8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner


so when you think of intelligence you
normally think of the one intelligence that most people refer to in that is
intellectual intelligence and Howard Gardner says they’re actually multiple
types of intelligence and I’m gonna go through them with this video of the
first is called logical mathematical intelligence and this is basically what
you think of when you think of intellectual intelligence has to be
stuff like logic or if you’re good at taking tests you’re probably have pretty
high logical mathematical intelligent and this also has a dialogue with
critical thinking and making ring reading graphs as well as organization
if you like to organize your stuff and you’re very organized and are good at
organizing it then you probably have very high logical mathematical
intelligence and the second one is called verbal linguistic and if you have
high verbal linguistic intelligence will probably get it saying that word you are
good at poems forget it raining words fighting words that rhyme forget it
reading and writing and learning other languages you learn them pretty quickly
compared to other people in your probably greater turning a little tiny
story into a huge fascinating story that can involve an entire room the third as
interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence would be like understanding
other people’s emotions understanding with this social norms are of the
situation yet to be able to be good at reception to other people’s moods and
what motivates them if you are a business administrator and you’re good
at motivating some pretty high interpersonal intelligence if you’re a
good leader or just a manager in general you can coordinate work with other
people were probably really intelligent in this interpersonal field the fourth as body kinesthetic which
means we’re good at handling and maneuvering your own body can handle
object skillfully and basically move them around however you want them to as
well as your body people that are very intelligent in the
body anesthetic field are dancers actors soldiers and even many sports athletes
the fifth is musical intelligence in this is and this is associated with
rhythmic and harmonic music being able to interpret sounds rhythms and tones
and pitches and being able to understand them on a level than most people can
understand if you’re good at this you can probably compose or at least play an
instrument the next is visual spatial and this is like basically how well can
you visualize something in your mind’s eye however can you think of something
in your mind and another example of this would be how well can you get through a
maze you see in your mind’s eye where you’re at in the maize or corn field and
garner went so far as to say that this could even be used as the judging
distances or how well can you read a map the next type of intelligence is called
in trouble personal intelligent and this is different from interpersonal
intelligence in truck personal intelligence is more about how you
understand yourself are you still feel where do you know what feelings you were
feeling emotions go through your mind when you’re in certain situations how
well can you control your thoughts and actions and feelings in general you know
your strengths and weaknesses in the last which came out a couple years after
Howard Gardner came out with his multiple intelligences theory is called
natural naturalistic intelligence and this has
to do with being of them recognize stuff in the real world basically flowers and
trees in anything that’s living hunters and fishermen are pretty intelligent and
naturalistic field so our chefs and botanists back in growth plans and
basically anyone that has learned in any biological sciences pretty intelligent
in the naturalistic filled me with my next video is going to be and how you
can improve these how you can become a better person through improving each one
of these single intelligence has become a better human being a smarter a more
intelligent beings help you learn something from this video and I hope you
enjoyed it you like it subscribe because I’ll be
putting out more videos like this soon thanks for watching

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