aernt willing to work on. What can i do as the teen? How can improve so they will to?

  40. My mum constantly tells me to not cry and it really hurts me and makes me feel like I can only go to my dad

  41. I feel really bad, I haven't been good to my parents lately, I feel bad. They are always there and are so sweet and good to me, I wish I wasn't this terrible of a person

  42. I want them to listen to my bad feelings, they only want to hear how amazing my life is and they punish me when I feel bad.

  43. My mom wanted me to learned the chores in our house,i follow it, but the problem was, my mom wanted me to make the chores perfectly, i do my best to do it but the stress😢 from school and home affected my emotional…..more of his yelling make me more and more weak so i have no Day or even a week of good at chores, all i wanyed is try my best on a thing, i tried to good on school but my mom's support and love😢😢 well you know, all i wanted to she is happy to me of all the hard working, but No, She say's "your always on your phone" but phone is my only rest and happiness, even though my family dose'nt make me happy i alwaus get insult, and agrue with, even my cousins that they suppose to make me happy? No some of it No, my Life is boring so j always quiet at home….my happiness is my school where my teachers care about me, where my friends always there for me and god always supporting me, and guiding me to my journey even to my problems, god is always there to me. I love god😊 i wish some day my family will understand my depressed and please have time on me, treat me like a love ones😢😯😅💔💔

  44. Why the f*ck would I want to hug my mom and dad they always think I’m lying and they think they are always think they are in the right

  45. I don't live with my parents I live with my grandmother and that's pretty hard b/c she's extremely annoying and I don't get along with her at all and I don't know what to do anymore💯

  46. But what if my mum thinks what’s best is to act like she hates me and doesn’t care and when I try and talk to her about it then she tells me I’m being ungrateful? Please help!

  47. I dont have problems with my parents but my mum and dad always fight .
    And they dont want to divorce..only good for me and my sis..plz I need a solve it…I tried so many ways ..😢

  48. My mom never is alone and I never have alone time my brother has otisum so naturally he is the favorite. I have a smaller sister too 5 years and my mom still wipes her butt and greets her like a princess then I have an older brother. My mom has problems with her marege she is also VARRY controlling. I don’t know if there’s any help if you have advise pleas comment

  49. My mom and I lived wit my grandparents because my dad kinda left and now I have a step dad and I don’t think he gives a sht about me. And now I gotta visit my real dad on holidays and now he actually cares about me more than my mom and step dad. I don’t want to live wit him cuz of how he left but my stepdad and mom are assholes now so idk what to do 😂.

  50. Me and my parents' don't really get a long. But I will try my best that I could to be or to become a good kid that I can possibly could.thanks

  51. I was really sick for most of teen sons lives, the doctors didn’t think I would make it, but I did. Even though I’m better, I still have limitations on what I can do physically. I feel like I missed out on so many things, but they understand it wasn’t my fault. Yet we still have a strained relationship and I want so much for it to be better. I’m constantly checking the pulse of our relationship to make sure we’re okay. They do want me to change some things, but I don’t what they are. When I ask what I can do better, they tell me it’s my job as their mom to figure it out. Their dad and I are still together, but he’s often verbally and emotionally abusive. That had caused my self esteem and confidence to suffer greatly and I’m often depressed. If there are any teens here that can give me some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your insight. I do hug them often, I tell them how proud I am of them and that I love them. I really need help please, I don’t want to lose them.

  52. I’m 13 and when I was little I used to be bubbly and nice but for around 3 years, this is the worst year I’ve been having problems with my dad. Trust issues, I have that with both my parents, I don’t know but I feel as if they wouldn’t understand. I hate being made fun of even if it’s just got jokes, I have also developed social anxiety which makes me really sensitive and quiet I haven’t been diagnosed and my parents don’t know but I have all the symptoms. Me and my mum have a good relationship we can talk and I don’t get scared or worried around her but when it’s me and my dad I always want to burst out crying and I don’t know why, he hadn’t done anything however he always favours my siblings because he can talk to them normally and I get jealous and try to be like them and talk to him but it just gets really awkward and if we’re in a car by ourselves we don’t speak. He tried to say today you can talk to me if you want I won’t bite and I just broke down inside and cried and I’m crying rn. I’m fine at school tho and I am actually one of the loudest in my friend group and quite popular it’s just at home, I hate it when my sisters make fun of me and call me a crybaby and I stalk my older sister on twitter and she talks about mental health yet she continues to make fun of me because I’m different and I have trust issues with them too, we block each other on all our socials and I’m scared to post anything because I will be made fun of and I hate it so much, I also don’t share what music I like because my sister will say I’m copying her or that song is weird and my baby self will fucking cry, having social anxiety at 13 is shit. Sometimes I feel like running away but then I think of my social anxiety asking for money on the streets lmfao so I’m trapped, what should I do?

  53. Lol my parents react and then listen.. they don't understand what's happening they don't know I just wanted to see movie with my friend not just with them . They don't trust me? How fix this too overprotective relationship which is already like broken.
    I too wanted to tell my parents about everything I do , but they won't understand , never.

  54. I had a pretty shitty relationship with my parents in my early teenage years (I’m 19 now) and not because my parents treated me badly but because I was a piece of shit child lmao 🙁 but with time it got better. today I have a really good relationship with both my parents, I love them a lot and we spend a lot of time together, I wish people could have the same relationship w their parents as I have with mine.

  55. I tried talking to my father and he wont stop holding grudges and it wasnt suppose to be all my fault… But then you realize its broken

  56. My parents never do these things all they do is just yell at me… They never listen to me or like give me a chance I just wish I can end my life..

  57. Like the video explains, emotions can only be held in for so long until they explode. I’ve already exploded and ruined my relationship with my parents that is unsalvageable.

  58. Today when i was arguing with my mom because of my 500 word essay I got mad because i didnt want to do it and I said I hated her she got sad so I started to write with marker on myself stated I hate you guys becuz my dad is the meanest one so I did that and then I learned all I had to say was mom can you write everything down on a different piece of paper and I will copy it on a different paper so she did I heard in acts the chapter in the bible said honor ur mother and father for which your life will expand acts 1:78

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