7 SIGNS YOU’RE IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP | Relationship Advice | Dating Tips

7 SIGNS YOU’RE IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP | Relationship Advice | Dating Tips

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Justine Mfulama: If you are in a new relationship
and it’s been a while since the last one, then you might be wondering, “Is this a healthy
relationship? What are the signs of a good relationship?” I think I can help you with
that. So, seven signs of a healthy relationship coming right up.
Justine Mfulama: Hey everybody, welcome back to my YouTube channel. I’m Justine Mfulama,
and as always, I talk about dating, relationship, and being single. If you like that, please
make sure that you subscribe to my channel as always, because I will post a new video
every Wednesday, and I want you to know first. Justine Mfulama: I define a healthy relationship
as a relationship that is filled with love, joy, and trust, a relationship in which both
partners feel cherished, respected, and safe enough to completely open up to each other.
While every relationship is different, there are a few key aspects that will allow you
to thrive as a couple, and seven of them are coming right up.
Justine Mfulama: Number one, you don’t mind apologizing. Relationships are complicated
and they need work. No matter how well you get along, there will be times of conflicts.
However, what allows a healthy relationship to succeed is that both partners are willing
to work on it. If both of you can say sorry and don’t hold on to pride, a grudge, or resentment,
then that is a sign that you’re in a healthy relationship.
Justine Mfulama: Number two, you are a team. The best thing about having a best friend
is that he or she gets your back, and that’s the same thing in a relationship. Both of
you are willing to defend the other person in their presence and in their absence. In
a group setting, other people can tell that you’re a union because you respect each other
and you communicate to each other in a loving way. Both of you make each other look good
and support each other. That’s what makes a healthy relationship.
Justine Mfulama: Number three, you can be vulnerable. In healthy relationships, both
partners want the other person to feel comfortable enough to share their emotions and voice their
opinion, even if that means facing criticism and disappointment. You feel safe enough to
bring up anything, because you know you will be met with receptiveness and support. Healthy
relationships are transparent, and you feel like you can communicate about anything and
talk about anything. One thing that I want to remind you of is that in order for you
to be vulnerable, you need to be able to trust the person that you’re dating, and I created
a free ebook with 50 Questions to Identify the One that I believe will help you discern
in the relationship. So, make sure that you grab a copy in the description box below and
do the quiz. Justine Mfulama: Number four, you encourage
each other. In a healthy relationship, you encourage each other to grow as a person and
to pursue your passion and purpose. You want the other person to grow, even if that means
that they outgrow you, because love does not envy, but it encourages the other person and
wants the best for them. One of the most important things in Christian relationship is that you
have one common or two complementing purposes. That’s why it’s so important that you enter
the relationship with a healthy amount of self-love, so that you are able to encourage
the other and want the best for them. Justine Mfulama: Number five, you make decisions
together. A healthy relationship is a partnership in which you don’t have to struggle to be
heard. Instead, both of you discuss important life events together, and when a situation
arises and affects your relationship, you make the decisions together as well.
Justine Mfulama: Number six, you spend time apart. Being in a strong relationship doesn’t
mean that you spend all your time together. In fact, it actually means that you can have
separate interests and friends. You have a sense of individuality that you keep that
gives you fulfillment and purpose outside of your relationship, and you don’t have to
be afraid that your partner will be resentful or jealous.
Justine Mfulama: Number seven, you have fun together. Last but not least, the best relationship
advice that I can give you is to have fun together. There will be so many moments that
life is hard and pulling you down, but a great relationship partner that you can have fun
with will add a whole new layer of mental health and sustain you when you are going
through a rough time, because fun and laughter is a great way to increase the health of a
relationship. Justine Mfulama: Here we go. Now you know
how to assess whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. But what are the things
that you appreciate in a relationship? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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see you guys in my next video. Until then, love and light.

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  1. Thanks for watching! What do you think of these 7 Signs of a healthy relationship? Do you know any more? Share below!

  2. Thank you Justine. I’m not in a relationship but this will help me when I begin to venture off into dating ☺️

  3. Love your channel and love your blog. It’s so refreshing to see a fellow Christian being so strong in her faith and God’s plan, especially in today’s world ❤️ thank you for putting yourself out there to encourage others!

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